Month: October 2023

Rootsandleisure_ceramic artist-Sarban

“Don’t Fake It Just To Make It. The Only Way is to Be Bold and Staying True to Self” – A Conversation with Sarban Chowdhury, Ceramic Artist and Educator

Meet Sarban Chowdhury โ€“ an artist, educator, dreamer, thinker, and visual seeker. Originally from Rishra, located on the outskirts of Kolkata, he works as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Jodhpur. He is also a full-time practitioner and collaborates with galleries, architectural and interior firms on projects related to the Decor and lifestyle industry. Sarban’s creative journey delves into the depths of emotions, traumas, and dreams. With ceramics as his primary medium, he has cultivated a profound relationship with this versatile material. It not only allows him to fuse the realms of art and function but also imparts valuable life lessons, occasionally in a “humbling or even humiliating” manner. Over a chat, we talk about his early experiences with art, his recent projects, the risks he took, and the sacrifices he made to follow his artistic passion, shedding light on both the enchanting and less glamorous sides of the art industry. Sarban also shares candid advice for budding artists. Chat with ceramic artist and educator Sarban Chowdhury R&L: Hi Sarban, …