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A Chat With Arambam Newton Singh, An Artist And Civil Engineering Student From Manipur | “My Artworks Are Inspired By the Rich Cultural Diversity Of My State”

Embracing cultural diversity often inspires our creative passions and drive innovations. For Newton Singh, a civil engineering student and an aspiring artist from Manipur, the relationship and connection with his roots is the key concept of his art. He loves to portray the distinct cultures and beautiful traditions of his state through his artworks. Here is his inspiring story. We had a chat with Arambam Newton Singh, an artist and civil engineering student from Manipur. He talk to us about how his roots inspired his artworks and his passion for drawing and sketching. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hi Roots and Leisure! I’m Arambam Newton Singh, 21, from a small town called Nambol which is in Bishnupur District in Manipur. I’m currently pursuing in Civil Engineering and in my final year now. I’m a big fan of Star Wars so I have a nickname for myself, Newt Skywalker which I use as my username on social media. What initially sparked your interest in the field of art and how did it all start? …