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“I Wish To Spread Love And Peace Through My Photographs” – A Chat With Yonten Gailly, Aspiring Photographer From Darjeeling, West Bengal

Today, we have an aspiring photographer, Yonten Gailly from Darjeeling who is currently pursuing his undergrad degree in New Delhi. Ever since he got his hands on a GoPro, an action camera, Yonten’s zeal for taking photographs began to develop and his travel experiences inspired him even more to go on pursuing photography. He love to travel to places and capture moments where he could show to people – what a beautiful world we’re living in and make them learn to cherish and preserve it – through his photographs. We had a chat with Yonten Gailly, an aspiring photographer from Darjeeling, West Bengal. He talks about what inspired him to pursue photography and what he wants people to take away from his photograph! Hi! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Yonten Gailly, 22-years-old from Darjeeling, West Bengal. I am currently living in New Delhi pursuing my B. Sc. in Hospitality from IHM Pusa. In my free time, I go indulge myself in various kinds of activities that involve photography. I have been …

“I Love Capturing People At Their Happiest Moments”- Nikhil Pal From Uttar Pradesh On His Passion For Street Photography

They say photography helps people to see and to feel. When Nikhil Pal captures a photo, he wants his viewers to understand the story behind the image and feel the positive energy emitted through his work. He expertise in bringing out the best of street photography by capturing all the happy moments. Here’s a chat with the young and talented aspiring photographer from Uttar Pradesh. Let’s find out more about him! 19-year-old Nikhil Pal, a student and passionate photographer from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh talks to us about his love for street photography, capturing happy moments and putting a smile on people’s face through his work. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Nikhil Pal, 19 years of age and my home town is Bijnor city in Uttar Pradesh. I’m currently pursuing my first year of college at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. What initially sparked your interest in photography? I really feel that my upbringing was a little more fortunate than other kids back in those days. I remember I was the only one …


#FACES | “These Kids Posing for a Photo Upon Returning From Their Morning Karate Class, Made My Day” – Animikh Chakrabarty On His Trip To Darjeeling

“As I was enjoying the crisp freshness of the early morning on a recent trip to Darjeeling, I crossed path with these lovely bunch of kids. Full of energy, they were apparently returning from their karate class. I said I wanted to take a photo, and they happily posed for me. They just made my day – and gave me a photo to remind me and others of how welcoming the locals from the hills can be. This photo is probably the most memorable one from my trip to Darjeeling. So many positives in one picture – a sense of community, friendliness, energy, and friendship. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how these local people are always open and welcoming to all – despite past situations where the place and their people had seen unpleasant encounters.I see this photograph as a mutual love letter from me to the people of the hills and from the hills to me.” – Animikh Chakrabarty from Kolkatta, West Bengal. Local kids returning from their morning karate class in the hill town of Darjeeling, West Bengal – taken by …

Rootsandleisure_Timber Cafe imphal

A Chat with Rashingam Ngoruh, Wedding Photographer And Owner of “Cafe Timber” Imphal

With Northeast India fast becoming a traveler’s hotspot, leisure and business activities in the region are picking up visibly. Especially with the young enterprising folks leading from the front, there is certainly much more excitement, creativity and noise – which is definitely a good thing! Amongst these new age activities, eating out is fast becoming a favorite past time, which is a drastic change from earlier days, where meeting with friends was usually limited to the house or the neighborhood. Imphal, the capital city of Manipur has seen a host of interesting food ventures with an aim to introduce global cuisines to the local folks, and authentic traditional fare to travelers from outside. Add to that, the creative minds of the young local entrepreneurs – and the ever demanding consumers, the cafe and restaurant ecosystem is fast becoming as interesting as is competitive. Today we chat with a young food entrepreneur cum photographer, who runs a cafe called “Timber Cafe” in Imphal, which is known for their simple and tasteful interiors and food.  Today we chat …


“I Hope My Audience Will Seek A Moment of Tranquility and Experience God and His Love Through my work” – David Weston, An Artistic Photographer From Chennai

  To capture an image and freezing a moment in time which is never to come back, indeed reveals how rich reality truly is. It makes the photograph all the more meaningful. Today, photographer David Weston from Chennai talks to us about the artistic performances he aims to deliver through his photography. He’s one brilliant artist who is very careful with the little details and holds great value on every moment he captures. We had an honest chat with a very soulful photographer, David Weston from Chennai. He inspires us with his minimalistic yet amazing creativity and artistry through his photographs. Read on to know more about him. Hello David! Tell us little about yourself. My name is David Weston and I’m an artist from Chennai. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Visual Communication and a Post-grad diploma in Advanced Photography. I specialize in people and fashion portraiture and I shoot fine art photography as a personal project. Recently, I had my first solo photography exhibition titled, ‘Chasing the Light’ (Limited Edition). A click from David’s …


