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Meet Jenny from Sweden who runs a Cafe in Kohima with Her Naga Husband


Today our R&L team member – Jungshi, takes us to a romantic little cafe in Kohima. It’s called Food – The Eat Well Place, which is run by a young couple – Lui and Jenny Tzudir. Jenny came all the way from Sweden as she was captivated by the Naga culture, and that’s when she found her Prince Charming in Lui, who is a Naga living in Kohima. They are now married and settled in Nagaland. Romantic much? 🙂

Jungshi went over to the cafe with his friends after school – to have a chat with Jenny, to know more about their story – and of course, the cafe!


Doorway to FOOD – the EAT WELL place

  • Jungshi : Hi Jenny! Thanks for having me and my friends over. We already love your place, but tell the R&L readers what is so special about FOOD – the EAT WELL place?

Jenny: Hi Jungshi, nice to see you and your friends again!

So yes, we first opened our doors to customers over a year ago in March 2016. It’s been a dream for both of us to open a cool food joint, and we thought opening one in Kohima was a good idea. We wanted to create a nice cozy place, where our friends and their friends can come over for some warm tasty food. We were especially driven by the idea to serve healthy fast food. Of course, fast food cannot be entirely healthy, but we try to make it so, by cutting down on oil, avoiding processed food, making our own pasta from scratch, and things like that. So that is what we promise our customers – healthy and tasty snack/fast food.

  • Jungshi’s verdict on the ambience and the service

Jungshi: Me and my friends love coming to this place as it has a very cozy / homely feel. The food is always freshly made and hot.

“The space is smaller than most cafes, but I guess that’s what is most charming about the place. Also the fact that Jenny and Lui are always around makes it a fun place to hang out as well. Special points to the sitting area as it feels like you are sitting in your own dining room with your friends, but of course, with some refreshing food spread.”


Jungshi and his school friends hanging out at FOOD – The EAT WELL Place

  • Jungshi’s food pick

Jungshi: We loved the spring rolls, which they offer in two varieties : chicken and tuna. Tasty fillings wrapped in perfectly made dough. Perfect for after-school snack, with friends. 


Spring Rolls | FOOD- The Eat Well Place, Kohima

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Photo courtesy @jungshi_imti

Jungshi Imti

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