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Interweaving Tanya Maheshwari | Knitwear Designer and Fashion Illustrator from Delhi

Always on the lookout for fresh faces in fashion, Tanya Maheshwari’s work caught our eye for her quirky and individual take on the traditional Indian concepts of knitwear. Tanya learned to take interest in art from within the confines of her own home whilst devouring art catalogs and appreciating art knick-knacks picked up by her parents from across the world. The result is a series of fashion art and knitwear creations that are boldly colorful and refreshingly imaginative. Hi Tanya, tell us a bit about yourself. I’m currently studying knitwear design at NIFT, Delhi. So, I mostly work on knitwear like headgears, patterns embedded in knits, experimenting with structures, etc apart from fashion illustration. It was just last year when I sort of started developing an interest towards getting into this style. I usually shoot my work by wearing them myself and so I have loads of self-portraits on my iPhone with my work. I then use bits and pieces of these photographs to create fashion illustrations. What initially sparked your interest in this field? Well, …


This Lady from Gurgaon Makes the Most Beautiful Miniature Doll Houses | Zereh Lalji

“I have a strong desire to constantly express myself creatively  – Be it through gift wrapping, or making crochet toys for my kids. I’m always using my hands.” Two kids, two Masters Degree and two crafty hands has 43 year old Zereh Lalji from Gurgaon occupied and satisfied with what she creates and constructs. Meet this self-taught artist with a prescribed passion for craft where she reveals that the magic lies in the ‘making’. Zereh is into making lovely little doll houses and miniature models that started off initially by building cardboard houses for her kids, later developing into a full-swing hobby. How did the craft scene enter your life? Tell us something about how it all began. I’m a maker and have this constant need to make stuff. I love things that are handcrafted and beautiful. My mum used to design clothes and my dad was very good at fixing and making stuff – doing things with his  hands. Maybe that’s what influenced me. As a teenager I made a lot of small things …