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Mother’s Day Special | Folks Across The Country Shares ‘Sweetest And Funniest Things Moms Say And Do’

They say a mother can take the place of all the others yet whose place no one else can take. They are irreplaceable and every mother is uniquely special in her own ways. So, on this Mother’s Day, we wanted to recall and celebrate the authentic virtues that are tied down to motherhood: sacrifice, commitment, selfless love, perseverance—the list is endless. We have reached out to some lovely folks across the country and asked them to share some things about their mothers, and the answers are heartwarming! Scroll down to read them all. My story is a combination of both the sweetest and the funniest time I had with my mom. One day, as I was walking around in the town shopping with my mom, I unconsciously began singing the carol “O Holy Night ” and as I gradually got more into it, singing louder and louder, walking amidst a whole crowd of people, rather than jolting me back to reality she joined in on the action, even louder than me, if I may add. …


#FACES | “Coming Home For a Break to Spend Time With Family in Such Beautiful Setting Means The World to Me” – Flight Attendant Juli Swu from Nagaland

“I’ve been working as a flight attendant for six years now and being away from family to earn myself a daily wage has not been easy. I was on duty last Christmas so it was awful not to be home for the best season of the year. But I was happy enough to be granted some leave during the month of January so I was very excited to pack my bags and leave for my hometown, Nagaland. This picture was taken on the 9th of January at Showuba village, located in Kuhoboto Tehsil of Dimapur district in Nagaland, India. It is situated 20km away from the sub-district headquarter Kuhuboto, and 10km away from district headquarter Dimapur. It was my sister’s engagement day so the entire family had come to celebrate the occasion over an outdoor gathering and food. After a heavy lunch, I took my sisters and cousins out for a walk while the elders sat inside to merrily discuss the upcoming wedding. What a beautiful outing it was. Coming home in itself is such …

“I Love Capturing People At Their Happiest Moments”- Nikhil Pal From Uttar Pradesh On His Passion For Street Photography

They say photography helps people to see and to feel. When Nikhil Pal captures a photo, he wants his viewers to understand the story behind the image and feel the positive energy emitted through his work. He expertise in bringing out the best of street photography by capturing all the happy moments. Here’s a chat with the young and talented aspiring photographer from Uttar Pradesh. Let’s find out more about him! 19-year-old Nikhil Pal, a student and passionate photographer from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh talks to us about his love for street photography, capturing happy moments and putting a smile on people’s face through his work. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Nikhil Pal, 19 years of age and my home town is Bijnor city in Uttar Pradesh. I’m currently pursuing my first year of college at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. What initially sparked your interest in photography? I really feel that my upbringing was a little more fortunate than other kids back in those days. I remember I was the only one …


#FACES | “These Kids Posing for a Photo Upon Returning From Their Morning Karate Class, Made My Day” – Animikh Chakrabarty On His Trip To Darjeeling

“As I was enjoying the crisp freshness of the early morning on a recent trip to Darjeeling, I crossed path with these lovely bunch of kids. Full of energy, they were apparently returning from their karate class. I said I wanted to take a photo, and they happily posed for me. They just made my day – and gave me a photo to remind me and others of how welcoming the locals from the hills can be. This photo is probably the most memorable one from my trip to Darjeeling. So many positives in one picture – a sense of community, friendliness, energy, and friendship. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how these local people are always open and welcoming to all – despite past situations where the place and their people had seen unpleasant encounters.I see this photograph as a mutual love letter from me to the people of the hills and from the hills to me.” – Animikh Chakrabarty from Kolkatta, West Bengal. Local kids returning from their morning karate class in the hill town of Darjeeling, West Bengal – taken by …


In Conversation With “Red Light Passengers” – A North Eastern Pop Rock Band Based Out Of Delhi

The future belongs to the youths of today – and the leaders of tomorrow are the ones who are doing something within their reach to make a positive impact. In this world of unlimited access, we are empowered in so many ways to be heard and be seen. All we need is a heart filled with passion, and dedicated hard work towards championing our cause and spread the message. We can use art, music, stories, and more to get started.. Today we are talking music – and how it can empower one to champion their cause(s). Music can communicate in powerful ways. It can bring about awareness, enlighten and inspire, and connect like-minded listeners from all over. Today we have a band from North East India, who are doing their bit through their music, to bring about positive change. With the vision to bring hope to the society through their music, “Red Light Passengers” came together as a band eight years ago. This band of 7 musicians from Nagaland and Manipur, they are based out …


