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Showcasing Unique Food Cultures of all Eight States of North East India and Beyond

What’s on your plate? Or What is India eating today? No celebration is complete without food, and most of the time food itself becomes a celebration. Before you sit and ponder on what to have for dinner/lunch this weekend, here is an eclectic collection of meals from all over India celebrating the very fact that food does, in fact, bring all of us together – and at the same time, highlights the uniqueness of each culture.  Let us start with the 8 states of North East India: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura – and then continue exploring some handpicked states from all 4 corners of India. Let us start! TRIPURA: Rice meal with pigeon pea salad mixed with roasted green chili and fermented fish, boiled mustard leaves, chicken with pumpkin curry, boiled eggs, and papad. [Contributed by Hrishikesh Tripura, 22, Agartala Tripura, Student of Human Physiology] NAGALAND: Rice meal with Pork and bamboo shoot, mixed boiled vegetables, mashed potato & dried fish curry/stew and fresh leafy & [Contributed by Kristi Kikon, Homemaker and …


Artsy Cafe, A Creative Cafe Run by a Mother-Son Duo is a New Meeting Hub of Artists and Creatives in Kolkata

Kolkata, a city of deep history and culture, is embodied in Artsy Cafe, a place for every flavour of arts and expression you can imagine! Authors, musicians, visual artists and more gather in this hub to support each other and create a thriving community of artists. Created by a mother-son duo, Manjyot Kaur and Arshdeep Singh, Artsy had been a long-time dream for the both of them. We had a lovely conversation with the duo to see how far the cafe has come and what all is just around the corner.  Hello! Thank you for inviting us to your cosy corner. Please introduce yourselves to our eager readers. Arshdeep: My name is Arshdeep Singh. I was born and raised in Kolkata. I have an undergrad degree in Business and have worked across various industries (Development, EduTech, Policy and Hospitality). I simply love collecting experiences and knowledge each job has to give. Along with Artsy, I also run my own Branding & Design Studio – Kwa:zi which is based out of New Delhi. Manjyot: Hi I’m …


Tea Pluckers Heading Home After A Hard Day’s Work – By Salil At Rohini, Darjeeling

Darjeeling is known for its tea plantations and the great views these tea fields offer. One of our readers, Salil, captures a beautiful evening where the tea pluckers are returning home after a long day at the plantations. You need only one look at the photo to admire their hard work and the beauty of Darjeeling’s landscape. ‘Tea pluckers heading home after a hard day’s work toiling under the Himalayan Sun.’ ~ Salil  Hard working tea pluckers heading home | Photo by Salil


“Being a Huge Fan of Harry Potter, I Started Making Magic Wands to Add to my Collection – and That’s How It All Began” – Potterhead Megha Thapa from Darjeeling Talks About Her Venture “Wands by Meghamax”

Raise your hand if you are a Potterhead! We have one right here with us, Megha Thapa from Kurseong in Darjeeling. Growing up, she was a big fan of Harry Potter, and she started collecting every series – which later extended to collecting merchandise. During this phase of trying to collect everything Harry Potter, she started making those magic wands. Turns out, she was pretty good at it, that her wands looked pretty much the same as the ones she saw in the movies – that she and her Potterhead friends began adding her wands to their Harry Potter collections. Today she runs a venture called “Wands by Meghamax” where she even makes personalised wands for her clients. Today we have Megha with us to share more more about her hobby, her venture and how the money she makes is helping her pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer. . Let’s find out more about her! We had a chat with Megha Thapa from Kurseong, West Bengal. She talk to us about her venture, …

“Can You Take My Photo?” Shy Boy Wants a Photo with the Famous Toy Train at Ghoom Station in Darjeeling | Photograph By Abhishek

“I was born and brought up in Darjeeling, but life out here has always fascinated me. There’s something so unique about the place – the people, the marvelous and majestic mountains, the moody weather, and then the heritage of the toy train. The toy train ride of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR) has always remained a marvelous and delightful experience and was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The highest point of DHR and the highest railway station India – the Ghoom station is at an altitude of 2285 metres. Its shortest tour starts from the Ghoom station. Locals and tourists alike, witness the brightest rides of this famous toy train under the winter sun, when it’s at its prime – as it gracefully cascades across the town. . I love taking pictures wherever I go, and of things that catch my fancy; Darjeeling especially serves planets of inspirations for this passion of mine. I love how hustle and tranquility co-exist beautifully in this town. This particular day, I was enjoying …


