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Naga Food, Nagaland – NorthEast of India


Recipe Of “Roasted Lamb Leg” By Raman Okram From Manipur

Today’s dish – “Roasted lamb leg” is contributed by a passionate cook, Raman Okram from Manipur. For him, this is one of the easiest recipes that he has cooked so far. His suggestion is to go for a smaller size of the lamb leg because they’re more tender and it could easily fit to the tray of the oven too. Let’s find out the recipe and how it is prepared! “Roasted Lamb Leg” dish by Raman Okram from Manipur Ingredients : Lamb Leg (1 kg) Olive oil (2-3 tbsp) Salt and Pepper Garlic (2-3) Herbs such as rosemary and thyme (you can use any herbs that you like) 1 Lemon Baby potatoes (4-5) Preparation of the dish : Browning – because it helps to lock the juices inside the meat. Season the meat with olive oil, salt and pepper Make a lemon juice and olive oil in a bowl (1 lemon and 2-3 olive oil). You can add some origano in the mix (optional). Direction to cook the dish : Put the lamb (cut into …


#RECIPE | Assamese Fish Stew with Aromatic Vietnamese Mint

North East Indian food is known for their typical style of cooking – which is usually, steaming or boiling, and the use of fresh ingredients and flavorful local spices. Today we have one of our favorite home chefs – Geeta from Assam, make an interesting fish dish combining all the trademarks of most cuisines from the region.  It’s a subtly flavored fish stew with seasonal veggies and aromatic Vietnamese mint, “Many have a preset concept that boiled fish is smelly but that is totally wrong” says Geeta. Totally agree! It’s all in the right mix of spices and technique. Let’s find out how! Fish Stew With Aromatic Vietnamese Mint by Geeta Dutta From Guwahati, Assam. Ingredients : 1 Kg Fish (Rohu or Katla, sliced into thin pieces) 1/2 tbsp Ginger (crushed ) 5-10 cloves of Garlic 4-5 Green Chilies 3 Tomatoes 4-5 Baby potatoes 2-3 Carrots Black Pepper (according to taste) Spring onions Vietnamese mint Preparation : Crush the ginger, garlic and green chillies separately. Roast (over a fireplace or stove) 3 ripe tomatoes and …


Easy And Healthy Egg Salad Recipe By Kristi Kikon From Nagaland

Today’s Egg salad recipe is contributed by Kristi Kikon from Nagaland. It is an easy and healthy breakfast idea – very simple to prepare containing fresh vegetables and this salad involves no cooking except for boiling the eggs. Let’s find out which ingredients Kristi has used for her version of Egg salad below.. Yummy looking Egg salad with fresh vegetables made by Kristi Kikon from Nagaland. Ingredients : Lettuce (4-5 leaves) Broccoli (250 gm) 2 Tomatoes 1 Onion 3 Eggs Black pepper (1/2 tbsp) Olive Oil (1 tbsp) Steps to prepare the salad : Boil the eggs in a pot for about 3 minutes on medium flame and close it with a lid without removing the eggs from the water. Let it remain for another 3-4 minutes Meanwhile, chop the vegetables according to the size of your choice Remove the eggs from the water, peel them, and cut them into halves Toss all the ingredients together in a bowl and season it with olive oil and black pepper And the healthy and yummy egg salad …


Recipe Of “Butter-Garlic Prawn” Dish By Irin Kashyap From Assam

If you are a seafood lover, this dish is the one for you. Today, we have butter-garlic prawn dish contributed by Irin Kashyap from Tezpur, Assam. This dish is one of the easiest and fastest recipe made with the least of ingredients. Irin is going to show us how it is done, so let’s find out!  The recipe of Butter-Garlic Prawn dish, contributed by Irin Kashyap from Tezpur, Assam. Ingredients : 250 gms of Prawn 1 whole garlic Coriander Butter Black pepper Salt Preparation of the dish : Mildly heat the pan, add 4-5 tbsp of butter so that enough butter is left to use as a sauce. Always cook in medium flame so that the butter does not burn. Add the chopped garlic, fry for a bit Add the prawns and fry for another 7-9 minutes Add salt to taste Sprinkle black pepper Once done, add the chopped coriander. And the delicious Butter-Garlic Prawn dish is ready to serve hot with a steam bowl of rice or with a chilled beer!

“Baked Eggs In Hash Brown With Bacon” For Breakfast With Raman Okram From Manipur

We have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kick starts our metabolism and helps energize our body, keeping us active and productive throughout the day. It is also important to carefully choose the right food to eat, something nutritious. So today, we have one from the many healthy breakfast items, “Baked eggs in hash brown with bacon” – contributed by Raman Okram, a student and a passionate cook from Manipur. “Hash brown is a dish made with chopped potatoes, typically with onions added. Make sure to squeeze all the juices out of potato and onion to get the crispy outer layer, then fry until brown. And what could be better than a hash brown topped with baked sunny side up. Also, the fun part of preparing this food is – you could either use bacon, sausage, ham or anything that you like for topping. Here, I have used fried bacon and garnished it with spring onion.” – Raman Okram “Baked eggs in hash brown with bacon” by Raman …

