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A Song for Every Mood – Music and Musicians from North East India

  Over the weekend, we had a fun leisure chat with our readers, where we shared our current moods – in exchange for a song. By the end of the session, we had compiled a pretty good playlist of songs performed/written/composed by talented musicians from North East India. Scroll below to check out the list.  p.s: We have our weekly community chats on Instagram. Do visit for some fun. Also, remember to regularly check in on your friends – and ask how they are doing. “Very bad mood due to cramps” ~ @journalofhisdaughter Dedicating this song “Warrior’s Call” by Colored Keys Nagaland. Composed in two Naga dialects (Chakhesang and Angami) with a blend of tribal folk and contemporary western melody, this song is guaranteed to help you relax, and meditate. Breathe.    “Hopeful” ~ @ruchielal Play ‘Korou’ (meaning ‘Sunlight’ in Manipuri) by June Neelu Ft B.Maisnam from Manipur. A song about the beauty of nature… the sunrise, dews, birds, wind, and the mountains, this has been our go-to video for afternoon daydreaming and endless optimism. …

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“Some Poems are as Bright as the Glaring Sun, While Some are as Dark as Our Struggles” – Nongwarngam Chinir from Manipur Talks About his Newly Launched Book “Labyrinth”

“Some poems reflect dreams that are as ambitious as the glaring sun, some will depict the darkness we all struggle to keep at bay; may you find yourself in this Labyrinth” – Nongwarngam Chinir I had the pleasure to share a little warm conversation with this soulful writer Nongwarngam Chinir who recently published his debut book entitled “Labyrinth” – a collection of poems about stories from the eyes of strangers, of love, of courage, of finding the deeper meaning of life, about finding one’s way through this labyrinth called life.  Our young aspiring author introduces himself as an activist, a humanitarian, an old soul but above all just a normal guy who is trying to achieve his dreams in a world filled with chaos. Join me as I take a journey down memory lane with Nong of how this wonderful book was born.  Nongwarngam Chinir – Author of the newly launched book “Labyrinth” Arep: First, congratulations on getting your book published! Please introduce yourself to our readers. N. Chinir: My name is Nongwarngam Chinir, I …


Recipe of Manipur’s Popular Salad ‘Yongchak Singju’ made with Stink Beans

Today, I invited Khevito Elvis Lee also known as ‘The Tribal Chef’ (on Instagram) to teach me how to make my favorite Yongchak Singju. I am an ardent admirer and follower of his work – especially his food posts. He lives up to his name as ‘The Tribal Chef’ by regularly sharing a range of local dishes from Northeast India. Khevito is also the owner of the Hornbill Restaurant in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi, which has been serving mouth-watering local dishes to Northeastern folks there – and most importantly, introducing our region’s cuisine to non-locals in the city. Coming back to the recipe, Yongchak Singju is a local’s favorite – especially in Nagaland and Manipur. It is made of Yongchak (monkey beans) which is a popular local ingredient, often used in making authentic Manipuri specialties like Eromba and Singju. It is a long twisting bean that is a member of the pea or beans family. Yongchak beans have an unusual smell and are crisp, soft, and tender with a rich and pungent flavor. Now, let’s learn …

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“After Years in The Industry, I Was Proud to be Part of a Movie (Axone) with North Eastern People in Lead Roles.” We Chat with Actress and Model Lin Laishram from Manipur

Growing up with a dream and actually living your fantasy life are two different things. While many dreams may not see the light of the day, some are more resolute. This small-town girl from Manipur we all know by the name Lin Laishram, is living each day to prove that dreams do come alive – but only if you believe in them unwaveringly and work hard with equal intensity. Having traveled the world venturing across sports, modeling, and now acting, Lin has many stories to tell. So today we chat with Lin Laishram from Manipur to know more about her journey. We chat with Model and Actress Lin Laishram from Manipur as she takes us through her journey from Manipur to Nagaland to Jamshedpur to New York and now Mumbai. She also talks about her latest acting gig in the popular movie ‘Axone’ now playing on Netflix! Hi Lin! So nice to finally have this chat with you! We are certain most people here have already heard and read about you, but please introduce yourself …


Meet Diana Sanasam, Self-Taught Sketch Artist From Imphal, Manipur

“Before I knew ABCD…XYZ, I was drawing apples and everything I could draw”, says Diana Sanasam. Hailing from Imphal, she spent her childhood trying to sketch the images she saw in children’s books and has never lost touch with it since then! Working as an assistant manager, she comes home to work on a few sketches to relieve her stress and that is how she keeps improving and gaining more love for sketching. We had a talk with Diana as she tells us what inspired her and how she honed her skill of sketching. Hi Diana. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am Diana Sanasam from Imphal, Manipur. I am the eldest and only daughter of three siblings. I love travelling and sports. And sometimes I SKETCH. I did my engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Chennai and completed my post-graduation from Anna University, Chennai. Introduce us to your work. What got you started? I am self-taught and I mostly sketch portraits using graphite medium. But I am eager to explore other mediums and digital art …

