Month: June 2019


#RECIPE | Fried Silkworm Dish – A Naga Delicacy By Ayhunle Lorin From Nagaland

At Roots & Leisure, Saturday means recipe! Our readers share their own tried and tested recipes with us from easy breakfasts to heavy dinners. Today we have Ayhunle Lorin from Nagaland with the recipe of delicious fried silkworm dish. She says, “Silkworm are widely consumed in Nagaland although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There are different ways to cook it, according to individual’s preferences. Here, I’ve boiled and fried them.” All it takes is some spices and silkworms to make this yummy dish. The recipe of fried silkworm dish, contributed by Ayhunle Lorin from Nagaland Ingredients : Silk Worm ( 1kg ) Chilli powder ( 3tbsp ) Turmeric powder ( 2tbsp ) Ginger and garlic paste ( 3tbsp ) Roasted Machingagutti powder ( 2tbsp ) Vinegar ( 2tbsp ) Green Chillies ( 10pc ) Oil (4-5 tbsp ) Salt to taste Preparations of the dish : Boil the Silkworm Cut it into small pieces Marinate with salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder, garlic, ginger, roasted machingagutti powder, vinegar and green chillies Heat the …


Enboklang Chyne and His Friends Visit the Laitlum Canyons in Meghalaya

Recently in May, me and my friends took a trip to one of the most famous tourist spots in Meghalaya, Laitlum. We headed up to the Laitlum Canyons – Rasong viewpoint, and took these photos. My friends were visiting and staying in Shillong for 3 weeks – one of them comes all the way from France, one from Kerala and the other from Kashmir.  It was actually raining when we reached the place, so we had to sit inside the car for about 20 minutes and wait for it to stop. We got out when downpour ended and were happy to see the sun out and clear sky. The view was breathtaking and just too beautiful to be expressed in words! We took a lot of pictures and it was fun to see my friends enjoying the place too. What a wonderful day! ~ Enboklang Chyne from Shillong, Meghalaya


In Conversation With The Lovely Sisters Behind ‘KAPRAA’ – Nagaland’s Favorite Fashion Destination

Kapraa, a startup run by three inspiring sisters, is one-of-a-kind store. Besides selling its own designs, the store also gives other creative designers a space to sell and showcase their pieces. It’s a one-stop shop if you’re looking for fashion and accessories – all ‘Made in Nagaland’! Today, we’re introducing you to the faces behind Kapraa – Diana, Ayetoli and Elona. We had fun chatting with them about Kapraa – scroll down to read the full conversation. We had a chat with the lovely sisters of “KAPRAA” – a clothing store based in Kohima, Nagaland to know more about their ventures and more. We are very excited and happy to have you here. To start with everything, it would be great if you can give us a little introduction. Kapraa is a small start up, it’s whole purpose is to encourage local entrepreneurs. It all started with the idea of diving into the world of fashionable yet affordable clothing. So while putting together the concept of KAPRAA, we thought why not be an umbrella brand …


Tea Pluckers Heading Home After A Hard Day’s Work – By Salil At Rohini, Darjeeling

Darjeeling is known for its tea plantations and the great views these tea fields offer. One of our readers, Salil, captures a beautiful evening where the tea pluckers are returning home after a long day at the plantations. You need only one look at the photo to admire their hard work and the beauty of Darjeeling’s landscape. ‘Tea pluckers heading home after a hard day’s work toiling under the Himalayan Sun.’ ~ Salil  Hard working tea pluckers heading home | Photo by Salil


A Chat With Avijoy Chanda, Owner Of Aroo-De Waffles – A Portable Canopy Street Shop In Guwahati, Assam

Probably the most exciting thing for foodies is discovering new and great street food. It’s accessible, affordable and not to forget – delicious. Today, we have 25-year-old Avijoy Chanda from Assam who runs a waffle shop in a portable canopy called the “Aroo-de Waffles” based in Guwahati. It is a favourite of many locals as it serves variety of flavours that are oh-so delicious! It was Avijoy’s love for waffles since his Delhi days that gave him the idea to start this. Find out more below: We had a chat with Avijoy Chanda, the owner of one of Assam’s famous street shop “Aroo-de Waffles” to talk about what got him started, its specialities and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hello! They say, “Normal is Boring”, and I, Avijoy Chanda, couldn’t agree more. Being a 25-year-old working professional and owning a business at the same time, is an exciting and unpredictable experience. Living in Guwahati, I have since birth been a creative child and as I grew older, I became very interested in the …


