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Meet the Roots and Leisure Team

Roots & Leisure was founded by Tiarenla, Sungdi and Amenla from Nagaland, located in the North East of India. HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN? Their story dates back to 1994 – the year Tiaren and Sungdi met at boarding school in Darjeeling, and became good friends. Fast forward 10 years, Sungdi meets Amen in Ahmedabad, while attending engineering college; and and they become inseparable – almost like family. Another 10 years later, when Amen moved to Bangalore (in 2014) to join her new job, she finally got to meet Tiaren, after hearing so much about her from Sungdi. Over coffee, they discuss starting a passion project that can help communicate to the world about their unique roots and lifestyle, as many of their friends seem fascinated by their culture but have little knowledge about their local people and their way of life. Finally in 2016, they decided to give it a shot, and start the project as a weekend activity. So one fine Sunday, the trio pulled an all-nighter (Tiaren and Amen working on putting up the website from Bangalore; Sungdi working on …