“A Trek To Dzukou Valley – So Pristine, You Will Feel Like You Are In Heaven” – Antariksha Rajkumari From Assam Goes Trekking To Dzukou Valley With Her Friends

“This picture was taken one pleasant afternoon of October last year – on our trek to Dzukou Valley, located at the border of the states of Manipur and Nagaland in North-East India. It was five of us and we are all college mates. This trip, so far has to be the most memorable trip I have ever taken and my friends said the same. We enjoyed every single moment of it, being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We were least bothered by the unavailability of electricity and phone networks because of the blissful moments we were enjoying such as bonfire, music, long conversations, etc. We spent two nights completely under the sky light and it was an amazing experience. Hands down! Dzukou Valley is one of the most beautiful place on Earth – so pristine, that you will feel like you are in heaven.” – Antariksha Kumari Antariksha Rajkumari and her friends, trekking to Dzukou Valley – located at the border of the states of Manipur and Nagaland in north-east India. Antariksha and her …


A Chat With The First Ever Folktronica Band Of Nagaland, MET3T | “We Want To Make Our People Feel Special About Our Roots Through Our Music”

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo In this world, we often find inspirations that draw out our talent in so many forms. Music is one of them, and for the band members of MET3T, making music through the inspirations of Naga folk songs and the current EDM genre, they wish to empower the people through their roots. Today, we are happy to introduce to you the band MET3T as they talk to us about how they formed the band and what has inspired them to create their unique genre of music. Let’s find out everything about how the folktronic band, MET3T from Nagaland got together and how they had expanded their genre by infusing EDM and Folk. Hello Guys!! Please introduce yourself. Metet Jamir : I’m the vocalist of our band, MET3T. I have performed at Military Tattoo Festival Edinburgh, Scotland, former Heritage In-house Band. Temjen : The guitarist, former Heritage in-house band guitarist. Akum Aier : The bassist, former bassist of OFF …


FACES | “It Was My First Snow Experience So I Was Very Excited And As Expected, It Was Amazing” – Judy From Mizoram Goes On A Trip To Sikkim

“I took a trip to Sikkim with my college classmates on the 6th of December, 2018 to get a glimpse of the snow. It was my first snow experience so I was very excited and as expected, it was amazing. I will forever cherish the memories I had.” “This picture was taken at Tsongmo lake, also known as Changu lake situated in the East Sikkim District of the northeast India. We took a ride in the ropeway and the peak was much colder, yet the over all experience was amazing. Despite the freezing weather, there were a lot of visitors and to find people selling maggi made us really happy. It seemed to taste much better that day hehe..” Judy from Mizoram goes on a trip to Tsongmo Lake aka Changu Lake in Sikkim with her college mates.

rootsandleisure_apurva lama_yoga

“Yoga Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety and Stress” | A Chat With The Blissfully Fit Yogini – Apurva Lama from Darjeeling

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy A new year is already here – and resolutions or not, nothing like a healthy bend of mind to get a good head start. And to motivate us all, we have with us Apurva Lama – our super fit and passionate yogi from Darjeeling. This 29-year-old has had quite a ride – from being a journalist, an editor for an online magazine and launching her own clothing line ‘Appycat’, to now embarking on a new path as a yoga teacher. We chat with Apurva Lama from Darjeeling – passionate yogini and yoga teacher from Darjeeling. We talk about her journey so far – from being a journalist, an editor for an online magazine and launching her own clothing line ‘Appycat’, to now embarking on a new path as a yoga teacher. Read on to know more about Apurva – and her journey from stressed to blissfully …

Rootsandleisure_Year 2018 Roundup

A Trip Through Memory Lane with Roots and Leisure as 2018 Comes to an End – and a Personal Note from the Team!

2018 is coming to an end, and the year has been amazing. We have had a great time discovering and writing about talented people around the world. Today, we sit down and take a trip down memory lane as we go through our posts, thinking back to everyone and everything that made our journey so meaningful and fruitful. From the lovely chats to exploring delicious cuisines from across kitchens to covering the most happening events across the country and discovering the best local spots from across corners, we are indeed richer as a whole family. So take a seat and get comfortable as we go through our year in 2018. As a team and community, we have covered a lot during this year, and here are a few of those which has helped us grow as a family. People We Met Through our extended family of contributors, we met so many interesting talents – from artists to travelers to entrepreneurs to what not! Through them, we have expanded our circle of inspiration and we feel so blessed …