Month: April 2016


Wedding | Recap of my wedding day

Often our friends would ask us about how weddings happen in Nagaland. Whether it was mostly about love or arranged marriages. So, we caught up with a friend , Temsumongla  – from across the miles to share her wedding story with us……. How did you meet your husband? I met him about a  year and three months ago, when he came home (Dimapur) on one of his few holidays to India. He has been working abroad for a while and we had never met before until this time. My now mother-in-law somehow pulled it off trying to introduce  the two of us and that is how it all started – very simple and little hassle to say the least. When did you get married? Your wedding theme? Were you nervous? It was the 9th of Dec’ 2015 at 7 in the morning and I was everything but nervous. The ninth of December turned out to be a blessing. The floral vintage themed decoration, the Naga food, the people, the weather…oh boy! I couldn’t have asked for more. …