Month: March 2016


Fashion Blogger | Aien Jamir

  Growing up in a small town has its own charm but we all agree that exposure  to the outside world can be limited. But if you look around, you see all these talented people from small towns making an impact – and becoming influencers in their chosen fields. We have one such person today. Meet Aien Jamir –  fashion blogger from Nagaland, who is now a highly influential and sought after personality in the fashion scene in India. Aien Jamir has been featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue India, Elle, Cosmopolitan and the likes. She has also done numerous collaborations with International brands like H&M, Puma, UCB – and has been an insider at Amazon Fashion Weeks.   I reached out to her – and despite her busy schedule, she agreed to share an insight of her work – as a fashion blogger. Here we go. So tell us something about yourself – your background I’m originally from Nagaland, and living in Delhi for the past 9 years. I’am now the Creative Director of …


Interview with Moanungsang aka Shinobi – An Artist and Branding Expert from Nagaland

Meet Moanungsang Lemtur from Nagaland –  a talented artist and a graphic designer – working in a design firm in Pune. He’s a genius when it comes to all things branding, packaging, logo design – and a lot more! We met him on Twitter (@shinobiSneakIn) a while ago, and have watched him only grow since then. From a kid with artistic talent – to an influencer and a trendsetter in the creative community, we had to know where he gets his inspiration from and where he’s headed.  Hi Moa, so tell us why you call yourself ‘Shinobi’?  “Shinobi” is just a name I picked up many years ago. I got really inspired after watching a documentary about Ninjas on the History Channel. I love the dedication they have for their martial art form, the varieties of weapons they master, their techniques and their craft – all of it. Knowing that they actually existed in our real world got me intrigued. So, Shinobi is my tribute to their way of life. It’s like a self-made alter ego – he encourages me, he …

rootsandleisure_sticky rice roti

Recipe of ‘Sticky Rice Roti’ – Nagaland’s Favorite Tea-Time Snack

A cherished noontime activity among locals in Nagaland is to get together on the balcony and enjoy a hot cup of tea, with family members and neighbors. Tea is often accompanied by biscuits from the local bakeries or homemade snacks.  ‘Sticky rice’ roti is a popular afternoon tea-time snack, made of sticky rice. Some make them crispy, while others prefer them soft and chewy.  Ingredients: Sticky Rice Flour – 2 Cups (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml) Sugar – 3 Teaspoon Salt – 1/2 Teaspoon Water – as required Pinch of Baking Soda Oil for deep frying Directions to Make: Mix the sticky rice flour, salt, baking soda, and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Add water – 2-3 tablespoons at a time and knead well to form a dough. Adjust the water quantity such that the dough is not too soft; keep the dough a little stiff and tight. Divide the dough into small palm-sized rolls, and then flatten into small circles. (Make sure the thickness is medium, else it won’t …


Naga Soup |Simple Herb Soup

Great food are usually those that are simplest to make. Today – we have the recipe of a soup made out of a herb called Elsholtzia blanda (The Ao tribes call it ‘NAPA’). Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also a comfort food with an amazing flavor. So shall we get started? Ingredients: Serving (2-4) 8-10 Cherry tomatoes (Sliced) 1-2 Green chilly  2-3 stalks of dried Napa (Elsholtzia blanda) 500 ml water Salt to taste Cooking time : 15 minutes Directions: 1. In a medium sized stockpot, put in the sliced tomatoes , chilly and water and bring it to a boil till the ingredients are cooked. 2.Mash the ingredients with a heavy wooden spoon or a tool like shown below 3. Once all the ingredients are mashed, put in the Napa (Elsholtzia blanda)  and cover the stockpot. Cook for 5 minutes. Serve hot.

Roots and Leisure_fresh produce

Fresh Produce from my Kitchen Garden

After years of studying and working outside of Nagaland, coming back home has brought me closer to the ‘green thumb’ revolution here. It’s just so refreshing to see people cooking fresh vegetables  – plucked straight from their kitchen garden. We love our greens! It’s by far, one of the best craft I’ve learnt as it makes me connected with something that our ancestors thrived upon, and is still alive today. Growing fresh vegetables in your backyard is also super therapeutic and is so satisfying to see a tiny seed grow into fresh produce.  I already feel fit and healthy! So go on . . . grow something and share your experiences.


Naga Dish | Snail and Smoked Pork

Thanks to a generous food-loving human being for sharing this recipe featuring two of our favourites in one dish : Snails (we call it ‘hamok‘ in Nagamese) and smoked pork. [We will soon feature him for more mouth-watering recipes, straight from his kitchen.] 🙂 It’s so simple to cook and it’s super yummy. Let’s cook! Ingredients : 2  large Potatoes 1 head Naga garlic 1 medium sized Naga Ginger 5-8 Naga dried red chilly/Green Chilly 4 table spoon of fermented bambooshoot 1 large tomato 1/2 cup chopped coriander 1  kilo of smoked pork 1 kilo of  fresh snail 1 medium onion/Spring onions Directions: Soak the snails in clear water for 48 hrs (so that they cleanse themselves). Change the water every 24 hours. Prepare the snails: Smack the pointed end of the snail with a spoon so that the flavors of the spices goes inside. Put all the ingredient together in a heavy lid <aluminium>dish /pressure cooker and cook for about 45 minutes to 1 hr. Serve with Rice or Rice Beer. Bon appetit!