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#Faces | This Portrait of an Old Man Captured By Tenzing Will Transport You Into A World Of Fantasy And Fairy Tales

“We had a day off and a friend of mine suggested we go birding in a forest a few kilometers out of Guwahati. So we grabbed our cameras, some supplies to eat and headed out. My friend is an avid bird-watcher and frequently visits these forests. It was my first visit there so I didn’t know what to expect. We reached the edge of the forest and reached a temple that we needed to pass before actually entering the forest. As we approached the temple gates we were greeted by this old man. He wasn’t a man of many words nor was he a ‘ray of sunshine’. He had one job to do… Perhaps the most important job there. It was to make sure that no one enters the temple grounds with their footwear on. My friend explained to me that even though we weren’t there to worship and were simply passing by, the rules applied to us all the same. His eyes looked our way as I took a quick shot of him. When …


21 Year Old Photographer cum Graphic Artist Likes Mixing Real and Fictional Worlds into His Art | Meet Barun Bordoloi from Assam

Thomas Merton rightly said,  “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” With this, Barun Bordoloi from Assam who describes himself as an introvert and an awkward 21-year-old found comfort in a world where the art of photography and graphic designing enabled him to re-create, re-imagine and repaint a world of his own. We chat with this young creative talent – Barun Bordoloi, a self – taught photographer and a colorful graphic designer with dreams that are larger than life – just like his colorful works of art. Hi Barun, tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi, I’m Barun Bordoloi from Guwahati, Assam. I am 21 years old and currently an undergrad student (B. com) I love to invest my time in learning and perfecting my photography skills, and also graphic designing.  What do you do full-time? and tell us more about your hobby. I am a full-time student and also a freelance graphic designer for Karate association of India. I love to CREATE. I love playing with pictures and creating …


“The Tea Story”Guwahati Combines the Essence of a Tea Bistro and Patisserie in an Easy Style

With its menu brimming with fresh and creative varieties of tea, “The Tea Story” is a space that might tempt you if you are looking for a breather from the everyday stresses of life. In a cozily-designed space nestled in Guwahati, it promises to provide a quiet time of relaxation amidst their selection of the finest teas, and a spread of pastries and sweets. We speak with the bistro’s young and enthusiastic 27-year-old owner, Deba Pratim Das on how to open a viable tea business in the land of tea estates, and more about the offerings of his tea haven and patisserie.    Why did you decide to launch a tea bistro?  I’m Deba Pratim Das and owner of a tea bistro called The Tea Story in Guwahati. I completed my graduation in Hospitality Management from Edinburgh Napier University. I then joined the Marriott Groups of Hotels and Resorts in USA as a F&B Supervisor and worked with them for two years. Coming from the land of tea estates, I have always wanted to learn more and explore …