Month: May 2021

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Meet Nengneithem Hengna, the Woman Behind ‘Runway Nagaland’ – the Most Accessible Brand for Naga Jewelry and Handlooms.

“Dare to live the life you have dreamt for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Today we have Nengneithem Hengna – founder of ‘Runway Nagaland’ who has been quietly making her mark through her jewelry and handloom business. Her venture is run by an all-women team, which started out as a humble store in Nagaland to market local jewelry outside the state. Today, they have three different brands that offer an eclectic collection of traditional Naga jewelry, handwoven crafts, and premium contemporary pieces – that are loved by locals and customers across the country.   Just like their creations, Runway Nagaland continues to be awe-inspiring through its contribution to local employment and women’s empowerment. It’s no wonder that Nengneithem Hengna confidently confirms that she is living her dream life! So – let’s meet the woman behind it all. Here’s a brief chat with the founder, Nengneithem Hengna from Nagaland.  Nengneithem Hengna- Founder of ‘Runway Nagaland’ Supong: Hi, welcome to R&L! So excited about this chat with you finally! Please …

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Small Town Bakers from Northeast India Share Their Portfolio of Cakes and Bakes

“If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.” – Regina Brett Our team at R&L reached out to a bunch of bakers across Northeast India in an attempt to explore the variety of bakers out here. We met some of the most talented bakers from the region – from seasoned bakers to newbies, including a spirited 13-year-old from Arunachal! Each of them shared their favorite baking themes along with a showcase of their creations. Read on to meet this talented bunch and explore their portfolio of bakes & cakes – ranging from abstract to imitation to floral, and more.  Atele Sarah, 27, Baker behind ‘ Baked With Love’ from Nagaland ” I have been baking since 2019. I love anything floral, hence that would be my favorite baking theme. I also like creating designs that are elegant and dainty. I am not a trained baker but I am inspired by a wonderful community of talented bakers. Whenever I have a minute to …

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This Young Artist from Nagaland is Winning Hearts and Art Commissions With His Realistic Pencil Portraits | Meet 23-year old Mhademo Shitiri

“It is ok to make mistakes, but it is not ok to give up.” ~ Wise words from 23-year old Mhademo Shitiri from Nagaland. This self-taught artist is famous for his realistic portrait sketches, and has a huge following of devoted admirers. Young Mhademo started drawing as a 5-year old, and today he has fans reaching out to him from as far as Dubai and Singapore. Not only that, he is able to earn a living using his talent and passion. Over a chat, we talk about his early memories of drawing as a young boy, his supportive parents, how his school (Don Bosco, Wokha) played a role in reinforcing his confidence in choosing this path, his most memorable fan message, and more. Read on.. Self-Taught Artist Mhademo Shitiri from Wokha, Nagaland Meribeni: Hi Mhademo, so excited to be having this chat. Huge fan of your work! Please introduce yourself to our R&L readers. Mhademo: I am Mhademo Shitiri, eldest among four siblings. I hail from Old Changsu Village in Nagaland, and I was born …