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Recipe for Oats and Fruits Cake Made without Sugar or Flour – By Ksh Donny From Manipur

A cake made with no sugar, no oil and no flour — sounds impossible? Not anymore! Ksh Donny, a passionate cook from Manipur has contributed her version of guilt-free, nutritious cake made with oats, fresh fruits and dry fruits. She’s replaced sugar with honey, making it ideal for health conscious people or those who are on a diet. Find out how she has made this simple yet delicious cake.  Oats cake with no sugar, no oil and no flour but a lot of fresh fruits and dry fruits – contributed by Ksh Donny from Manipur Ingredients: Apple (2) Oats (2 cups) Egg (1) Vanilla essence (1 tbsp) Baking powder (1/2 tbsp) Pinch of salt Honey (2 tbsp) Dry fruits of  your choice (2 tbsp) Strawberries (10) Preparations: Chop the apples Shred the dry fruits Slice the strawberries Mix everything in the container except for the strawberries Add honey to the mixture and put the mixture in the baking pan Bake for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven – 180 degree Celsius Take the cake out …