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Faces | Little Girl from Nagaland Finds Passion in Gardening

“The first thing our little Aben does after waking up is go straight to her grandmother’s garden and water the flowers. The excitement level is the same everyday. If left alone, she spends the whole day with her grandma – watering the flowers, and moving the pots around.” So folks – when was the last time you jumped out from your bed (early morning) excited about something? Aben seems to have found her passion. Have you found yours? Happy Weekend!


Mass Gardening | How A Bunch of Fun People Created the Beautiful Box Garden at Kohima

Green spaces constitute a major environmental resource of our urban landscape. Scientists and environmentalists have been constantly voicing their concerns on how urban green spaces are depleting at an alarming rate.  With green spaces now occupying smaller proportions of the landmass of our cities, it is now every citizen’s responsibility to take green spaces seriously. On that note, did you know that a group of young people did this really cool thing to make Kohima town more beautiful? We are talking about the members of the Facebook group called Naga Flower Lovers Page (NFLP) who recently got together to participate in a self-formulated project called ‘The Box Garden project’. It all started when a few organizers from the group decided to assist the Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (KCCI) beautification programme on the 9th of July this year. As part of the programme, NFLP members congregated at the Box Cutting bye pass road at Kohima to do their bit of creating more green spaces in the city. ‪ ‪Here are a few pics of the …

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Fresh Produce from my Kitchen Garden

After years of studying and working outside of Nagaland, coming back home has brought me closer to the ‘green thumb’ revolution here. It’s just so refreshing to see people cooking fresh vegetables  – plucked straight from their kitchen garden. We love our greens! It’s by far, one of the best craft I’ve learnt as it makes me connected with something that our ancestors thrived upon, and is still alive today. Growing fresh vegetables in your backyard is also super therapeutic and is so satisfying to see a tiny seed grow into fresh produce.  I already feel fit and healthy! So go on . . . grow something and share your experiences.