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#FACES | A Naga Girl Captured Carrying Timber

“My name is Talimoa Pongen and I work in a media house. I also love taking candid photographs, through which  I want to tell stories. I took this photo of  a little girl, helping her folks by carrying timber. She was taking two or three rounds, carrying the heavy logs to the destination. I just wanted to capture this beautiful moment. This photo was taken in Mokokchung at The Woods resort, where I was camping with my friends.” – Talimoa Pongen from Nagaland Follow Talimoa Pongen on Instagram


Meet Nzanmongi Odyuo, a Talented Musician and a Music Instructor from Nagaland

There is no doubt that Nagaland is a hub for talented musicians. Music thrives in this beautiful place like no where else. Today, we have another gem from here — Nzanmongi Odyuo, a musician from Nagaland! She is a pianist who has been playing the piano her whole life. We chatted with her to know more about her music, her inspirations and more. Hello, please tell us a bit about yourself! Hi, my name is Nzanmongi Odyuo. I’ve been a piano instructor for almost 8 years and counting. I’ve been performing at various events, weddings and play the piano for our home church. I’ve also performed with various artists and bands in Delhi as well as in Nagaland. I am Currently teaching at TIME. Since childhood I was very interested in music and learnt piano from a very young age, and after my formal education, I went to Delhi to pursue music. I’ve also taught in music schools in Delhi, before I finally decided to return home. Sounds lovely! What got you into music? I …


Meet Chichan Tongtimen – A Student and A Singer from Dimapur

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards For some, singing just comes naturally and flawlessly. Today, we have with us one such soulful singer, Chichan Tongtimen. Currently pursuing Physiotherapy from Delhi NCR, she also performs at various events and occasions. Born and brought up in Dimapur, Chichan’s passion for music grew with age and she hopes to continue pursuing her studies and music, simultaneously. We sat down with her to know her and her music a little better. Visit the link in bio or below to read!   Hey Chichan, tell us a bit about yourself! Hello, I’m Chichan Tongtimen and I’m from Dimapur. Currently, I’m 23 and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Faridabad and I love to sing. Singing has always been my passion, so whenever I get the time, I sing. It always makes me feel myself. I also used to play the piano before and I play Ukulele sometimes. For how …


#RECIPE | Korean Kimchi Recipe by Imkong from Dimapur, Nagaland

Sometimes the best dishes are the easiest to make! Today we have one such recipe called Korean Kimchi. Contributed by Mr Imkong, the dish requires a few simple ingredients and sauces. Healthy and easy-to-cook, we use napa cabbage, carrots, and other vegetables along with rice flour to make it. This is definitely going to win hearts!  Ingredients  2. 5 kg of Napa cabbage, cut into 2 or 3 inches  2 carrots, cut into matchstick strips  2 radish, cut into matchstick strips Spring onions White onions Chives Garlic Ginger Chilli powder  Salt  Sticky rice flour(can either use plain flour) Sugar  Fish sauce Instructions 1. Cut the cabbage and wash it thoroughly with clean water, add one and a half cup of salt and mix it thoroughly and marinate it for at least 3 hours or more. Don’t forget to toss it every 20 or 30 minutes and drain the excess water it gives out as it gets marinated in the salt. After it has been marinated, again wash it thoroughly with water and squish out all …


Chat with Vika Yepthomi, the Owner of Asukhu Dhaba – The All-New Authentic Sumi Restaurant in Dimapur

We all love a cozy corner where we can relish delectable food, but how often do we see an authentic restaurant inspired that serves local Sumi food? Today, we have Vika Yepthomi with us, who started a family restaurant called Asukhu Dhaba. The place serves local traditional food cooked with organic ingredients brought straight from Zunheboto. He started the restaurant along with his wife. One of the specialties of the place is that each recipe that Asukhu Dhaba uses is a special recipe that only their family has mastered. We chatted with Vika to know more about the place.  Hi there! Please introduce yourself to our readers.  My name is Vika Yepthomi. I started Asukhu Dhaba with my wife. She is a doctor by profession and works in Eden hospital. It was our collective love for food which led us venture into this! We launched it in August this year. What was the idea behind launching this restaurant? My wife and I used to go for dinners whenever we’d get time, especially when we were …

Asenla Jamir from Nagaland Chats About Her Fashion Journey and Also Catch Her in the Upcoming Movie “Axone” by Nicholas Kharghongar

