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Faces | Painting the Town in Culture and Art – Graffiti Artists Across Kohima

“What I like about this is that rather than the graffiti art, these young artists across Kohima choose culture and art. They choose locations across the town and very artistically paint walls and over bridges. All the paintings depict culture and heritage of the Nagas. Surely, an act of channeling creativity with a purpose!” ~ Amba Jamir  

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Nagaland Street Art | Art Meets Fashion

We met up with the funky team at Nagaland Street Art, a brand where art meets fashion with a focus on promoting the rich diversity of various Naga cultures through design. At the beginning of this year (2016), three designers Cynthia Kolakhe, Imjung Longshiri and Muzung Yimchunger decided to come together to bring a bold idea to fruition. The plan was to create products that justified their brand’s tagline ‘Dare to be different’ – a style that blended the diagrammatic figuration from folk to urban design. And that’s how Nagaland Street Art was born. The brand believes in creating unique products that are truly designer made. Which means all designs are exclusive, hand painted, and made in Nagaland. But most importantly, all of them are unique and will never be recreated to be sold to someone else.What’s more commendable is that the Nagaland Street Art has already reached some notable client base. “We have designed tee shirts for world boxing champion M.C.Mary Kom, the Tetseo Sisters, Alobo & The Band, Yakuza Solo for his world tour, and Opang Jamir …