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Architecture Student and Full Time Traveller | Callan Green from Australia, Shares His Travel Story.

  “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta. And a story teller we find in this young Australian traveler who embodies every millennial’s dream to travel the world.  Meet Callan Green from Melbourne –  studying at Deakin University and currently living in Ahmedabad, and travelling across India. Callan is an architecture student at Deakin University and a full-time traveler. Years of traveling have also nurtured in him a passion for photography. Interacting with communities as a volunteer across the world has taught him various facets of global education. He attributes his deeper understanding of architecture and sustainable living also to his extensive travels.We spoke with Green to understand what drives travelers like him to keep the travel bug alive. “I am a student at Deakin University. I work as a barista at a small café in Melbourne, Australia. Slowly, my studies and travel became so intertwined with each other that over the past four years, I’ve spent nearly three of them overseas. I started this chapter of my life by …


Explore the Himalayas with Ashish Juyal | Founder of Incredible Outdoors

Thoreau once said, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” What good is all the month-end rejoicing for a salary if you haven’t lived a little? Fortunately, there are some people among us who are living an adventurous life full of no regrets. They stand tall as inspirations. Roots & Leisure loves bringing to you their stories in the hope that they change your weekend plans for the better. So, say hi to Ashish Juyal, 28, who is a full-time traveler, trekker and biker, and permanently living in the Himalayas. Ashish is from a small town called Satpuli, in the state of Uttarakhand, but is currently living in Rishikesh, in the Himalayas. He loves traveling on his bike, trekking and meeting new people. He is into photography as well and loves capturing the beautiful landscapes and life of the people living in the Himalayas through his lens. He is also the founder of a travel and tour company called Incredible Outdoors that offers educational, camping, rafting and adventurous biking, motorcycle tours in the Himalayas, Rishikesh …


Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya | Places to visit in and around Jowai

Folks we are in Meghalaya today. Let us explore the Jaintia hills – starting from Jowai, which is the business and education hub of the region.  Jowai town in itself, is not the ultimate  ‘tourist location’ in the area, but it is surrounded by many local hotspots – so let us take you through some of them.  Jowai town is situated around 65 kms from Shillong (~2 hours ride). It’s a beautiful scenic town sitting shy on a plateau surrounded on three sides by the Myntdu river. “I love coming back to my hometown Jowai every once in a while – to escape from the noise, and to enjoy the fresh air and solitude. We have some really beautiful picnic spots – complete with luscious green grass and pink wild flowers. Aren’t these photos like a dream? Must visit! ” @orangesarelemons Syntu Ksiar is about 5 kms away from Jowai and is one of the most popular hangout spots for locals and tourists alike. People usually come here for picnics, and to enjoy an afternoon of fresh air and angling. …

Travel Diary of Anangsha Alomyan | Adventurer and Traveler from Assam

Weekends are always about the sudden urge to travel to some place new and getting away from the hustle of the city life. But then we always stop short of actually getting out to turn those travel plans into reality. Not all of us.  Meet Anangsha Alomyan, a 23-year-old student from Assam, a national level lawn tennis player, who’s an avid traveler and a big lover of the Himalayas. So Anangsha, tell us a bit about yourself. I am originally from Assam and am currently pursuing a masters degree in sociology from Delhi School of Economics. I have been interested in extracurricular activities since childhood. Most of the time, I devote myself to tennis and fitness, meeting friends and listening to music. And when I’m not playing doing any of that, I’m usually into photography or drawing. How did you develop a passion for travelling? Tell us about the places you’ve been to. I only started travelling exclusively since last year (in May 2016). I embark on trips depending upon my schedule. Sometimes I take …


Experience Local Living by Checking into Shalom Resort in Nagaland.

Looking for some unexplored nooks to escape into nature? Good news! Because we just discovered a hidden gem right here in Nagaland. It’s a beautiful eco-friendly space called Shalom resort in Dimapur, Nagaland. Explore Shalom Resort – a beautiful retreat tucked amidst the hills at Gaili Village in the Peren District of Nagaland. Gaili village, also known as Hepuluzam, is located in Peren district which is around 37 kilometers (a one and a half hour drive) away from Dimapur. The place has five beautiful cottages that offer a stunning view from each balcony. The resort also has two morungs (traditional huts) of Zeliang and Kuki tribe that comes with a personal cooking space of your own. Don’t you think that already sounds awesome? Do not forget to check out the long stretch of land decorated with pebbles, seasonal and wild flowers, sheds, ponds, swings, and see-saws. Inside Zeliang Morung hut – with attached cooking space. Do not miss the beautiful view from the bamboo balconies Apart from the surroundings of nature, the Shalom offers a variety of activities and facilities like trampoline, archery …


