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Naga Food, Nagaland – NorthEast of India


Homemade Peach Yogurt With Muesli And Assorted Fruits By Ati Aier

They say that one should not attend even the end of the world without a having a good breakfast. So here’s a great and healthy breakfast idea shared by Ati Aier from Kohima, Nagaland who now lives in Goa. Just grab the ingredients and toss them in a bowl! This is definitely the breakfast of champions!  Homemade peach yogurt with muesli and assorted fruits such as litchi, mango, cherry, avocado. Homemade peach yogurt with muesli and assorted fruits | by Ati Aier


Recipe of Healthy Ramen Noodles With Meat And Vegetables by Ksh Donny From Manipur

Saturday has arrived and we are excited to present our lovely readers another amazing food recipe once again! Today, we have a healthy and delicious Ramen noodles from one of our favourite recipe contributors, Ksh Donny from Manipur. She’s prepared the noodles on her own and added meat along with a variety of vegetables! Check out the step by step process of how she has prepared and presented the attractive looking and yummy Ramen noodles! Recipe of a Healthy Ramen Noodles with meat and vegetables by Ksh Donny from Manipur Step 1 : Ingredients to prepare Cabbage dumplings: 1 cup of minced chicken (or any meat) Garlic (2 tbsp) Ginger (2 tbsp) Chives/spring onion (1 cup) Grated carrot (1 cup) Salt and pepper to taste Cabbage (1) Preparations : Mix all ingredients and set aside. Steam/boil one full cabbage for 10 to 15 minutes to make it soft and foldable. Remove the leaf layer by layer. Place one tablespoon of mixed meat and fold it. Tie it with spring onion and steam for 15 to …


Recipe Of ‘Smoked Pork Belly’ By Chon Jamang From Manipur

We are excited as weekend arrived and once again it’s time to learn about yet another amazing food recipe! Today we have a dish, “Smoked Pork Belly”, contributed by Chon Jamang. She adds, “What is a Naga home without a pork dish! We love our pork and I, for one, love it more so when it’s smoked. The aged and smoked smell instantly brings you back home, wherever you may be.” Here in this dish, Chon has used few ingredients and prepared it in a simple method but the taste is to die for! Let’s find out everything below: “Smoked Pork Belly” dish contributed by Chon Jamang Ingredients: Smoked pork belly (cut in cubes) – 500gm Ginger and garlic paste (2-3 tbsp) Hao kasathei (local chili powder) – 50gm (more or less to your liking) Tomato (1) Oil Water (500ml) Salt to taste Preparation of the dish: Heat oil, just enough to saute the ginger garlic paste. Leave a smaller portion of the ginger garlic paste for later. Add smoked pork belly and cook in …


#RECIPE | ‘Pan Fried Chicken Thigh With Purple Rice’ – By Thanyo Lungleng From Manipur

Weekend’s here and it’s time for amazing food recipe once again! We are happy to have generous contributors to share their homemade delicacies with us every Saturday. Today, we present to you a special dish, ‘Pan fried chicken thigh served with purple rice’ – by Thanyo Lungleng, passionate cook and home baker from Manipur. She said her dish is inspired by famous Japanese Tori Katsu. Let’s find out! Thanyo’s dish ‘Pan fried Chicken thigh served with purple sticky rice’ inspired by Japanese Tori Katsu. Ingredients : Boneless chicken thigh (2 pieces) Sticky rice (2 cups) Butter (2 tbsp) Ginger and Garlic paste (2 tbsp) Red dried chilli (4) Coriander (1 gm) Salt to taste Directions to cook : STEP 1 : First marinate the boneless chicken thigh in salt, 1 tbsp paste of ginger and garlic overnight. Pan fry it in butter for about 20-30 mins on medium low heat (flip after every 5-10 mins) STEP 2 : For the sauce, add 1 tbsp of oil in a frying pan then add the ginger and garlic …


How to Make Naga’s Famous Fermented Soyabean (axone) with Inali Jane Ayemi

Axone aka fermented soyabean is indigenous to the cuisines of the north-east region in India. It is taken as a sort of spice that can be added to curries or chutneys for authentic taste and aroma. It is also a protein-rich legume providing the adequate amount of protein to the traditional diet. Today, we have Inali Jane Ayemi, a passionate cook from Nagaland, who is going to show how it is prepared. The only ingredients we need here is the soyabean and some leaves to wrap it. The complete process takes about a week.  Steps Of Preparing Axone : Wash the raw soyabean and soak it for about 20-30 mins Cook it in a pressure cooker, then strain it dry Transfer the beans to a basket wrapped with leaves for fermenting (3-days maximum during summer ). You can also keep it near a fireplace. Then pound the soyabean to make it into paste (as shown in photo) Wrap the pounded soyabean  in leaves and place it over a fireplace for 2 nights. You can also …


