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#FACES | The Story Of The Village ‘Dha’ In Ladakh – With Pravin Tamang

These photos were taken during the winter months of my visit to a village named ‘Dha’ in Ladakh. It’s a village where the real descendants of Aryans migrated and settled. It’s said that people believed there were three Aryan brothers – Galo, Melo and Dulo – who came to Ladakh and while wandering in search of a new pasture land, a grain which had got stuck in the shoes of one of them, fell to the ground here and multiplied into food crops. So, they stayed back on this land and their descendants came to be known as Brokpas. The local woman in the image is dressed in their traditional attire that comprises of animal hides and the headgear she is wearing is totally made out of flowers. I shoot winter months or cold places in India and mostly travel during the cold months to experience the life around these places and meet people. I stay with them in their homes and know them more deeply than just take a picture and move on. These …


Anjita Nath and Her Classmates Visit Deopani River in Arunachal Pradesh

“We are the students of Masters of Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Science. We barely get any holidays and as we are in our 2nd semester, we need to go for rural practicum where we stay in villages to learn about the community and the culture. There are 13 of us, out of which 4-5 belong to the northeast region and remaining are from different places like Delhi, Goa and Bihar. These photographs are taken at Deopani river aka Eze river which is located 3-4km away from the Riong town of lower Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh. We visited this place in the monsoon season, so the weather was quite pleasant.  It was refreshing and calming to see pure water running through,  just before we started with our work. A very beautiful sight indeed! The place radiates happy vibes with the fresh air and lush greenery. We enjoyed every moment. This trip was even more special because we got to spend more time with each other.” ~ Anjita Nath from Arunachal Pradesh A …


A Trip to Riha Village, Manipur with Vimim and Her Friends

“These photographs are taken in Riha Village, which lies in the Ukhrul District of Manipur. The village is only an hour long drive from Imphal. My friends and I hadn’t met for about a year and decided it was time to hang out. So, we drove down to this picturesque location to chill and catch up! It was simply the most beautiful day with a pleasant weather. The pine trees on the way to Riha was a beautiful sight and even more beautiful scenery unrolled as we reached the village. The breeze and the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains around the village served a perfect place for some amazing pictures. The cherry on the pie was the gorgeous sunset we witnessed. Definitely a memorable day” ~ Vimim Ragui from Manipur Vimim Ragui and the beautiful sunset behind her at Riha Village, Manipur


Story of the Seed Sowing Festival ‘Luita Phanit’ Celebrated in Somdal Village, Manipur — by Thanmiso Khamrang

“The seed sowing festival, locally known as ‘Luita Phanit’ is one of the most important festivals of the Tangkhul tribe and it is celebrated annually. In my village Somdal, situated in the Ukhrul district of Manipur, Luita Phanit is celebrated in the month of March every year. The celebration begins with the invocation of the headman for a bountiful harvest, followed by the ceremonial ritual of sowing seeds performed by his wife. The main event of the festival is the tug of war, which is done using vines procured from the jungle. On the last day of the festival, all the residents take part in this massive tug of war of the sexes that ends only when the vine breaks! A long-running, enjoyable social gathering that every visitor fondly attends is the ‘Marching’. After the day’s celebration, the locals assemble at the village square, donning the traditional attires and head gears known as ‘Pasi’. They form march in circles to the beat of drums while singing folk songs and hymns till sundown. This simple yet …


Discovering a Cozy Little Cafe ‘Foodprints’ in Kohima – By Lichumbeni Humtsoe

It was on one fine afternoon in Kohima, Nagaland that my good friend and I decided to go to the Dimori cove. Unfortunately, upon reaching the place, we found that it was closed that day. So, while aimlessly driving around, we came across a cafe called ‘Foodprints’ located somewhere near Japfu Christian College, Kohima. The cafe has an outdoor seating, which was perfect for that day’s sunny and pleasant weather. The best thing about the place is that it isn’t crowded like most good cafes and also quite serene. I don’t think most people are even aware of this place yet! Even though our plan to visit Dimori cove did not work out that day, I was still very grateful to have discovered this cozy little place and the day was all the more perfect because I was with my favorite person! ~ Lichumbeni Humtsoe from Nagaland Lichumbeni Humtsoe at the cafe Footprints in Kohima, Nagaland


