Month: June 2023


“I am What I Believe Myself to Be” – An Artist’s Perspective with Ajanbeni from Small Town Wokha, Nagaland

Allow us to introduce Ajanbeni K Yanthan, an aspiring artist from the small town of Wokha in Nagaland. Despite facing numerous challenges, Ajanbeni remains determined to pursue her artistic passion. Over a chat, Ajanbeni explained why pursuing her creative passions is more fulfilling than traditional “secure jobs.” She also shares how stays motivated and committed to her art career in the face of societal expectations. “I am what I believe myself to be,” she confides, reflecting her unwavering self-belief and refusal to be confined by limitations. Ajanbeni draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including fellow artists, different art forms, movies, music, and books. Her creative process is fueled by an insatiable appetite for inspiration and a desire to constantly evolve and grow. R&L: Hello Ajan, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Could you introduce yourself and give us a glimpse into your life as a young artist and student? Ajan: Hi R & L  I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. My name is Ajanbeni K Yanthan from Wokha, Nagaland. I am a full-time …


“I Pen My Experiences of Joy and Pain, Victory and Defeat, for Inspiration in My Lowest Moments” – Chat with 16-Year-Old Divinia from Shillong

Introducing Divinia Mercy Tynsong from Meghalaya, our latest muse. At just sixteen years old, this ‘young student with an old soul‘ captured our attention with her pure and evocative poems. Her words have the power to connect us with our own innocence while simultaneously opening our minds to timeless wisdom. We had to find out more about this young writer, and more so to understand where she is getting these inspirations from. Divinia’s journey as a poet is just beginning, and yet her poems have already left a lasting impact. Her message is clear: treasure even the smallest victories, as they can serve as a wellspring of inspiration during challenging times. As she beautifully expressed, “In everything I experience, whether it’s obstacles or happiness, challenges or joy, failures or accomplishments, I make a habit of jotting them down. These words later inspire me when I am at my lowest.“ Chat with 16-year-old Divinia from Shillong, whose wisdom surpasses her years, which is evident in her poems that are a refreshing blend of young innocence and …