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I’m Trying To Create Something Beautiful Out Of Charcoal – Mohit Negi From Bangalore

When the same routine of going to office and then back home makes you feel bored, do something creative. A software professional during the day and an artist by the evening, Mohit Negi from Bangalore shares his story with Roots & Leisure about his love for Charcoal Sketching. Here’s a crisp conversation with the man behind the charcoal sketches. Share a little details about yourself and what you have been up to? My name is Mohit Negi and I am from Dehradun, presently working in an IT company here in Bangalore. For the past two years, I have engaged myself in charcoal sketching, painting and have also provided workshops on it. Apart from that, I travel a lot; go for treks, road trips and I’m also into adventure sports. So how did you get started? Well, boredom from a monotonous IT job was good enough to spark my interest in this. Being colorblind, I was always interested in black and white images and drawings. This and my love for sketching inspired me to learn more about Charcoal …


A Chat With The Painter Who Puts His Mind and Soul on Canvas: Bonzer Muivah from Nagaland

  “At the end of the day, my mind is all colored picture-perfect on canvas.” Bonzer Muivah is an artist/illustrator from Nagaland who thought he couldn’t pursue a serious career as an artist. Today, his artworks are a testament to the fact that sometimes trusting your gut feeling and just going for it can be quite rewarding. Bonzer’s core theme around his art is strongly based on preserving the rich Naga culture and tradition. We interviewed the artist to gain insight into his artistic mind and find out why he considers the horn symbol as one of his biggest influences in his artworks Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Bonzer Muivah. I was born and brought up in Mon, Nagaland, Northeast India. I graduated with a  Fine Art degree from College of Art, Delhi University and I am currently based in New Delhi. Introduce us to your work. On what themes are they based on? My work is mostly painting and illustrations. They are based strongly on culture, ethnic and tribal stories. A lot of my artwork …