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#FACES | Photographer Captures The Love and Affection Between Siblings

On one of his photo-walks, photographer John Kapfo spotted a moment of pure love between siblings and couldn’t help but capture it in his camera. He says, “Your siblings are your first friends, and sometimes, your first enemies too! You fight, argue, play, and share an unmatched relationship with them. The affection and love showed between siblings, no matter what the age or gender, can truly be an inspiration. As seen here, a simple gesture can truly evoke a thousand emotions, a wordless story no doubt.” Picture clicked by John Kapfo. Follow him on Instagram for more.


Asemyouba Jamir, A Student and A Photographer From Kohima, Talks About His Art and More

Asemyouba Jamir’s love for photography began with taking pictures with a phone camera. Photography became a way for him to communicate, express, and understand the world. Currently pursuing a masters in Mass Communication, he juggles with multiple photography on the side to keep honing his skills. Besides that, he’s also trying his hands at videography. Living in the Northeast, he captures the beautiful landscape, the people, and nature that are close to his heart. We spoke to him about his future plans, how he learnt photography without any professional training and more. In-depth chat with Asemyouba Jamir to know more about his work and how it all began. Hello! Tells us a bit about yourself? Hi! I’m Asemyouba Jamir. I’m originally from Kohima, Nagaland but living in Shillong right now, where I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Mass Communication, NEHU (Shillong). Introduce your work to us. What got you started? Since childhood, I was always interested in photography and videography. But since there was no platform to learn from, I started practising through mobile phone …

#FACES | Introducing Sustainable Library to The School Children of Manipur With Nikita Barton

“I’m Nikita Barton, an educator, working with NGOs and Social Groups to promote education in rural villages. For this particular project, I travelled to Puichi in Manipur, to set up a ‘sustainable library’, with books donated by various well-wishers. While it was my job to train the local teachers to encourage students to read, and run the up-keep of the library, I couldn’t help myself sitting down with the school children themselves, and introduce them to a book or two. Their eagerness to learn something new is definitely contagious. Not to mention, the joy on their faces when they find something interesting the book and ask you questions about it. It is truly an enchanting and life-changing experience to see children so young, begin their journey as book lovers.”

Menule Chirhah, Founder of Mini Explorer, Is Helping People Find The Best Places To Eat In Kohima

Meet Menule Chirhah, an avid and adventurous gastronome. Currently pursuing her master’s degree in English Literature, she’s transformed her love for food into Mini Explorer, where she’s helping people discover restaurants and new dishes in Kohima. She’s always been a foodie and has a knack for finding the perfect spot for different types of cuisines. Inspired by this, she took it upon herself to discover, review, and share her discoveries with people.  Greetings Menule Chirhah! Tell us a bit about yourself. Hi, I’m Menule Chirhah, and I’d like to call myself a food enthusiast. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in English Literature but when I’m not studying, I like to live life vigorously. I also like exploring, be it food, places, or new experiences. I believe life has a lot to offer and I’m excited about what’s waiting on the other side. What is your key inspirations behind Mini Explorer? As a foodie, I loved visiting new restaurants and trying out new items on the menu. Since my friends know this fact about me, …


In Conversation With The Owners of The Newly-Launched Mughlai Kitchen in Dimapur

Looking at the lack of Indian cuisine restaurants in Dimapur, three childhood friends decided to open up their own Mughlai restaurant. Phanchamo Lotha, Abovi Achumi and Samuel Murry had always dreamt of working together on a business or a project. This dream materialized with the opening of this restaurant where the three of them came together to provide Mughalai delicacies to people at affordable prices.  We chatted with them to know about the restaurant. Don’t forget to drop by if you’re in or around Dimapur! Hello! It’s lovely to have you here. Please tell us about you and your team.  Hello, we are Phanchamo Lotha, Abovi Achumi & Samuel Murry. Abovi and I are in to business while our other partner, Samuel is a Govt. employee. As kids, we always had dreams of doing something together. After we finished our studies, we got the idea to open a comfort food restaurant. Our Chef is Sanjeev Dutta from NJP with experience in Mughlai cuisine. Tell us the motivation behind opening this restaurant! We opened this restaurant …


This Is How Local Folks Are Beating The Cold Weather In Style!

