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Meet Rachel Lopez of ‘The Greater Bombay’ – an Instagram Account that Curates Quirky Ceiling Designs Inside Taxis

While most people go about their day in a flurry, forgetting to ‘stop and smell the roses’, Rachel Lopez is one observant journalist with a heart inclined towards the arts! Everywhere she goes, she ‘looks up’ — especially when she takes a taxi! A journalist based out of Mumbai, Rachel started a personal project called ‘The Greater Bombay’ where she takes photos of the quirky ceilings of taxis. This project has made thousands notice another side of Mumbai! Her collection of photos is ever-expanding with some crazy ceiling designs, from Gabbar Singh to strawberries! We caught up with her to chat about her project and more. Tap on the link in bio and below!  Hello! Rachel, we are happy to have you! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself. My name is Rachel Lopez, I’m 37-years-old and I’m a journalist with the Hindustan Times. I have been in Mumbai for all of my life and today I use this familiarity for my work.  At Hindustan Times, I cover features, edit, do a weekly column …

#FACES | A Farmer Carries Around A Bamboo Umbrella In Paddy Fields – By Shweta Gupta

“I’m Shweta Gupta, a photographer from Bihar. I was on my way to Jyotirling Mandir, Bhimashankar (Maharashtra) with my friends when we stopped by a paddy field to just observe people and take in the scenery. This particular farmer walked by in the rain with this ‘chatri’ (umbrella) made of bamboo and tarp, and it felt like a moment worth capturing! I was intrigued and went up to say hi. He asked me about why I was taking photos, to which I answered, ‘Everyone should see you and your lifestyle’. He smiled and posed for the photograph. We had a brief chat and he told me he was headed home. I was fascinated with this particular form of an umbrella because usually, in most parts of India, we see burlap sacks but this was different. It turned out to be a great photo!” ~Shweta Gupta from Bihar See some more of her photos on her Instagram!


“I want my photos to inspire hope for the future” — Wungmaya Lunghar, a Photographer from Manipur

Wungmaya Lunghar, from Manipur, is one photographer who believes in the power and messages that a picture carries. His love for kids, nature and people shines through his heartwarming photos, something that very few artists are able to do. He currently works in the field of child development. His work has certainly helped him connect with children and also travel to various places across India. Whenever he spots a moment or view, Wungmaya makes sure to capture it in his camera!  Continue on to find out how fell in love with photography despite not actually owning a camera of his own. Hello Wungmaya, can you introduce yourself to us? Hello R&L! I am Wungmaya Lunghar and I hail from Teinem Village, Ukhrul Dist. I belong to the Tangkhul Naga tribe. I’m working in a child-focused development organization called World Vision India as the Capacity Manager-Design Monitoring and Evaluation; extending support to the NE-Region and West Bengal. I live in Guwahati with my wife and our two sons. I am from an engineering background but always …


I Backpacked to 12 European Countries in Less than One Lakh Rupees” – Jaseel Keloth From Bangalore Shares His Travel Adventures

Jaseel Keloth is a full time business analyst from Bangalore with a flourishing career in traveling, photography and visual production. At 23, he has already traveled to over 20 countries in the world, and to top that, has captured them on his camera with the utmost perfection. He also pulled off a backpacking trip in Europe under 1 lac!  Jaseel talks about managing his full-time job, his career as a travel photographer, and some of the many other adventures he has had along the way. Shot while doing filming projects at Coorg in Karnataka. Hello Jaseel, tell us about yourself. I’m Jaseel Keloth, a 23-year-old engineering graduate from IIT Varanasi. I juggle between a full-time role as a business analyst in Bengaluru and a life-time role as a content creator. I love traveling, photography and filmmaking. In the past three years, I’ve been able to cover 37 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. I mostly shoot aerials, cityscapes, and landscapes. I also create video content, mostly commercial or promotional for some major brands. I also …


#FACES | A Young Boy Performs a Backflip Cliff Jump at Wah Rymben Falls, Meghalaya.

On a trip to Wah Rymben Falls in Meghalaya, Monzoi Medhi spotted a young boy doing back flips and diving into the water. It was a moment worth capturing and he certainly couldn’t resist taking out his camera! He says, “I made a request to the boy who had been doing repeated flips down the edge of the fall, diving into the green river below. Consent is very important, especially if one is trying to photograph people. Although my knowledge of the Khasi language is limited, I asked him and he was more than happy to be the subject of these photographs!” Sometimes fighting your fear leads to adventure! “This picture in my perspective, represents the human capability of overcoming fears, and enjoying the thrill and the adrenaline that comes with it. It’s by winning over our fears that we make life adventurous. The boy in orange shorts emerges from the water victorious after his back flip into the pool It is that ‘good kind’ of fear that pushes us to grow and learn. Sure, …