“The Small Village I Called Home Has Shaped The Way I See The World” – Jim Wungramyao Kasom from Manipur Talks About His Debut Book “Homecoming and Other Stories”

Story telling is a cornerstone of human existence; it’s what enables people to communicate and connect with one another. Today, we are happy to have with us a warm-hearted  storyteller, photographer and author Jim W Kasom, from Manipur. He talks to us about his debut book, “Homecoming and Other Stories” – a collection of short stories that will actually move your heart and fill the soul. “I left my hometown at an early age, but I still write about that place and the people” – Manipuri author and photographer, Jim Wungramyao Kasom talks about the inspiration for his debut book. Read on to learn more about him, his childhood and family that are the roots of his love for storytelling. Hello Jim! Introduce yourself to our readers. Hello R&L my name is Jim Wungramyao Kasom. I’m a photographer and a writer. I was born and raised in Ukhrul, Manipur. But currently, I’m living in Delhi. Tell us about your book, “Homecoming and Other Stories”. My book is a collection of 19 short stories published by Bibliophile South Asia and Promila …


#FACES | Aswathy Krishna From Kerala Explores The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot In The Forest Hills Of Coorg, Karnataka

“It was a very pleasant morning following a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise in March at the Three Hills Farm House, 30km away from Madikeri City, Coorg. I was sitting with a cup of coffee outside the cottage which was built completely of wood, reading my book and enjoying the lovely view. Surrounded by the cool breeze, dreamy fog, the alluring forest view, those avacado and orange trees and small talks with my companion, the entire experience was an unexpected gift from Mother Nature. It was unforgettable!” “The farm house is situated in a no network zone of the village Bettathur in Karnataka. Coorg is the most beautiful tourist spot in the state and is at the border of Kerala. My ex-colleague, Chandan and I decided to go on an unplanned and sudden trip to get a break from the city life.” “I’m very happy to have found this heavenly place on Earth.” – Aswathy Krishna, Kerala.


“Travel does the heart good” – Boba Nandeibam from Manipur Talks about His Globetrotting Adventures Across 31 Countries!

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru. Many consider travel to be necessary food for the soul. Whether you visit a new city, a new country or a new continent, it will always be an eye opening experience. Today, we have Boba Nandeibam from Manipur, who is consumed by wanderlust. He shares his travel stories with us and talks about how it helped him through a difficult time in his life and continues to expand his mind and fill his soul. Today, we feature Boba Nandeibam from Manipur and his awesome travel story. He is a travel enthusiast who has been to thirty-one countries… And this is just the start of his globetrotting adventure! Hi Boba! Before we hear about your travel story, introduce yourself. Hello R&L! My name is Boba Nandeibam. I’m from Imphal, Manipur and I’m an entrepreneur and yes, I love to travel the …


#FACES | “The Scene of the Local Boys Playing Against a Serene Backdrop Was a Surreal Moment For Me” – Saqlain Muran, Kashmir

“This photo was taken in Indian administered Kashmir, in a place called Harwan in Srinagar. The time was 6:30 pm. As I tried to capture the beautiful landscape of the mountains with the sunset in the background, I noticed a group of local boys playing volleyball. They were in a paddy field that was converted to a playground. The boys were very engrossed in their match and were thoroughly enjoying the game. Little do they know how lucky they are to be away from the city noises. They are blessed to be in such a peaceful environment surrounded by such unmatched natural beauty. I thought about how Mother Nature never stops playing her role as she gives us the sweet voice of the birds and the leaves rustling in the breeze -all in perfect sync with the happy chatter of the boys. That whole scene felt so surreal .. I tried to capture that emotion I felt through this photograph . .” “The happy chatter of the boys against a breathtaking natural landscape felt so surreal and …


Her Photos Are Inspired By Everyday Things and People But They Are Anything But Mundane – Meet Photographer Kirti Virmani from Delhi

Argentinian photographer Gerardo Suter once said, “I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me.” That certainly seems the case for the young and talented Kirti Virmani from New Delhi. Inspired by her photographer dad, she moved to Mumbai, fresh out of college to follow her passion for editorial photography. After two years in the city of dreams, her sense of discovery and learning still motivates her to strive for the perfect shot. We chat with Kirti to know more about her journey so far. Today we feature a young talent, Kirti Virmani, a fashion and editorial photographer from New Delhi. She talks to R&L about her passion for visual art and aesthetics, her inspirations and her aspirations. Hi Kirti! Good to be speaking with you! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. I’m Kirti Virmani and I’m 23 years old. I’ve grown up in Delhi and got my Honours Degree in Political Science from Delhi University. I moved to Mumbai straight after college to explore a career in photography – fashion photography in …