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“My Art Helps Me Explore the Unventured Territories” Meet the Miniaturist Shirali Patel from Ahmedabad

Miniature is a thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica of a particular thing. Introducing the ...
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A Beady Conversation With Uma – The Creator of Hol-O-Beads

Ever thought how the jewelry made of beads are created? Ever thought of making them? Today, we introduce Uma Vaijnath ...
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“My Grandmother Taught Me How to Turn Waste into Art” | A Chat with the Creator of Rubieeh

Here's a creator who is passionate about turning waste into beautiful creations. Oh she makes lovely earrings and accessories. One ...
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Tiasunep Aier from Nagaland | Chief Designer and Creator of ‘Old Cabin’

Someone recently tweeted that it is almost impossible to balance Creativity and Productivity - that it is hard to optimize ...
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Turning Pebbles to Art by Iboli Zhimo

Do you ever wonder about all the tales one would unravel if all the stones around us could start talking? ...
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I make Handcrafted Jewellery – Abenla

Say hello to Abenla - A beautiful talented artist from Nagaland, who makes the most exotic handmade jewelry. In addition to ...
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Interview with Moanungsang aka Shinobi – An Artist and Branding Expert from Nagaland

Meet Moanungsang Lemtur from Nagaland –  a talented artist and a graphic designer - working in a design firm in Pune ...
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