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Photography|Meet Awono Ezung

Meet Awono – she calls herself an old homebody. Living in Chumukedima in Dimapur , working as a photographer and as a pet caretaker. She has worked for events, weddings, clothing labels etc. We met up with her last weekend over tea and after much discussion, we noticed a huge bulk of her personal work sitting precariously on the laptop and an old photo case. Just a tad bit too shy but finally she agreed for an interview with Roots & Leisure. YAY!

I’m kind of in-between being a professional and a hobbyist.

Picture Courtesy : Awono Ezung

R & L : What is your style of photography?

Awono : I am more into portraiture and prefer  working  in natural light.I like taking pictures of friends and my sister. They understand how I work so it’s a little less headache for me. I still shoot with films (analog). I would love work with films as much as possible but these days it’s not easy finding film rolls in Nagaland. And there is probably only a handful of shops that develop them. Of course, there are digital works too.


Picture Courtesy: Awono Ezung

R&L : Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration?

Awono : I am inspired by music, books, movies, light, emotions, works of other Creatives etc. God has been kind to me. Through this field of work, I have also met people who are an amazing source of inspiration.

“I recently read this – We need to care but for two things: First, that we always do our best and second, we do what we do through love for Christ. If we are faithful up to the measure of our ability and the opportunities that come our way, and if love sanctifies what we do, we are sure of our Lord’s approval”


Picture Courtesy: Awono Ezung


Picture Courtesy: Awono Ezung


Picture Courtesy: Awono Ezung

R&L : Where can people view your work? 

Awono : (smiles) well, you can see some of my work that have manage to find their way to social media are in my Blog and some are in my Instagram.

If you wish to connect with Awono for a personal project, we can help you get in touch – and make sure she responds  Drop a message [HERE]and we will get back to you.

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  • Zuboni Humtsoe

    Our favorite Photographer!!

    She’s amazing… she has so much inborn creativity and talent. She’s a marvel.

    • Roots and Leisure

      Yes she is! 🙂