Month: July 2016

Sisters | We do Everything Together!

“We are 5 of us in the family – 3 siblings and my parents. We love going toย school and after school, we help our parents in household chores – we sometimes feed the pigs,the hens and help out our mother in the kitchen. Afterย this,ย we’re allowed to play for a while and then we’re back to books doing our homework. We walk to school everyday.”


Recipe| Lemon Honey Chicken in Fresh Bamboo Shoot

Lately the weather here in Nagaland hasn’t been that good for most people. The alternating cycle of the humidity and the rain is very unpleasant and can ruin our appetite too. But again, we need to eat adequately (and healthily) to keep ourselves from falling ill. So keeping these things in mind, we came out with an original recipeย of our own, ย which is really simple – that is tasty and super healthy as well. We’re calling it the ‘Leho Chicken‘. Do try making it and share your feedback ๐Ÿ™‚ We used Chicken – with bones and skin. They areย tastier that way and really helps in maximizing the flavour. But feel free to use boneless or skinless chicken if you want a low fat dish. You’ll need: 1 whole Chicken (curry cutย ) 6 green chillies 6 gloves of garlic 1ย stem of fresh bamboo shoot 3 table spoons of ย Oyster Sauce 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 2 medium sized onion 1 small Lemon/ 1 big slice of lime 2 tablespoons of honey 750 ml water Salt to …


Meet Muse – the All Female Production Crew from North East India

Hereโ€™s some promising news in the world’s ongoing quest for women to have their voices heard. We met a kickass production crew from North Eastern India that is in a pursuit to tell the world some beautiful stories.ย What’s more, it is an all-female team that involves professionals who are skilled in videography, photography, and edits. The crew that goes by the name ‘MUSE Team‘ came together only this year and is currently based in New Delhi. ย “We are currently on our way to put up more videos (both fiction and nonfiction) on various topics on our Youtube channel ‘The Muse’,” said a team member. MEET THE TEAM The team members all come from different backgrounds and cultures. But, what binds them together is the love for telling beautifulย storiesย that aren’t covered by mainstream media.   Lurei Kamei [from Nagaland]: Has been working in a film production company in Delhi as a producer and researcher for the last 3 years. ย “Before I came to Delhi and started working officially, I never realised how beautiful our Northeastern states …


Mass Gardening | How A Bunch of Fun People Created the Beautiful Box Garden at Kohima

Green spaces constitute a major environmental resource of ourย urban landscape. Scientists and environmentalists have been constantly voicing their concerns on how urban green spaces are depleting at an alarming rate. ย With green spaces now occupying smaller proportions of the landmass of our cities, it is now every citizen’s responsibility to take green spaces seriously. On that note, did you know that a group of young people did this really cool thing to make Kohima town more beautiful? We are talking about the members of the Facebook group called Naga Flower Lovers Page (NFLP) who recently got together to participate in a self-formulated project called ‘The Box Garden project’. It all started when a few organizers from the group decided to assist the Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (KCCI) beautification programme on the 9th of July this year. As part of the programme, NFLP members congregated at the Box Cutting bye pass road at Kohima to do their bit of creating more green spaces in the city. โ€ช โ€ชHere are a few pics of the …


Guitar Passion at Play – Toshimoa Jamir

Alright, it’s been a while since we featured some awesome musicians here. And what a great way to get back on it! Today we bring you the story of Toshimoa Jamir – a young guitarist from Dimapur who has already made a name in the Nagaland music circuit. Jamir’s exceptional musical talent has led him to share the stage with the legendary Neil Zaza at this year’s World Music Day held in Nagaland. Toshimoa started playing guitar at a very young age. Toshi’s parents began nurturing his guitar skills right from his childhood and, amazingly, supported his decision to take his talent more seriously when he grew up. Eventually, heย passed Grade 8 with merit in Guitar (Rock School, International Rock Music Exam Board London) in 2012 from Taaqademy, Bangalore. He then went on to work as a music teacher in DE SALES Music Academy and ICFC School for two years in Bangalore. Apart from the long list of awards Toshimoa has won, he was recently conferred with theย prestigious โ€œYoung Achieverโ€™s Award 2016″ in the field …


We Found the Instagram Page You Fashonistas were Looking For!