Experience A Day In The Organic Farms At Agro-Farming In Dzuleke, Nagaland

Summer breaks are when you should venture out of the box, try out things, explore and experience the best of nature. If you haven’t already planned your summer holidays, we have got one that’s going to make you feel happy, fulfilled and definitely more positive. Agro-farming experience in Dzuleke – that focuses on reconnecting with nature and spreading awareness about organic agriculture and much more. Started on June 1st, this event is on till the end of June. Head out to Dzuleke, 38 kms away from the capital Kohima, to make sure you don’t miss out on this! Scroll down to get more details about the event. We had a chat with Asu Jamir, a member of the organising team, to know everything about the Agro-farming experience in Dzuleke. Tell us about the event, ‘Agro-Farming Experience in Dzuleke’. At Agro-Farming, we let people experience the authentic rural lifestyle with their family and friends at Dzuleke, Nagaland. It’s an opportunity for both young and old to experience the rich diversity of our agricultural fields. It’s the …


Homemade Peach Yogurt With Muesli And Assorted Fruits By Ati Aier

They say that one should not attend even the end of the world without a having a good breakfast. So here’s a great and healthy breakfast idea shared by Ati Aier from Kohima, Nagaland who now lives in Goa. Just grab the ingredients and toss them in a bowl! This is definitely the breakfast of champions!  Homemade peach yogurt with muesli and assorted fruits such as litchi, mango, cherry, avocado. Homemade peach yogurt with muesli and assorted fruits | by Ati Aier


Meet The Hardworking Lataliu Gonmei, Owner Of “Fry N Dry” Restaurant In Dimapur, Nagaland

“Hard work is another name for not stopping from trying, trying again and again till the goal is achieved.” – Anonymous  Rightly so, today we have a hustler who is an inspiration for all. Meet Lataliu Gonmei from Nagaland — owner of Fry n Dry restaurant —  who worked her way up with passion and hard work, who didn’t let any hardships come her way. She is a force to reckon with and we are honored to have her share her story with us. Her restaurant is definitely a must visit. Not only for the scrumptious food but it is easy on the pockets. R&L team Kumti sat down with Lataliu Gonmei, the owner of Fry n Dry, to have a chat about her restaurant venture and how it all began! Hi, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Lataliu Gonmei and besides running my full time restaurant, I am also a Sunday School Director in Rongmei Baptist Church at Burma Camp in Dimapur. I did my schooling from Govt. …


“My First Visit To Mizoram And The Place Has Already Captured My Heart” – Suraj Kumar Nath From Assam

It was my first visit to Mizoram and the place has already captured my heart! For me, it was one of the best place in the North-east of India. People are warm and nice, well cultured and I find the capital, Aizawl, as a very disciplined city – especially how the locals follow the traffic rules was impressive. And not to forget, the street food there was amazing too! Although, communicating with the local taxi drivers was a little difficult because of language barrier.  We were 8 college friends and came from Silchar Assam to take this trip. The photo was taken at the viewpoint of Reiek Tlang, one of the hills located just outside Aizawl (about 12 kms away) and is a popular destination for adventure seekers. The view surrounding the hill is breathtaking and makes the visit worthwhile. It was raining in the morning while we were in the capital but luckily when we reached the top of the hill, it stopped and the weather was just pleasant and perfect. The fog left too …


Artist Imkong Imchen From Nagaland Talks About His Recent Single ‘2:00 AM AGAIN’

It is often said that our struggles shape us. Everything that happens has an ultimate role to play in writing the story of one’s life. Unlike most,  some take it as a source to move forward. With every new artist, there is a new lesson to learn. Today is no exception. Imchen from Longjang village is here to teach us that no matter what painful sorrows and hardship one faces, it all comes down to how well they use that event to his advantage. An exceptional guy with much talent, he paints, writes but, most importantly, he has released a new single ‘2:00 am again’. An honest chat with Imkong Imchen, artist from Nagaland to talk about his inspiration, hobbies and his recently song release! Hello Imkong, why don’t we get started by getting to know something more about you? Hi, my name is Imkong Imchen but people call me Pipo and I’m still trying to find the reason why. I represent the Ao community from Longjang village, Nagaland. I’m a 3rd year student, aspiring …