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#RECIPE | Potato Lovers Will Love This Popular South Indian Dish – “Aloo 65”

  It is said that there are more than 4000 varieties of potatoes in the world, and is the fifth most important crop worldwide. Numbers and facts aside, how many of us here are potato lovers? Don’t we agree that most meals would be incomplete in the absence of potatoes? Irrespective of which culture we come from, potatoes are an important ingredient in most kitchens.  Today, we have a popular South Indian dish – Aloo 65 – contributed by Abhishek from Nepal. It is inspired by the world famous Chicken 65, a spicy deep fried chicken dish. Abhishek uses potatoes instead of chicken so that his vegetarian friends can also enjoy the yummy spices and crispy texture. Let’s find out how to prepare this dish! Aloo 65 is the vegetarian version of the world-famous South Indian dish, Chicken 65. It’s crunchy, spicy and deep fried so it’s bound to be ever so comforting at any time of the day, as a quick mid-day snack or side dish to a homemade thali. Ingredients : 5-6 potatoes, boiled …

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“Thrift Shops aka 2nd-Hand-Dukan in Nagaland Are The Best Places to Shop for Fine Formal Suits Without Going Broke” – Karan Chetri, Men’s Fashion Blogger

Nagaland, and in general the Northeast region of India, is known for having one of the trendiest and most fashionable streets in the country. Any style, fad or trend that is seen on TV or SNS (read: social networking site) is, in no time seen sported by uber stylish folks in this part of India.When it comes to men’s fashion though, it’s a little bit of a different story as many feel it is hard to find pieces in the market that are as affordable as women’s clothes. Meet Karan Chetri from Nagaland, a fashionable game-changer who is sharing his secrets to nailing the formal look for men without breaking the bank. A thrift shopper and a non-believer in fast fashion brands, this well-dressed man shows us how to save money and build a wardrobe that looks expensive and classic for the value shopper. With the wedding and holiday season around the corner, all guys take note! [Video at the bottom] R&L chats with the stylish Karan from Kohima, Nagaland (his roots is in Nepal) as he …

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“My Grandfather’s and My Own Feelings of Nostalgia and Longing for Our Homeland in Nepal Inspires My Work” – Meet Graphic Artist Mayur Gurung from Himachal Pradesh

They say, ‘Home is where the heart is’ and today we speak to 25-year-old graphic designer, Mayur Gurung who is rooted to that motto. He feels that living away from his home in Himachal Pradesh has left a void in him identifying his language and culture. He hopes his art can bridge the gap between his longing memories for his community, and his memories of his home country of Nepal that rests in his heart and mind. We sat down with young, talented and inspiring graphic designer, Mayur Gurung from Himachal Pradesh. He talks to R&L about why he is so passionate about his roots, his inspiration for his gorgeous artwork and much more. Mayur, so nice to speak with you! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am Mayur Gurung. I’m 25 years old from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. At present, I work in New Delhi as a graphic designer, both full-time as well as a freelancer. I also have other side projects where I feature elements from my Nepali culture. I am also very passionate …