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Recipe of ‘Plain Paratha and Aloo Fry’ with Chai by Khevito Elvis Lee

As the lockdown continues, most of us are in a constant pursuit to pick up on new skills – and cooking is turning out to be quite popular. That being said, it may not be that easy for most of us to master our favorite dishes in such a short period of time. But this is where our evening starts to brighten up. . . Over the last 3-4 years of our short existence (so far), we have been lucky to have met so many passionate and talented and kind folks who have been inspiring us from day 1. Today our friend Khevito Elvis Lee – chef and owner of the popular ‘Hornbill Restaurant’ in Delhi, is here to teach us how to make the yummiest paratha and aloo fry! Yes, we know, it’s one of our favorite dishes in this world! Best part is, it is super easy to make , and the ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen anyday. So without wasting much time, let’s get started! Ingredients for Plain Paratha …

“Meet my pet, Zoozoo” by Khevito Elvis Lee from Nagaland

“Meet my 5-year-old pet, Zoozoo. I still remember the first day when I got him, he was barely 3 to 4 months old but he was already very active and hyper. As he grew up, we had to face some challenges regarding his health because of the weather in Delhi and it was really hard to see him go through all the difficult times, but things got better as he got accustomed after a year or more. I have taken him along with me – on my travels outside Delhi and he’s a great companion; no issues so far since he has been trained and all that. Whenever he wants to do anything, I would always know through his actions.  Zoozoo loves to meet new people and like any other pets, he loves to get attention too, but he is not very friendly with other pets and that’s the biggest drawback when it comes to me taking him along to a friend’s place who has pets. He is more friendly towards humans, and there are times when …


Recipe of Smoked Pork With Intestines And Ginger Leaves – by Khevito Elvis Lee

Today, we’ve got a delicious recipe to share with you, courtesy of our friend Khevito Elvis Lee from Nagaland. He’s come up with a tasty combination of pork intestine and smoked pork, giving it a delightful smoky flavor. And you know what makes it even better? Adding ginger leaves enhances the dish’s taste and aroma. So, without any delay, let’s take a look at the ingredients for this yummy winter dish and start preparing it for a cozy homemade meal of our own! Naga smoked pork with intestines and ginger leaves Ingredients : 1-2 long pieces of smoked pork Fresh pork intestine 1 teaspoon chili powder 6-7 dry chilies Naga ginger leaves 2 small pieces of ginger two small pieces chopped 6 -7 garlic cloves Around 2 pinches of Schezwan pepper powder (Khevito uses the Naga pepper which is called ‘mitchinga’) Salt to taste Preparation of the Pork Intestine : First clean the intestine thoroughly with lukewarm water, salt, and lemon, and rinse at least 7 to 8 times. This is to remove the smell. …


Recipe of Manipur’s Popular Salad ‘Yongchak Singju’ made with Stink Beans

Today, I invited Khevito Elvis Lee also known as ‘The Tribal Chef’ (on Instagram) to teach me how to make my favorite Yongchak Singju. I am an ardent admirer and follower of his work – especially his food posts. He lives up to his name as ‘The Tribal Chef’ by regularly sharing a range of local dishes from Northeast India. Khevito is also the owner of the Hornbill Restaurant in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi, which has been serving mouth-watering local dishes to Northeastern folks there – and most importantly, introducing our region’s cuisine to non-locals in the city. Coming back to the recipe, Yongchak Singju is a local’s favorite – especially in Nagaland and Manipur. It is made of Yongchak (monkey beans) which is a popular local ingredient, often used in making authentic Manipuri specialties like Eromba and Singju. It is a long twisting bean that is a member of the pea or beans family. Yongchak beans have an unusual smell and are crisp, soft, and tender with a rich and pungent flavor. Now, let’s learn …


Recipe | Smoked Pork and Kidney Beans Salad

Today we chat up with restaurateur Elvis Khevito –  owner of Hornbill Cafe, Delhi. Lee is here to share with us the recipe of ‘Ki Baa’ – a favourite of his customers. Ki Paa | Kidney Beans salad with Smoked pork – an original recipe of the Khiamniungan tribe, Nagaland Ingredients : Handful Red kidney beans 5 gm Ginger 8-10 Green chilies Coriander leaves 8-10 Cooked Smoked pork Directions: First boil the kidney beans and set it aside. Then cut the cooked smoked pork into small pieces Ground the ginger and chop the chilies. Mix the smoked Pork, kidney beans,the grounded ginger and green chilly together along with some coriander leaves and salt to taste . Mix them well together and preheat them in a microwave at 180° for about 2 mins. Serve Warm.