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A Chat With Ashwin Chikerur – an Urban Sketcher and a Designer from Pune

Ashwin Chikerur from Pune has always been intrigued by art. As a child, he used to flip through his grandfather’s art books and as a grown-up, his love for his daughter started an exciting journey of quick sketches. Even though he was out of touch with art for a few years, he found his way back to what he truly loves. Today he is a visual designer and every Saturday,  he heads out with his group, Urban Sketcher Pune, no matter the weather and creates lovely watercolour sketches of his environment.  Hello, Ashwin it’s great to be able to have a chat with you. Please say hello to our readers.  Hello! My name is Ashwin Chikerur, I am currently residing in Pune. I would consider myself a passionate artist, driven designer, and an engineer (by mistake). I’m always drawn to things in the bracket of art and design and have been working in the creative industry for more than 17 years now. Tell us when sparked your interest in art. There were various parts of …

Rootsandleisure_Naga Traditional Mekhela

“We are Wearing Naga Traditional Mekhelas for Our Cultural Sunday in Pune”~ Aien

“In this photo, me and my friends are wearing Naga traditional mekhelas. This day was our cultural Sunday at our Naga Christian Fellowship (NCF) Pune. We love wearing mekhelas so it was a great opportunity to showcase our lovely traditional attires. I am wearing an “Ao Naga” mekhela which is usually blue and red in color (we do have in other designs and colors). I got this mekhala from home. Most of the Naga students usually pack atleast one traditional mekhela from home whenever they go outside Nagaland for their studies. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Art at Abeda College in Pune” ~ Aien from Nagaland [Buy Naga Traditional Mekhela on R&L Shop] Check out more on how young fashionable folks from Northeast India wear their traditional Mekhelas and Accessories [Shop Naga Traditional Jewellery and Mekhelas on R&L Shop]