Travel to Pasighat in Arunachal | A Surreal Getaway to NorthEast India

Pasighat, the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh has all it takes to be considered a traveler’s paradise. From sightseeing attractions, trekking, and a vibrant local market, the place has it all. Also called as the land of the rising sun, you will not be disappointed to have ventured into this whimsical town and will let you have your own moment of epiphany.  Here is a list of some of the popular spots we would suggest you to visit, in case you are planning to visit Pasighat, any time soon.    Love nature and wilderness? Spend a day at the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is a haven for animal and nature lovers. Situated on an island, with an unending stretch of mesmerising backdrop, the sanctuary is beyond breathtaking. Known for its faunal diversity, it is a home to numerous animals like deer, wild elephants, buffaloes. Also, migratory birds such as cranes, wild ducks, storks, waterfowls and hornbill adorn the entire place during the month of September to February making it a cheerful sight.   Go river-rafting …

Visit Nagaland’s Tuophema Village to Experience a Unique and Offbeat Getaway

Set amidst the vast expanse of the mountains, lies a tiny village on a hilltop with a panoramic view, carpeted with greenery. A pleasant reminder of unconventional living in the times of being bogged down amidst concrete forests in a technology-driven world : Nagaland’s beautiful Tuophema village. For an enthusiastic traveller wanting to explore more, a visit to the nonchalant Tuophema village is a visual treat and more. You will be introduced to the rich history of Angami Nagas and the folklore that aligns beautifully with the village. The locals have dutifully maintained the village and take care of the large variety of wildflowers and cherry blossoms that adorn its pathways. The village has 12 attractive tourist huts with the necessary equipment for visitors to enjoy a comfortable stay. Why do people enjoy coming to the village? Tourists from far and wide enjoy visiting the village for a unique travelling experience. You will often find a traveller talk about the incredible hospitality of the locals here. However, there isn’t much to do. Tuophema village is actually …


Travelling Solo and Without Money, to the Northeast by Mahima Nanda

Remember the last time you found yourself at an airport? Imagine yourself finding your way through a railway station’s busy footfalls, sweaty and tired and worried about the debt you’re racking up by spending thousands of rupees to go to yet another dream getaway. And while you’re at it, occasionally your eyes catch a glimpse of someone like Mahima Nanda. This female solo traveller, who is also an Arts student from JNU at New Delhi, is one of those incredibly put-together people who never seem fazed by train delays, flight cancellations or other hassles that inevitably come with travel. And there’s a reason she looks so sanguine: her latest trip to the beautiful Kashmir and Ladakh has cost her ZERO rupees. Mahima Nanda is in her second year towards pursuing a BA (Hons) in French degree from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She was born in Guwahati but spent most of her childhood in Dehradun, New Delhi, and Mumbai. Mahima is an ardent nature lover and likes to spend time walking or biking in …


Top 5 Things to Do if You are Travelling to Nagaland

  So how much do you know about Nagaland? Well, let’s assume that you’ve heard just enough to be interested in planning a trip soon! That’s a good start. Here is a brief guide on some of the local hot spots to give you a flavor of what to expect.  1. ROAD TRIPPING If you are travelling to the northeast of India, allocate ample time to each state if you wish to explore them fully. Because the best way to soak in the beauty of this part of the country is through a road trip – where you can get a good view of the natural scenic beauty. The roads may be challenging at some spots, but definitely worth the ride. Advisable to take the aid of the locals or tour experts like IndiaTrail, who can custom design your trip, based on your preferences. 2. SPEND SOME TIME IN A VILLAGE To truly experience and understand the local life, we strongly recommend a stay in one of the villages. Pangti Village in Wokha might be a good choice. The …


Visiting Nagaland | People, Sunsets and More

“We are visiting Nagaland for a friend’s wedding. We’re on our way to Noune resort* and had to stop for a shot of the sunset. So beautiful  . . . just like the people here – so calm, warm . . . and in a quiet beautiful world of their own” *Check out details about Noune resort here. Chilling in the Longchen Homestay (which is like super homely and everything there is made with bamboo and wood) – before heading out to explore Nagaland 🙂