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Emisen Jamir – Author of “Loneliness Is an Orange” Talks About Her Book and the Inspiration Behind It

For Emisenla Jamir, the mundane things about life make it beautiful. A writer and an Assistant Professor who teaches literature at Kohima College, she weaves stories with words and draws you in with her charming, comforting and grounded writing. She says, “I’m inspired by everyday life, nature, people and their experiences. It is observations mostly and also an attempt to stay true to myself without deviating into spaces that I have no hold of.”  She published her own book of poetry in 2018, titled Loneliness is an Orange, which speaks about the myriad of emotions we go through everyday. We caught up with her to chat about her book, her ambitions and her love for writing.   Hi Emisenla, please introduce yourself! I’m Emisenla Jamir and I currently teach literature at Kohima College, Kohima. When I’m not engaged in teaching, I read books and (try to) write. Tell us about your book Loneliness is an Orange is my first collection of poems. It was published by Barkweaver Publications in 2018. This collection speaks of everyday life and …


Kimte Guite, Author of 51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World, Talks About Her Book and Her Inspirations

Today, we managed to grab a quick word with Kimte Guite, the author of 51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World. We chatted about her love for literature classics, her obsession to read since her childhood, her love for the countryside and old Bollywood cinema. As a bibliophile herself, she’s also planning to organize book-readings in primary schools and her plan is to expand the project into a travelling library to spread the joy of reading. She is an Assistant Professor at Churachandpur Government College.  She conducts small book club/book reading sessions as well. Get to know more about this creative soul as we chat with her!  Hi there, please start by telling our readers a bit about yourself! Hello! I am Man Lun Kim and I also go by the name, Kimte Guite. That’s the name I use for my social-media handles. My hometown is in Churachandpur (Lamka) in Manipur. I am your typical tribal girl with a taste for all local cuisines and a heart that will never get enough of the rolling …