Recipe of ‘Creamy Tuscan Salmon With Spinach’ by Raman Okram from Manipur

Every Saturday is a delight for us as we get to share some of the most amazing recipes, contributed by our followers. We’re dedicating this Saturday to this deliciously easy recipe contributed by Raman Okram –  Creamy Salmon With Spinach. Raman hails from Manipur and has shared recipes with us before as well.  Recipe of ‘Creamy Tuscan Salmon with Spinach’ dish, contributed by Raman Okram from Manipur Ingredients: 1 Salmon fillet (seasoned with salt and pepper) Vegetable oil ( 1 tbsp ) Butter ( 1 tbsp ) Garlic ( 2-3 cloves ) Cherry tomatoes Bunch of spinach Salt and pepper to taste Cream ( 1/4 cup) Parmesan Herbs ( basil/rosemary/thyme ) Lime juice ( 1 tbsp ) Preparations of the dish : Heat the pan and add the vegetable oil Sear the salmon for about 3-4 minutes on all sides and set it aside Add butter, garlic, cherry tomatoes, spinach and stir fry Add the salt and pepper to taste, then pour the cream over it and shred the Parmesan cheese on top (keep stirring) …


Quick and Easy Recipe of Shrimps with Chives – by Wormung from Manipur

Not every delicious food needs great effort or time to make, at least not the dish we’re sharing with you today. Try this simple delicacy of shrimps with chives, contributed by Wormung from Manipur. She has prepared her shrimp dish with just few ingredients such as chives picked from her kitchen garden, chilli powder and garlic-onion. Let’s check out how she has done it. Quick and easy recipe of shrimps with chives, contributed by Wormung from Manipur Ingredients : Shrimps ( 500 gm) Chives (350 gm) Chilli Powder ( 2 tbsp ) Garlic ( 7 cloves ) Onion ( 1 medium size ) Salt to taste Preparations : Heat the pan, add 3-4 tbsp of oil Add the chopped onion, fry for about a minute, then put the chopped garlic Add the properly washed shrimps, chilli powder, salt and fry for about 20 minutes Add the chopped chives onto it and fry for another 5-7 minutes. The shrimp dish is ready to serve. Enjoy!


Recipe for Oats and Fruits Cake Made without Sugar or Flour – By Ksh Donny From Manipur

A cake made with no sugar, no oil and no flour — sounds impossible? Not anymore! Ksh Donny, a passionate cook from Manipur has contributed her version of guilt-free, nutritious cake made with oats, fresh fruits and dry fruits. She’s replaced sugar with honey, making it ideal for health conscious people or those who are on a diet. Find out how she has made this simple yet delicious cake.  Oats cake with no sugar, no oil and no flour but a lot of fresh fruits and dry fruits – contributed by Ksh Donny from Manipur Ingredients: Apple (2) Oats (2 cups) Egg (1) Vanilla essence (1 tbsp) Baking powder (1/2 tbsp) Pinch of salt Honey (2 tbsp) Dry fruits of  your choice (2 tbsp) Strawberries (10) Preparations: Chop the apples Shred the dry fruits Slice the strawberries Mix everything in the container except for the strawberries Add honey to the mixture and put the mixture in the baking pan Bake for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven – 180 degree Celsius Take the cake out …

Recipe Of A Dried River Fish And Spring Onion From Manipur By Naosing Moinao

There’s nothing healthier than a good organic meal for your body and mind. Our recipe today is a treat for everyone who loves healthy meals! Naosing Moinao, a passionate cook from Manipur, is going to show how he prepares dried river fish with few ingredients using a very simple method! Let’s check it out. Dried River Fish dish contributed by Naosing Moinao from Manipur Ingredients : Dried river fish (about 10 pieces) 1 tomato 1 medium sized Onion Spring onion 1 king chilli Coriander 1 tbsp of freshly minced ginger 4 cloves of garlic Olive Oil (2 tbsp) Preparation of the dish: Heat the pot, pour 2 tbsp of olive oil Add the chopped onion, fry for a bit and add the tomato. After about a minute, add the dried fish and fry for another minute Add a mug of water, king chilli, salt to taste and cook for 30 minutes After that, add the spring onion, minced garlic and ginger; cook for about a minute Lastly, add the coriander and turn it off And …


Our Local Friend from Nagaland Picks Her Top “Momo and Chow” Restaurants in Dimapur

Dimapur is growing with a myriad of interesting food hubs in every nook and corner possible. From offering great ambiance or delicious food, every restaurant is experimenting and taking their services up a notch. And one thing that you’ll find in almost every restaurant are the ever classic momo, chows or soup chows. Trust us, when we say – Dimapurians, love a plate of momo and chows!  Today, let’s have a look at some of the restaurants serving the ever loved and favorite momo and chows! Naga Bowl Express: This restaurant, located in Supermarket, opposite to Indian Post Office is an awesome choice. Set-up in simple Naga style, you get to taste some food fusion too here.  Soup chow with variety of vegetables at Naga Bowl Express Momo and soup at Naga Bowl Express The Lunchroom: The Lunchroom in Landmark Colony, opposite West police station, bring you unforgettably good momos. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself! The Lunchroom’s special soup chow Aura Cakery and Cafe: Aura Cakery and Cafe at Walford Junction with …