Month: January 2017


Recipe | Crispy Pork with Bamboo Shoot Juice

Another easy recipe for the R&L readers from our in-house chef/recipe contributor : Mr Vilme. It’s a pork dish, which he made last evening for a bunch of his friends coming over for dinner. Vilme made this dish using very simple ingredients – which was a mix of Naga and oriental spices and sauces, and the result was delicious! Check out the full recipe below: INGREDIENTS 400 gms of fresh Pork (with good amount of fat) 1 large Onion 7 gloves of Garlic 1 medium Ginger 3 green chillies – cut into vertical slits 2 tbsp of Soya Sauce 2 tbsp of Bamboo shoot juice 500 ml of water 3-4 tablespoons of oil Salt to taste DIRECTIONS TO COOK A. Cooking the Pork Cut the pork into big 3-4 chunks; put the pork pieces into a deep vessel – along with water, bamboo shoot juice and salt to taste Cover and cook till the pork pieces are tender – but not fully cooked Open the lid and let it cool B. Preparing the Crispy Pork Slices Cut the …


This Cafe in Shillong is Bringing Bob Dylan’s Music Back with a Twist

Shillong, a beautiful city unsurprisingly known as ‘Scotland of the East’, has also grown up to become India’s ‘Rock Capital’. As a city that hosts a line of international concerts and music festivals every year, Shillong is home to a lot of talented musicians (Tipriti Kharbangar and Rudy Wallang anyone?) and music lovers alike. Music runs in the heart of the city and love for rock music especially is shared passionately among both the young and old. So, in a city where musicians are worshipped as Gods and music seeps through all aspects of life, one is bound to encounter little nooks and corners that revel in good music alone. Today, at R&L, we introduce you to one such amazing local venture that pays special tribute to eminent musician & poet, Bob Dylan. Set in a quiet neighbourhood right next to St Edmund’s school, Dylan’s Cafe, is aiming to reinvigorate Dylan’s memory among local enthusiasts. Needless to say, we couldn’t help but find out what the buzz was all about. We spoke with Vatsala Tibrewalla, …


Meet Abhilash Baishya – 20 Year old Photographer from Assam

Photography. Is it an art or a science? I guess most would agree that it is a bit of both. Taking a good photograph involves a lot of technical skills and knowing your instrument. It is indeed a subject of science. But more young people are taking up photography with ever-growing zeal, using it as a medium to express their creativity through the camera lens. Whether it is about evoking an emotion in one’s audience, conveying a message, or capturing the essence of a place, person or a thing, photography has come a long way to evolve into a form of self-expression for many. We at R&L continuously strive to reach out to people who are passionately involved in bringing out the art of the sciences. Photography is one such art that does it beautifully. Meet Abhilash Baishya from Assam –  a 20 year-old photographer cum filmmaker, who is ardently using photography to capture memories of people, places, emotions and adventures among other things. Baishya likes clicking evocative photos and creating informative travel videos and vlogs on YouTube. …


Faces | Lovely Old Couple from Arunachal Pradesh

“We are on our way to the Gompa (Buddhist Temple). We go there every morning to meditate for an hour or two daily. We have to go uphill so it’s a bit tiring at this age, but this is how we would like to start our day . . Our children – they live in the city, and we sometimes go to visit them, but we soon start longing to come back to the hills. We like the peace and quiet here. This is our home. We have been telling our children to come back home.. but they seem caught up for now.”  

RootsandLeisure_theDaughters (1)

Introducing ‘The Daughters’ : Affordable Fashion Brand from Nagaland

Our discoveries of various creative minds from the state of Nagaland never cease to amaze us. Apart from being rich in culture, cuisine, heritage, folklore, and ethnicity, the Nagas have been taking the fashion industry by storm for quite some time now. Many young designers and fashion initiators are going official and showcasing their talent every year. Today, we introduce you to two young beautiful young women entrepreneurs – Ari and Vitsi – who began humbly and went on to establish a brand new fashion label ‘The Daughters’ last month. The duo has received plenty of appreciation and love post the launch. So, without further ado, let’s have a quick look at their brand-new fashion journey:   Introduction to the founders of ‘The Daughters’ ‘The Daughters’ was founded by two cousins – Arinaro Longkumer and Vitsino Peseyie. Vitsino did a course in Fashion Design and Merchandizing from International Polytechnic for Women, Delhi. She interned under star designer Atsu Sekhose at Delhi and is currently based in Dimapur. Arinaro completed her undergrad from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. She …


Meet the Roots and Leisure Team

Roots & Leisure was founded by Tiarenla, Sungdi and Amenla from Nagaland, located in the North East of India. HOW IT ALL BEGAN . . . Roots and Leisure was founded by three of us (Tiarenla, Amenla and Sungdi) from Nagaland, which is located in the North East region of India. Our story dates back to 1994 – the year Tiaren and Sungdi met at boarding school in Darjeeling and became good friends. Fast forward 10 years, Sungdi meets Amen in Ahmedabad, while attending engineering college, and they become inseparable – almost like family. Another 10 years later, when Amen moved to Bangalore (in 2014),  she finally got to meet Tiaren, after hearing so much about her from Sungdi. Over coffee, we discussed starting a passion project to try and help promote our Northeastern roots through stories of our local friends from the region. So (finally) in 2016, we decided to give it a shot, and start the project as a weekend activity. One fine Sunday, we pulled an all-nighter and launched a blog in less …