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Making My Own Musical Instruments From Bamboo | Rizal Abdulhadi – Folk Music Artist from Indonesia

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Rizal believes this to be true. He is a full-time musician, instrument builder, multi-instrumentalist, social activist, video producer & editor and the founder of the ‘ThatBamboo’ company – a music label that uses bamboo to create hand-crafted musical instruments.

He takes inspiration from mankind itself; it’s people, their daily life and their existence and believes in creating a social movement through his music to make the world a better place to live in. It was Rizal’s first time attending the Ziro Festival of Music and R&L team caught up with him to ask about his experience.


Photo | Rizal Abdulhadi – Folk music artist from the band Rizal and Rasendriya, Indonesia.

  • Hi Rizal! Tell us briefly about yourself.

Hi! I am Rizal Abdulhadi from the band – Rizal & The Rasendriya. I was born and brought up in a small village in West Java, Indonesia and now currently settled in Ubud, Bali. I own a music studio and record label called ‘Tropical Folk Records’ and another studio called ‘ThatBamboo’ here in Bali itself, with my team.

The most interesting fact is that Rizal makes his own instruments out of bamboo. His most recent hand crafted instrument called ‘Rasendriya’ is a combination of guitar with didgeridoo and celempung (percussion).

“I chose bamboo as the material to build musical instruments because I believe bamboo is the most humble and sustainable material. “

His music genre is a fusion of Folk, Reggae, Rock, Ballad, Blues and Blue grass. Some of the great musicians that has inspired him thus far are Pete Seegar, Bob Marley, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Dylan, Victor Jara, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd.

It was his first time in India, visiting and playing at the Ziro Music Festival 2017 and he absolutely loved it!

“Beautiful place with gorgeous people. It was a bit hectic as I had to travel a long way and it was my first time there but it was definitely worth it.  The amazing view, location and awesome line up for 4 days at a go. I feel so honored and grateful to be one of them, being the only musician from Indonesia to have ever played at the Ziro Festival of Music.”

  • Last but not the least, what do you want to convey through the medium of music?

I want to join the movement to change the world for it to become a better place for us and for next generation after us, equally. Living a life of harmony and with love is what everybody deserves, side by side with each other and with respect to nature and the creation.

“I also want to emphasize on the fact that how crazy is the concept of capitalism. It has changed our minds to be drawn more towards consumerism and make us forget that we can actually make things with our own hands and there’s absolutely no need to think to always BUY and BUY! The other way to fight capitalism is through channeling more creativity into our lives and stop supporting them and thus, protect mother earth as well in the process. That’s one big reason why I make my own instruments out of sustainable resources i.e., bamboo. Let’s start to be more creative and less consumptive in the long run.”


Photo | Rizal Abdulhadi from the band Rizal and Rasendriya.


Photo | Rizal performing live on stage with his self-made bamboo instrument, Rasendriya.


Rizal (second from left) with his band members.

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