Nagaland has always been a hub for fashion. Whether it’s being prim-and-proper even for our everyday looks or making a statement, we’re always a step ahead in the fashion game. Today, we have Asenla Jamir, who is making waves with her fashion sense. She is a stylist, singer, has done ads and TVs and currently tried her hands in acting with an upcoming movie, Axone! We caught up with this 25-year-old fashionista recently and spoke about her job as a stylist, her graduation fashion project and more. Read our interview with her on our blog.  Hi Asenla, glad to have you here. Tell us a bit about yourself.  Hello, my name is Asenla Jamir and I am 25-years-old. I am currently based in Dimapur, but I was born and raised in Jorhat, Assam. I love doing a little bit of everything to keep myself going. I am working in the fashion industry as a stylist. I also create music covers as a singer. Recently, I tried my hands on acting in the upcoming Movie, Axone, …


Chiam Shiu – A Naga YouTuber Based in Mumbai Tells Us About Her Journey

The life of a YouTuber is not all glitz and glam as we see it on our screens. There’s a lot that goes behind and Chiam Shiu tells us how. A budding YouTuber, Chiam is based in Mumbai currently but belongs to Dimapur. Her channel focuses on fashion and lifestyle, where she also gives a glimpse of Naga lifestyle to her viewers. Her aim is to ‘keep it real’ and she does that by being honest with who she is on camera. She also works as a freelance model and actor and has acted in Dreamz Unlimited. Let’s get to hear more from her.  Hey Chiam, please introduce yourself to our readers! My name is Chiam Shiu. I am 23-years-old and I’m from Khiamniungan and Phom tribe from Dimapur. Currently based in Mumbai, I’m a full-time YouTuber, a freelance fashion model and an actor. As far as my education is concerned, I am a B.Tech graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Nagaland. What made you start your YouTube channel? Ever …


Nagaland’s First Food Bike, ‘Fusion Bytez’, is Capturing Our Taste Buds and Our Hearts

There’s something about street food that never fails to impress us! Whether it’s the mix of local taste in worldly dishes or a spicy treat on a budget, there’s nothing quite like a good street food stall! While hunting for our next food-joint in Dimapur, we stumbled upon a quirky little food stall called ‘Fusion Bytez’. We say ‘quirky’ because this stall isn’t like any other — it’s Nagaland’s very first food bike! Run by three brothers, the small place serves some amazing food. If you want to take a break from visiting fancy restaurants and enjoy some zingy street food, head to the stretch of City Tower area. Don’t forget to try out their Chicken Drumsticks and Twisted Potatoes!  We were thrilled to see three brothers busy catering to the customers. Despite the frenzy rush, we managed to have a quick conversation with one of them. He told us that some of the food stall workers and owners have completed their studies while others are still studying and doing this as a part time …

Raktim Gautam from Guwahati, a Spoken Word Poet and a Storyteller Carving His Own Way Through Words.

Poetry is pieces of thoughts strung together by experience. Raktim Gautam, a poet from Guwahati, does more than write poetry—he performs them in front of an audience. A spoken word poet, this young literary artist thrives by connecting with the audience, often moving them with his words. He runs Guwahati’s art collective called ‘East India Poets’ and aspires to be a great storyteller just like his grandfather. Join us as we get a glimpse into his life. Welcome, Raktim. It’s exciting to be interviewing a different kind of poet today! Let’s start with a brief introduction. Hello! I’m Raktim Gautam. I’m a 22-year-old, spoken word poet born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam. I’m currently based in Guwahati as well. I run an art collective called East India Poets, wherein I manage an art space called ‘The Komorebi Artroom’. Meanwhile, I am working on a few theatre productions as part of Theatre@Agora. I’m also working as a content creator at a creative digital agency called Right Hemisphere. But I always manage to find the time …


#RECIPE | 5 Recipes from Famous Naga Chef and Owner of ‘Saucy Joes’, Joel Basumatari

With Saturday, comes the time for exclusive R&L recipes but today, we’ve made it a little more special by sharing 5 recipes with you , straight from the kitchen of the famous Naga chef, Joel Basumatari. Joel is a master of Naga cuisine and has his own line of organic sauces, ‘Saucy Joes’, which are largely made using indigenous items and use no artificial preservatives. These sauces were launched and became a hit at Hornbill Festival ’17.  Chef Joel hopes that through them, he can represent the Naga cuisine around the world. He believes that with local cuisines taking on the world, we will be able to create opportunities and jobs for farmers and youths. R&L got a chance to learn the recipes of his signature dishes, which use the unique sauces from Saucy Joes. We’ve got everything from salads to desserts on our blog. Keep scrolling! 1.Squash and Mango Salad Ingredients— 1 medium sized squash cut into julienne 1 small carrot cut into julienne 1 tablespoon of roasted perilla seeds (powdered) 1 tablespoon of …