#FACES | “These Kids Posing for a Photo On Their Way Back From Karate Class Made My Day” – Animikh Chakrabarty On His Trip To Darjeeling

“As I was enjoying the crisp freshness of the early morning on a recent trip to Darjeeling, I crossed path with these lovely bunch of kids. Full of energy, they were apparently returning from their karate class. I said I wanted to take a photo, and they happily posed for me. They just made my day – and gave me a photo to remind me and others of how welcoming the locals from the hills can be. This photo is probably the most memorable one from my trip to Darjeeling. So many positives in one picture – a sense of community, friendliness, energy, and friendship. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how these local people are always open and welcoming to all – despite past situations where the place and their people had seen unpleasant encounters.I see this photograph as a mutual love letter from me to the people of the hills and from the hills to me.” – Animikh Chakrabarty from Kolkatta, West Bengal. Local kids returning from their morning karate class in the hill town of Darjeeling, West Bengal – taken by …

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“I Revisit My Fond Memories of Exploring Hidden Places Through My Art” Self-Taught Artist Srijana from Darjeeling Takes Us Into Her World of Timeless Destinations

“I picked up art again after a long hiatus – and today I use it as a form of meditation.” Self-taught artist Srijana from Darjeeling chats with Roots and Leisure about her passion for travel and storytelling – and how she welcomes people into her world through her beautiful sketches. True to this motive, we can’t help but wander into the quiet charm of the many corners, she showcases through her art. We delve deeper into her world to know more about the person and the artist behind these surreal works of art. Here is her story. R&L chats with artist and storyteller, Srijana who grew up in the misty hills of Darjeeling, West Bengal. She talks about her love for art and travel, which are now sources of meditation and calm – and how she combines the two through her series of sketches. Photo: Srijana, an artist and storyteller from Darjeeling, West Bengal. Hi Srijana, so nice to have you here with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hello! My name is Srijana, the self-styled …

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“Yoga Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety and Stress” | A Chat With The Blissfully Fit Yogini – Apurva Lama from Darjeeling

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy A new year is already here – and resolutions or not, nothing like a healthy bend of mind to get a good head start. And to motivate us all, we have with us Apurva Lama – our super fit and passionate yogi from Darjeeling. This 29-year-old has had quite a ride – from being a journalist, an editor for an online magazine and launching her own clothing line ‘Appycat’, to now embarking on a new path as a yoga teacher. We chat with Apurva Lama from Darjeeling – passionate yogini and yoga teacher from Darjeeling. We talk about her journey so far – from being a journalist, an editor for an online magazine and launching her own clothing line ‘Appycat’, to now embarking on a new path as a yoga teacher. Read on to know more about Apurva – and her journey from stressed to blissfully …

Passionate Travel Enthusiast, Riddhi Debh, Talks About Her Love and Purpose Of Exploring The World

“Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” – Charles Dickens Travelling is not just about exploring new places or meeting new people but it is also about finding yourself. After globetrotting across a number of countries across the world, travelling has become a big part of Riddhi’s life. Being a wanderlust and also a solivagant at times, Riddhi takes her time and challenges herself by pushing out of her comfort zone. She considers it a great opportunity to meet new people and learn different cultures from different walks of life in new and unknown cities. We chat with Riddhi Debh, a globetrotter born in Kolkatta who is currently residing in Bangalore. She believes to belong not just in one place but finds herself at home wherever she goes. Read on to know more about her travel stories. Hello Riddhi! Tell our readers a little about yourself. My name is Riddhi Debh and I was born in Kolkata. I have stayed in many cities in India …


I Stopped to Admire How These Kids were Lost in Their Own World of Happiness” Vivas Anand from Darjeeling

“It was a beautiful cold evening as I strolled leisurely through Mall Road in Darjeeling – with a camera in hand and trying to soak in the flavors of the area. Evenings here are always crowded and has a busy ambiance. As I continued to walk, I came across this family with two kids on a bench, and I was instantly drawn. I couldn’t walk past without capturing them – and that happy moment of theirs; so I took out my camera and took this photo. Nothing extraordinary about this picture, but I was pleasantly taken aback by the simplicity of the moment and how they were lost in their own world of happiness. I just loved how they were thoroughly enjoying their munchy snack – and so mindfully at that. In this busy world we live in, it’s hard to be satisfied with what we have, and these kids somehow reminded me of that by showing a contrasting picture where it didn’t cost them much – but looked immensely satisfied. Everything was transparent and it was beautiful the way it was in front …