Month: November 2019

Rootsandleisure_Hornbill Nagaland 2019

Hello December. Hornbill Festival 2019 is Happening in Nagaland!

  December is here, and Christmas is right around the corner! The air is crisp and cold with the temperature dropping steadily to welcome the season . . . and what better way to start the celebrations than with the pomp and grandeur of the much-awaited Hornbill Festival! This annual festival that happens every year in Nagaland from December 1 to 10, is something that you should not miss if you are looking to experience the Naga culture in all of 1 week! The festival formula is essentially the same with a heady mix of traditional customs and modern pop culture coming together in one big celebration – but what sets it apart every year is the eclectic mix of performers and festival goers that gets even more colorful each year! Hornbill Festival has something for everyone – for the young, the old, the local, the tourist, the artist, the performer, and the audience… So come one and come all, and be a part of the most happening festival in the North East region to …


A Chat About Art With Debi, the Owner of DPR Artlife

Debi, a post graduate from St. Xavier’s college, Kolkata, realised right after college that he wasn’t made for a desk job. A passionate sketch artist, he had always knows that his love lies in art. He decided to take the leap and launch his own venture where he sells customised art decor pieces and collectibles like coasters, mugs and more.  Going under the name of DPR Artlife, his venture also focuses on providing a creative space for young and budding artists like him. We get to know a little more about his vision behind DPR Artlife and his work through a candid chat.  Hey Debi, tell us about DPR Artlife. We thought of creating a brand for the people of India which justified our rich cultural heritage. Art is the soul of our country. We wanted to start a new trend through our brand where people value the importance of art. We make various artworks to light up your beautiful space. There a bunch of handmade items at our crafts store, created with love. What …

Auroville - Pondicherry

#Faces | A Calm Afternoon in Auroville, Pondicherry

“It was a peaceful experience to visit Auroville. The walk amidst the forest to this calm and serene place was worth it. It represents humanity’s aspiration for peace and goodwill. It is also a unique symbol of unity. Auroville is a calm place, bordered with beaches and lush with green forests. You get a sense of life and happiness here as you spend time with locals, walk through the lanes laden with trees, and witness gorgeous sunsets at the beaches.”  – Shruti Hariharan, owner of Travelogue Matri Mandir, Auroville


Inla, The Owner of Inla’s Genesis, Talks About How She Quit Her Corporate Job to Launch Her Jewelry Business

Inla had been working in the corporate sector for 10 years but always knew that her passion was jewelry-making. In 2015, she took the bold step of quitting her well paid job to start her own jewelry venture, Inla Genesis. She hasn’t looked back since! A passionate business woman and artist from Kohima, she creates customised jewelry pieces. No two customers of hers have the same piece and that’s what makes her venture special. We chatted with the inspiring woman about her work and more. Hi! Tell us something about yourself? I’m known as Inla and I am an artist. I grew up in Kohima and now I shuttle between Delhi and Kohima. I have a jewelry venture called Inla Genesis. Tell us about your venture Inlas Genesis. What’s special about it?  I started Inla’s Genesis mid-2015. All my jewellery pieces are single pieces, so each client owns something unique which no one else will possess. I customise earrings, rings, cufflinks, coat lapel and pins with pictures of loved ones or initials, as per the …


Nzan Kikon, A Counselling Psychologist and Writer, Talks About His Book ‘The Starry Night’

A dreamer, who believes in making the world a better place, Nzan Kikon has much to offer through his work. When he isn’t busy reading, you can find him pursuing his profession as a counselling psychologist. We chatted with him as he launches his book, ‘The Starry Night’, a book based on family drama with a psychological theme on living with mental illness, family bond, forgiveness, second chance.  Nzan Kikon Tell us a little bit about who you are, where are you from, and what you have been up to? Hi, my name is Nzan Kikon, and I’m 31 years old, residing in Kohima, Nagaland. I am a dreamer who believes in making the world a better place, for those who are here today, and those who will be replacing us. I am also a Science enthusiast, where I believe that embracement of Science will propel us to a time where we can only dream of now. I am also an avid book lover, with my ultimate goal to build my own library at some …


Assamese Fish Recipe | Masor Jhul with Kala Jeera (Nigella Seeds)

If you are tired of cooking fish the same way, and with that familiar taste, then we have just the right recipe for you. Our friend Antara Boruah – a recipe developer from Assam, is going to make a pretty interesting fish dish using Nigella Seeds (kalonji or kala jeera). A flavorsome dish that has “a beautiful earthy flavor, a soothing breeze of fresh air with bold and beautiful spices.” – as described by the master herself. Let’s start cooking! INGREDIENTS: Fish 350 gms 3tbsp Nigella Seeds (kalonji or kala jeera)  Black pepper 1/2 tbsp Garlic 1 regular bulb whole Green Chillies 4 slit Salt to taste Lemon juice 2 tbsp Mustard oil. Enough to shallow fry the fish and an additional 2 tbsp. Turmeric 1 tbsp Mint leaves for garnish Steps to cook: Marinate the fish with salt and turmeric. Make a smooth paste of Nigella seeds, garlic and black pepper. Make sure there are no coarse grains in the paste. Shallow fry the fish in mustard oil till half done. Add 2 tbsp oil to …

Jonathan Marques, An Analyst and Traveller, Shares His Travel Tales From Cambodia

For Jonathan Marque, true joy resides in exploring new places, meeting new people, and embracing new views. An analyst by profession, he recently took a sabbatical to travel around the world. Taking on the road with his friend, he set out to explore Thailand and Cambodia this year.  He’s already covered Japan, Vietnam, and South Africa and hopes to travel to Northeast India and South American soon. We chatted with him to know his take on travel and more.  Hey Jonathan! Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’ve been up to. I’m Jonathan Marques, 33 and currently based out of Mumbai and Goa. I have been working as an analyst in the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors for about a decade, but am currently on a sabbatical since a few months to explore new avenues, specifically sustainable living and Permaculture design. What initially sparked your journey? I love the thrill, excitement and experience of a new place, its food, people, culture and natural beauty. Every trip has only helped …


DJ Aloza (formerly known as ‘Zaza’) is Making Waves in Nagaland as the Hottest Female DJ in Town

DJ Aloza (formerly known as Zaza) was always into music, especially EDM and rap. This love translated into Deejaying, which she picked up back in 2013. Inspired by one of the first DJs from Nagaland – DJ Ina, Aloza finally picked this up after experimenting with various genres of music. She is now signed under the record label, InfinityInc from Nagaland. We chat with her to get an update on her music and more. R&L: Hi Aloza, nice to meet you again! Please introduce yourself to our new readers. DJ Aloza: Hi, I’m Aloza (I used to go by the name Zaza). I am from Kohima but currently live in Dimapur. I did my studies at Mount Hermon School, Kohima, and graduated from Patkai Christian College. I am a full-time DJ now. R&L: Tell us about your current work as a DJ. And what inspired you to become a DJ? DJ Aloza: My genre is Bass House and Hip Hop. I also sing and rap. I’m a big fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and …


#FACES | Photographer Captures The Love and Affection Between Siblings

On one of his photo-walks, photographer John Kapfo spotted a moment of pure love between siblings and couldn’t help but capture it in his camera. He says, “Your siblings are your first friends, and sometimes, your first enemies too! You fight, argue, play, and share an unmatched relationship with them. The affection and love showed between siblings, no matter what the age or gender, can truly be an inspiration. As seen here, a simple gesture can truly evoke a thousand emotions, a wordless story no doubt.” Picture clicked by John Kapfo. Follow him on Instagram for more.