Recipe of Naga’s Favourite Pork Pickle | By Lilia Jimomi From Nagaland

  Most of us are aware by now about the popularity of pork dishes in Nagaland. You will find varieties of it in its many forms – smoked, fresh, cooked with bamboo shoot, axone (fermented soya beans) or pickled! Walk around Nagaland, and you will find meat pickles sold in almost every neighborhood shop [You can even buy them online on our shop]. Worthy to note that the locals residing outside the state, never misses to pack these pickles to take with them whenever they visit home. You can eat them with rice, sprinkle some over your favorite ramen or just eat it as a snack. No wonder it is the most favored meat item in Nagaland. So today, our contributor Lilia Jimomi from Nagaland is here to show us how to make the easiest naga pork pickle using simple ingredients. Let’s find out how! For those who would rather buy than make, you can buy meat pickles on our shop HERE. The recipe of Naga’s Famous Pork Pickle, contributed by Lilia Jimomi from Dimapur, …


#RECIPE | Learn How to Make “Pitika” – Eggplant Chutney from Assam

This one is for the chutney lovers. Today we learn how to make an interesting roasted eggplant chutney called “Pitika”, contributed by Puravee Bordoloi from Assam –  a passionate home chef, and an advocate by profession.  Pitika is an eggplant chutney – a side dish that is almost always present in any authentic Assamese thali/platter. It’s a simple chutney that needs only a handful of ingredients, but has a mouthful of flavors. So let’s find out how to make this interesting chutney from Assam! Find out how to make the famous “Pitika” – an Assamese chutney prepared with egg plant, tomatoes, chilli and Coriander Ingredients : 1 Eggplant (Bigger eggplants are preferable) 1 medium Tomato 1 Onion  (finely chopped) 3-4 chillies (finely chopped) 1 tsp of mustard oil Fresh coriander leaves chopped Roasted sesame powder (optional) Salt to taste Ingredients for Assamese chutney “Pitika”  (L to R, clockwise): chopped coriander leaves, roasted eggplant, tomato, onion, chillies and ginger. Directions to Cook: Prick the eggplant with a fork and smear some oil all over it Now roast the eggplant and …


RECIPE | Food Blogger Ksh Donny from Manipur Makes Japanese Onigirazu and Korean Kimbap using Local Black Rice

Today, we have food blogger Ksh Donny from Manipur show us how to make the famous Japanese Onigirazu (rice sandwich) and Korean Kimbap using black rice. A passionate foodie, Donny loves experimenting with food whenever she gets any free time. Through these recipes, she shares how different cultures come together for the love of rice – and how each have their own version of a rice snack (Now we know their names too!) So let’s find out what and how we are making 🙂 (Note from Donny “For the fillings, I have used both chicken sausage and tuna because these are my favorites, but you can use any filling you like; vegetarians can totally remove the meats – it’ll still be a healthy tasty treat.”) Food blogger from Manipur, Ksh Donny’s shares her version of Japanese Onigirazu and Korean Kimbap Using Local Black Rice. Ingredients : 3-4 sheets of Seaweed 250 gms Black rice 2 tbsp Sesame Oil 5-6 Eggs 2 Cucumbers 3-4 Carrots 10-12 slices of Radish Pickle 4-5 Chicken sausage 1 can of Tuna (~250 gm) …


#RECIPE | Local Chicken Dish With Sun Dried Bambooshoot By Inali Jane Ayemi From Nagaland

Today’s recipe is a Local Chicken dish cooked with sun dried bamboo shoot, contributed by Inali Jane Ayemi from Nagaland. A home based baker, dessert caterer and an amazing cook, she has been generous enough to R&L by sharing her food recipes for the third time, today. So without any further delay, let’s find out how she has prepared yet another amazing version of her dish.. Local Chicken cooked with Sun dried bamboo shoot is a delicious dry dish contributed by Inali Jane Ayemi, a food blogger and an amazing cook from Nagaland. Ingredients : 1 whole Local Chicken A handful of sun dried Bamboo shoot (not the shredded brown ones we get in the market) Onion (3), Garlic (1 bulb), Ginger (an inch long) Tomatoes (3 medium sized fully riped) Chilli powder (1 tbsp) Culantros (5-6 leaves) A handful of Chives Sesame Oil (1 tbsp) Salt to taste Preparation of the dish : Fry the onion, garlic and ginger Once the onions are translucent, add chopped tomatoes Add the sundried bamboo shoot (after boiling …


#RECIPE | Spicy Manipuri Pork Dish with Culantro “Burma Dhania”

Today’s recipe is a simple pork dish contributed by food blogger Kupatia Keishing from Manipur, in the Northeast of India. It’s a dry spicy dish that is easy to cook, and incorporates the unique and beautiful flavor of culantro – also known locally as “Burma dhania” in Manipur. This dish is usually made using smoked pork, but in this version, Kupatia uses fresh pork that is prepared to taste as flavorsome like smoked pork. Let us find out how! Scroll down below for the full recipe. Manipuri Spicy Pork Dish cooked with chili powder and Culantro Ingredients : 1 Kg Fresh Pork 4-5 tbsps of Local chili powder Culantr0 (local name “Burma Dhania”) 3-5 cloves of garlic 1 1/2 cups of hot water Salt to taste Directions to Cook: Wash the pork thoroughly – changing water until its clean Boil the pork with salt for about an hour and leave it overnight Cut the pork into 2-3″ cubes Now heat a deep pot, and dry fry the chili powder and salt until this mixture turns dark brown in …