“The Raincloak Man” – Photo By Nganing Shimray From Ukhrul, Manipur

“Every year in June, I would go home to my family for my summer breaks. During the short break, I also try to take breaks from all sorts of distraction and try to abstain myself from use of internet or screens and spend time with the home folks. While at home, I’d get the best of food and sleeps. There are times when I go to bed as early at 6-7 in the evening and wake up at 4-5 in the morning. This is one such instance where I got up early and went out for a stroll. I love taking photos especially of people and folks at home and the best time to do that is in the morning when the light is not too harsh or strong yet. I gave a title for this photo as ‘The Raincloak man‘. It was taken in Ukhrul, Manipur. The man in the photo is a stranger that I met on my early morning adventure. What caught my attention was that, the man was talking to his …


Local Kids Visit Neighbors For Food During Mul Biju Festival At Mizoram

“This photo was taken during this time of the year, last year – at Kamala Nagar, Chawngte, Mizoram! As we can see in every other states of India, there is a visible divide between the rich and the poor. But on the occasion of Mul Biju, it brings everyone together as the poor can go and request the rich for food — and they won’t be denied. It’s similar to “trick or treat” in the U.S. during Halloween, where you won’t be rejected or left empty handed. Here, the kids don’t have to wear costumes or dress up as such. But still, they enjoy and cherish the small things which this world – to be thankful for our life! The neighborhood kids had come to one of the well-to-do families and were waiting for food. Eagerly waiting for food, they were all gazing at the door. These images bring to you the harsh realities of this and the children, where even the basic necessities are lacking. In Chawngte, irregular supply of electricity and water is …


Prakrithi Pradhan Goes For a Picnic With Her Friend to Make the Most of Spring Season at Saramsa Garden, Sikkim

“It was the festival of Holi and we were grateful to get time-off from work. My friends and I haven’t seen each other for long ever since we started working, so we planned a picnic in the Saramsa Garden. The best thing about spring is the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which was just perfect to chill outdoor. It is the prettiest season with colorful flowers in full bloom! That day, the place was pretty crowded comparing to other days since it was a national holiday. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch people dancing and playing with colors! The most memorable moment about the day was the conversations we had about what was new in our lives, over some snacks. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t get to see each other often. So, there was a lot to talk about, a lot to catch up on!” ~ Prakrithi Pradhan from Sikkim Prakriti Pradhan and her friend making the most of Spring season in Saramsa Garden, Sikkim


“Getaway to the Snow-Covered Dhauladhar in Himachal Pradesh During My Stressful Medical Internship was Like Hitting the Jackpot for my Soul” – Dr. Deepshikha Chhettri

“It was one of the most beautiful day we have experienced together. The one on the left is Arshika – my best friend of ten years, and the one on the right is my sister Ruchika. It was around 3 PM in the evening, and this photo was taken during our trip to Dhauladhar trails in Himachal Pradesh enroute to Triund top. The evening had a very pleasant and warm vibe despite the chilly weather. The chill made us hungry so we stopped on our way to rest for some time and eat. This moment is all the more special because I was with my two favourite people. The entire trip was mind-blowing – with so much to discover – and with an abundance of nature’s beauty to soak in. Memories from the trip will be forever etched in my memory as one of the best treks of my life. Moreover, this was at a time when I was a medical intern in Delhi, and anything remotely green and quiet felt like heaven for me. …

“Can You Take My Photo?” Shy Boy Wants a Photo with the Famous Toy Train at Ghoom Station in Darjeeling | Photograph By Abhishek

“I was born and brought up in Darjeeling, but life out here has always fascinated me. There’s something so unique about the place – the people, the marvelous and majestic mountains, the moody weather, and then the heritage of the toy train. The toy train ride of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR) has always remained a marvelous and delightful experience and was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The highest point of DHR and the highest railway station India – the Ghoom station is at an altitude of 2285 metres. Its shortest tour starts from the Ghoom station. Locals and tourists alike, witness the brightest rides of this famous toy train under the winter sun, when it’s at its prime – as it gracefully cascades across the town. . I love taking pictures wherever I go, and of things that catch my fancy; Darjeeling especially serves planets of inspirations for this passion of mine. I love how hustle and tranquility co-exist beautifully in this town. This particular day, I was enjoying …