Month: April 2016


Naga Dish|Fresh Pond Fish in Bamboo Shoot and Mint

Do you like fish? Most would agree that it is one of the most versatile food ingredients we know – from non fussy finger food to a healthy meal to a gourmet dish, get some fresh fish and you are set. Sharingย one of our favourite recipe that is quick and simple to make, plus easy on the wallet. Ingredients Fresh local Pond Fish 5 cloves of garlic Small Size local ginger 10 ml Bamboo Shoot Juice Cherry Tomato 1 King Chilly 250 ml water 6 Mint leaves Salt to taste Direction: Put all the ingredients together in a medium size pot, put half cup water and cover it with a lid. Let it cook for 20-25 mins or until it’s fully cooked and tender. Open the lid and let it cool. Serve it with steamed rice.


Fashion Model – Carol Humtsoe from Nagaland

  Talent means nothing if you have no ambition behind it. The idea that you can work hard and carve your own destiny โ€“ no matter where youโ€™re from, should be the motivation for all individuals.ย Meet Carol Humtsoe โ€“ a small town girl from Nagaland, who is the first Naga girl to have been signed by Elite Model Management. Sheย started herย modeling career from a very young age and worked herself up to where she is right now. I caught up with her over a brief phone call – for this feature onย Roots and Leisure. Here is an excerpt: Hi Carol – so tell us when and how did it all start. It started out as something fun when I was just 16, and one thing led to another. I took the first train to Delhi when I was 17 and that is how things kicked off – and Elite Model Management signed me up. I was 18 then. Where are you based right now? I live somewhere in between Delhi and Mumbai alternately. How was …


Recipe of Pork in Blood Stew – a Delicacy in Nagaland

Today, we’re excited to share a dish featuring an ingredient that transcends cultural boundaries and is savored by many: pork blood. Across the globe, this unique ingredient finds its way into various culinary traditions, creating mouthwatering delicacies. In Nagaland, it takes the form of a savory stew, where pork innards are cooked in a rich, dark gravy enriched with pig blood, and we call it Aai Choo (in Ao lingo), we call it Aai Chooย In the Philippines, it delights taste buds as Dinuguan, while in Guam, it is relished as Fritada. And let’s not forget Europe, where the famous black pudding takes center stageโ€”a delectable black sausage made with pork, dried pig’s blood, pork fat, and an array of spices. Join us as we learn how to make this super delish pork dish! Pork innards cooked in a rich, dark gravy enriched with pig blood. We call it “Aai Choo” (in Ao lingo) in Nagaland Ingredients : 1 1/2ย kilogram Pork Intestine and Pork 7-8 Cloves of Garlic Dried Red Chilly medium size Ginger a handful …


Graduation Day

“Pursuing my PhD was not easy but it was well worth it. I remember the long hours of research,ย sleepless nights, tears of frustration at times, and evenย theย thought of giving up. But what kept us going was the support from our family, our peers and well wishers and here we are today. . . . with our certificates and surrounded by special friends I made during these years. CONGRATULATIONS and CHEERSย to all who haveย  been conferred as ‘Dr’.  


Business & Lifestyle | Meet Asalie Peseyie

Entrepreneurship is catching up quickly in Nagaland – especially with the young and the enterprising lot.ย It is almost certain that small and new age businessesย are soon going to emerge as the top economic drivers contributing to more job opportunities, new skills and hopefully a better working environment. The young Nagas today are clearly an enlightened bunch with a huge dose of optimism regardlessย of the fact that that the challenges are many like – low access to resources, capital, mentorship and the list goes on. Hence, even more reason why we should laud the efforts of those who are constantly exploring and innovating within these limitations to create businesses, which are not just novel in idea but also demonstrating the potential to compete at much bigger platforms. It is exciting to see countless trailblazers starting up on their own and in the process, encouraging more and more people to join the force. Say hi to Asalie Peseyie – first among many to follow under ourย new series “ENTREPRENEUR“. A resident of ย Dimapur and founder and owner of …


Tales from the Hills | Longkhum Village

Post Written by:Wapangla |ย An HR Specialist who loves to teach, a travel maniac and obsessed with nature. โ€œYour soul stays back on your first visit. You have to come back to retrieve your soulโ€ โ€“ that is the bequest of the village of Longkhum which is situated at a high altitude of around 6056 feet above sea level at Mokokchung district in Nagaland, India. Known for its serenity, famous for its Romeo & Juliet legend and the fact that itโ€™s one of the oldest & largest villages, I could not resist visiting it twice. And believe me I want to go back again.ย But next time when I do, I am hiking it all the way from its beautiful cherry blossom entrance of the village till the eagleโ€™s nest which is known as Mongzu-Ki. It is believed that eagles have been nesting there for centuries. One of my favourite locations at Longkhum is the โ€˜Jubilee Towerโ€™ which is at the highest point of the village. One can see from the tower the entire village and also …


Naga Dish | Stewed Chicken in Bamboo Shoot

It’s already Friday, and what better way to kick off the weekend than by trying out something new in your kitchen? We have a super simple recipe challenge for you! Meet Vilme, a loving husband and father who enjoys cooking at home. He takes charge of most of the cooking duties, with his wife assisting him by chopping ingredients and cleaning the dishes afterward. In many Naga households, it’s common to see men actively participating in kitchen chores and cooking. Today he shares a super simple chicken recipe that is a favorite with his family – Chicken stew with bamboo shoots. Ingredients: 1 whole chicken, cut roughly into 1″ pieces 5 cloves of garlic 5 dried red chilies 2″ – 3″ ginger 1 medium-sized tomato 1/2 teaspoon of Ajinomoto salt 3 tablespoons of bamboo shoot juice A handful of chives or spring onions Salt to taste Directions: Cut the Chicken into medium-sized pieces. Place the chicken in a large pot and add water. Cover pot and bring it to boil for 15 mins Add the …