It’s almost the season again, of hot cocoa and baked cookies, of the carols and the lights, of warmth and love but most of all for experimenting and layering up! Today we bring to you some of our most favourite winter trends from folks from around the world. With the prospect to layer your clothing, it’s a great way to showcase one’s creativity. To unravel the beauty of all those colours and textures and silhouettes is in itself a masterpiece and to use that very same piece to create something of your own is art in the truest sense. Starting off our list we have Lentina Constance, a dedicated mother of two, living in France. She hails from Nagaland and loves food, travelling, fashion and everything good! For winters, she adores her puff sleeves, knitwear and dark floral. In her words,               “I appreciate the cosy yet chic approach to cold-weather dressing. There’s nothing quite like a new jumper to make you feel the warmth from a mother’s embrace. Knitwear has sartorial superpowers that shouldn’t …

Julie Kagti, Owner of Curtain Call Adventures, Is Helping People Explore Northeast

Julie Kagti of ‘Curtain Call Adventures’, has come a long way since starting her business in 2016. Her venture focuses on creating localised travel experiences for people in the Northeast region. She promotes a more wholesome way of travelling by including local art, culture, and guides in your travel experience. She spent two decades in various roles of a designer, teacher, entrepreneur, and social worker, gracing her way in Lakme Fashion Week and Fabindia stores. Her childhood spent in Assam inspired her to start the venture and also bring the honest yet unseen side of Northeast to the world. Today we chat with her to know the exciting story behind Curtain Call Adventures and more.  Hey Julie! Tell us a bit about yourself.  Hi, I’m Julie, the owner of Curtain Call Adventures. I grew up in Assam, which exposed me to both the anglicised tea life and local culture of weaving. My exposure to the world of design in Bombay inspired me to pursue an education in textile design, after which I spent two decades …


‘We’ve Been Serving Mokokchung For Two Decades’ — A Chat With Eden, The Owner of ‘The Restaurant’

Eden Kichu has been in the food and services industry for over two decades. What began as a humble food service, started with his family, has now become a successful restaurant based in Mokokchung. For years, Eden’s focus has been to offer quality food to the locals — and that’s what has led him to success.  We spoke with Eden about his journey with entrepreneurship, the opening of another branch of his restaurant and more.   Hello Eden, it’s lovely to have you here. Please introduce yourself to our readers!  Hi, my name is Eden Kichu. I was born and brought up in Mokokchung, a place I can call home. Growing up, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and enjoy the thrills and flexibility. This inspired me to step into the food sector. It was challenging but I have been doing it for two decades now and I absolutely love it. What makes your restaurant special? We started off as a small family affair. My aunt and my sister started small by catering and doing …


In Conversation with Beeshantam Yumnam, the Owner of Books & Coffee in Imphal

Sometimes all you need to unwind is a cup of coffee and a good book–that’s exactly what cafe Books & Coffee is offering locals in Imphal. Started by Beeshantam Yumnam, the cafe boasts of a cozy ambience and a great collection of books. Beeshantam’s love for books is mirrored in the cafe’s warm interiors, its rare collection of books and a welcoming environment for people of all ages. His vision of creating a space where people can relax, learn, enjoy and create art has materialized in the cafe. He says, “I hope people take home the feeling of relaxing in a cozy ambiance for chilling out and appreciation of the arts. Many customers praise us for giving a platform to arts and providing a wholesome experience. We hope to keep giving that experience!” Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers Hello, thanks for having me. I am Beeshantam Yumnam from Imphal, Manipur, a history graduate from Delhi University but an artist by passion. On returning home in 2010 after graduating, I realized that the types …


#RECIPE | Smoked Fish Curry Recipe by Kupatia Keishing

Weekend calls for family gatherings, dinners etc, which means treating yourself and your loved ones to a delicious meal as well. Today we have with us, Kupatia Keishing who shares his simple and easy Smoked Fish Curry recipe with us. He also runs a food dedicated page on Instagram, mama’s_fat_boy, where you will get to see a variety of healthy recipes made with simple ingredients. INGREDIENTS Smoked fish Potatoes Onion Tomatoes Garlic Ginger Coriander leaves Cilantro leaves (Burma Dhania). STEPS 1. Stir fry some finely chopped onions until they turn golden brown. Add half a tea spoon of turmeric powder. 2. Add the chopped potatoes and fry for about 7 minutes with some green chillies (if necessary). 3. Add tomato slices and roughly pounded garlic and stir fry for about 5 minutes, with a tea spoon full of chilly powder, and salt to taste. 4. After a couple of minutes add water and ginger and let it boil for about 10 minutes. 5. Take some pieces of potato and mash it to make a thick …