Don’t we all love fashion icons? And we can’t help keep looking for that little bit of fashion inspiration on the internet every now and then. Naturally, when we stumbled upon a treasure of an Instagram account (@nagasstreetstyle)ย we figured we must share it with you! Why? Because this page’s feed takes that natural curiosity a step further by capturing the divas that walk our very own streets and features them on its feed. @nagasstreetstyle is a favorite among its young fan following for its creators’ love for fashion and an extremely good sense of style. Meet the sisters โ€“ Kuku Lungalang and Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar – from Nagaland who are the masterminds behind our current favorite Instagram page. โ€œWe’ve always wanted to start a blog, but it never quite kicked off so we decided to start an Instagram account instead. We started posting pics of people whose style we dug when we met them on the streets. We were pleasantly surprised when our page started growing rapidly at the rate of more than a hundred …

RootsandLeisure_Nagaland Street Art

Nagaland Street Art | Art Meets Fashion

We met up with the funky team at Nagaland Street Art, a brand where art meets fashion with a focus onย promoting the rich diversity of various Naga cultures through design. At the beginning of this year (2016), three designersย Cynthia Kolakhe,ย Imjung Longshiri andย Muzung Yimchunger decided to come together to bring a bold idea to fruition. The plan was to create products that justified their brand’s tagline ‘Dare to be different’ – a style that blended the diagrammatic figuration from folk to urban design. And that’s how Nagaland Street Art was born. The brand believes in creating unique products that are truly designer made. Which means all designs are exclusive, hand painted, and made in Nagaland. But most importantly, all of them are unique and will never be recreated to be sold to someone else.What’s more commendable is that the Nagaland Street Art has already reached some notable client base. “We have designed tee shirts for world boxing champion M.C.Mary Kom, the Tetseo Sisters, Alobo & The Band, Yakuza Solo for his world tour, and Opang Jamir …

RootsandLeisure_Cosfest_Andrea kevichusa

These Indian Cosplayers Will Blow Your Mind!

A Brilliant Cosfest organized in Nagaland by the Nagaland Anime Junkies Are you a Cosplay fan or know anyone who is? Did you know that a pretty awesome Cosfest happened this month in our very own Nagaland? Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it there, but from what we’ve heard from our contributors, we missed out on a lot of rare fun! Here are a few photos and also a video from the event to give you a taste of what we are talking about. Behold the 4th edition of Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ) Cosfest 2016!!Because as a wise man once said, “When given the opportunity, wear a costume.” Meet the Team behind NAJ “NAJ was first started as an effort to create a community for anime fans in Nagaland. We wanted to coin a platform where they could share and interact with other fellow anime enthusiasts. We now have a fan following from all over india and our cosplay events are no longer limited to anime alone. We are open to all genres and we try …


The Man Behind NAJ Cosfest’s Brilliant Video Coverage – Sanen Jamir aka The Skid Reviewer

Meet Sanen Jamir – the guy who shot a fun video covering Nagaland’s vibrant Cosfest that was held this month at Kohima. While looking up for people who could tell us a bit more about the event, we hit gold when we discovered Sanen’sย brilliant YouTube channelย where he uploads great stuff under the pseudonym The Skid Reviewer. Turns outย Sanen is an avid followerย of comics, movies, games and all things geek! Weย just had to know more! “I have tremendous respect for the Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ). In a society that is as divided and fragmented as ours, an event like this – where we can come together despite our differences and have conversations on art, literature, and creativity – is always positive and needs our support.”   So tell us a bit more about yourself?ย  I hail from Dimapur and presently work as a part of the editorial team in the Morung Express. For years, I wanted to create a YouTube channel about the things that I enjoyed, you know, things that made me a little less …