Rovino Livi From Nagaland Poses With Her Loramhosii (Naga Shawl) At World Peace Pagoda, Nepal

“The ‘Naganess’ in me is on another level. That’s what my friends always say. I had posted a few photos of me with my Loramhosii (the shawl) on my Instagram story. Soon after my stories were up, some few friends messaged me asking where I was and why I had my Loramhosii around my neck (like a politician). Some messaged me asking if I was representing the country at some conference to which I regretfully replied, ‘I wish I was’. Rovino Livi Wearing Her Identity Call me ‘traditional’ but this is me, hanging on to my roots since day one. Every time I travel, I always make sure I have a small space in my luggage for my beautiful Lorahmhosii or a small traditional earring or necklace. I believe it’s important to know where we come from but it’s even more important to take that with us wherever we go because that is our  identity, and our identity is our pride. We have a very rich culture but most of us often neglect the importance …


A Chat With Roderick Roy Yumkham, A Passionate Photographer From Manipur

Photography is about storytelling, about finding the extraordinary in the mundane and about gaining perspective of our surroundings. Today, we have Roderick Roy Yumkham, from Manipur, to share his thoughts on pursuing photography and how his grandfather, who is an artist, inspired him to see things differently. He started out by capturing photos through his phone and editing them on apps. Photography soon became his passion!  We had a quick chat with Roderick Roy Yumkham, passionate photographer to know a little more about his work. Hi! Introduce a little about yourself. I’m Roderick Roy Yumkham, 21 years old from Imphal, Manipur. Currently, I’m studying Visual Communication in Hindustan University in Chennai. What initially sparked your interest in photography? I feel photography to is ingrained in me but I didn’t know it until I started taking few pictures with my phone. If you closely look at the things around us, you will realize that everything has a story of its own. That’s how my interest became more intense with time and I began to believe I …


In Conversation With Shanthungo Ezung, Nature Photographer From Nagaland

We are delighted to have Shanthungo Ezung, one of the well-known photographers of Nagaland with us today. His journey with photography started when he first laid hands on  a film roll camera which he bought from his friend. It’s been more than a decade since then and his passion remains the same. He currently runs his own business, while pursuing photography on the side. He specializes in nature, landscape and culture photography and is inspiring many with his prize winning pictures!  In depth chat with Shanthungo Ezung to know more about his work and how it all began. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hi! My name is Shanthungo Ezung. I am a freelance photographer and self-employed businessman presently based in Dimapur, Nagaland. How and when did you develop an interest in photography? I developed a passion for photography during my college years. I got my first camera, a pre-used SLR Nikon F65, which I bought from a friend for half the price. I just fell in love with it and I would take …


“I Want To Give People Hope Through My Photographs”, A Chat with Photographer R K Vanlaldinpuia From Mizoram

It’s rare but all the more fulfilling when our hobbies turn into passion. Meet R.K. Vanlaldinpuia, a radiographer by profession, whose love for art and capturing moments led him to take on the camera and pursue photography. He used his hobby and passion as a tool to fight his depression. After going through all the hardships, he learnt to face the world with positivity and wishes people to see hope through his photographs. Read on to get to know him better! We had a chat with R.K Vanlaldinpuia, a passionate photographer from Aizawl, Mizoram. He talks about his inspirations, how he finds time for his hobby while working full-time as a radiographer. Hello, RK! Please share a little about yourself with our readers. My name is R.K. Vanlaldinpuia and my friends call me Rk or Puia, whichever one you prefer. I’m 26-years-young and right now I’m in Chawngte, Kamalanagar; if you search for the name in Google map you’ll find that it’s on the western border of Mizoram, closer to Bangladesh than Aizawl. I have …


In Conversation With Alkis Meiphok, Freelance Photographer From Manipur

It is a delight to come across people who are passionate about chasing their dreams, and even pursue it as their career. One such gem is Alkis Meiphok, a photographer from Manipur. He loves capturing moments, and share his perspective with the world. Most of his work includes nature photography – mountains, flowers, insects, whatever he finds pleasing to his eyes. Let’s find out more! We had a quick chat with Alkis Meiphok, photographer from Manipur. He talks about what got him started to pursue photography and what he hopes to achieve through it. Hello, introduce a little about yourself. My name is Alkis Meiphok, from Shangshak Phunghon village, Ukhrul district, Manipur. I am presently a freelance photographer. I did my photography course at DCOP (Delhi college of photography), North Delhi. What initially sparked your interest in photography? I grew up seeing photos. Our family has a tradition of taking a group photo every New Year,  and it was beautiful to create such memories. This was one reason why I took up photography. I love …