#FACES | Introducing Sustainable Library to The School Children of Manipur With Nikita Barton

“I’m Nikita Barton, an educator, working with NGOs and Social Groups to promote education in rural villages. For this particular project, I travelled to Puichi in Manipur, to set up a ‘sustainable library’, with books donated by various well-wishers. While it was my job to train the local teachers to encourage students to read, and run the up-keep of the library, I couldn’t help myself sitting down with the school children themselves, and introduce them to a book or two. Their eagerness to learn something new is definitely contagious. Not to mention, the joy on their faces when they find something interesting the book and ask you questions about it. It is truly an enchanting and life-changing experience to see children so young, begin their journey as book lovers.”


In Conversation with Beeshantam Yumnam, the Owner of Books & Coffee in Imphal

Sometimes all you need to unwind is a cup of coffee and a good book–that’s exactly what cafe Books & Coffee is offering locals in Imphal. Started by Beeshantam Yumnam, the cafe boasts of a cozy ambience and a great collection of books. Beeshantam’s love for books is mirrored in the cafe’s warm interiors, its rare collection of books and a welcoming environment for people of all ages. His vision of creating a space where people can relax, learn, enjoy and create art has materialized in the cafe. He says, “I hope people take home the feeling of relaxing in a cozy ambiance for chilling out and appreciation of the arts. Many customers praise us for giving a platform to arts and providing a wholesome experience. We hope to keep giving that experience!” Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers Hello, thanks for having me. I am Beeshantam Yumnam from Imphal, Manipur, a history graduate from Delhi University but an artist by passion. On returning home in 2010 after graduating, I realized that the types …


#RECIPE | Smoked Fish Curry Recipe by Kupatia Keishing

Weekend calls for family gatherings, dinners etc, which means treating yourself and your loved ones to a delicious meal as well. Today we have with us, Kupatia Keishing who shares his simple and easy Smoked Fish Curry recipe with us. He also runs a food dedicated page on Instagram, mama’s_fat_boy, where you will get to see a variety of healthy recipes made with simple ingredients. INGREDIENTS Smoked fish Potatoes Onion Tomatoes Garlic Ginger Coriander leaves Cilantro leaves (Burma Dhania). STEPS 1. Stir fry some finely chopped onions until they turn golden brown. Add half a tea spoon of turmeric powder. 2. Add the chopped potatoes and fry for about 7 minutes with some green chillies (if necessary). 3. Add tomato slices and roughly pounded garlic and stir fry for about 5 minutes, with a tea spoon full of chilly powder, and salt to taste. 4. After a couple of minutes add water and ginger and let it boil for about 10 minutes. 5. Take some pieces of potato and mash it to make a thick …


Kimte Guite, Author of 51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World, Talks About Her Book and Her Inspirations

Today, we managed to grab a quick word with Kimte Guite, the author of 51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World. We chatted about her love for literature classics, her obsession to read since her childhood, her love for the countryside and old Bollywood cinema. As a bibliophile herself, she’s also planning to organize book-readings in primary schools and her plan is to expand the project into a travelling library to spread the joy of reading. She is an Assistant Professor at Churachandpur Government College.  She conducts small book club/book reading sessions as well. Get to know more about this creative soul as we chat with her!  Hi there, please start by telling our readers a bit about yourself! Hello! I am Man Lun Kim and I also go by the name, Kimte Guite. That’s the name I use for my social-media handles. My hometown is in Churachandpur (Lamka) in Manipur. I am your typical tribal girl with a taste for all local cuisines and a heart that will never get enough of the rolling …


Meet Satish Elangbam, the Owner of Fika Kitchen & Studio in Imphal

Fika in Swedish means the act of drinking coffee and having a cheerful time with friends. Satish Elangbam chose to name his new cafe after Fika situated in Imphal. A cosy little corner away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Fika is inspired by Satish’s vision of creating a space that offered live music, amazing views and great food.  We met him to talk about his journey of opening the cafe, what inspired him and his future goals.   Hey Satish, tell us a bit about yourself! Hello, thanks for having me. I am Satish Elangbam from Imphal. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and Sound Engineering diploma course from Bangalore. I also worked as a sound engineer in Bangalore for few months. However, I decided to leave the city and came back to Imphal in 2017 and started my own venture. Now  I am running  a cafe in Imphal known as Fika Kitchen & Studio. Tell us about the cafe and what inspired you to open it? Fika is a Swedish word which means drinking …