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“I Pen My Experiences of Joy and Pain, Victory and Defeat, for Inspiration in My Lowest Moments” – Chat with 16-Year-Old Divinia from Shillong

Introducing Divinia Mercy Tynsong from Meghalaya, our latest muse. At just sixteen years old, this ‘young student with an old soul‘ captured our attention with her pure and evocative poems. Her words have the power to connect us with our own innocence while simultaneously opening our minds to timeless wisdom. We had to find out more about this young writer, and more so to understand where she is getting these inspirations from.

Divinia’s journey as a poet is just beginning, and yet her poems have already left a lasting impact. Her message is clear: treasure even the smallest victories, as they can serve as a wellspring of inspiration during challenging times. As she beautifully expressed, “In everything I experience, whether it’s obstacles or happiness, challenges or joy, failures or accomplishments, I make a habit of jotting them down. These words later inspire me when I am at my lowest.

Chat with 16-year-old Divinia from Shillong, whose wisdom surpasses her years, which is evident in her poems that are a refreshing blend of young innocence and timeless wisdom. 


Divinia Mercy, a 16-year-old student and writer from Shillong

  • R&L: Hi Divina, welcome to Roots & Leisure. Could you please introduce yourself and share a glimpse of your life in Meghalaya?

Divinia: My name is Divinia Mercy Tynsong. I am 16 years old and live with my family in the lovely city of Shillong in Meghalaya, which is known for its simplicity, beauty, and authenticity. I enjoy various kinds of activities like writing, playing basketball, and taking photographs of nature, but I love spending time with my dear ones the most.

  • R&L: Let’s talk about your writing which caught our attention. Do you recall your first piece of writing?

Divinia:  I think it was back in 3rd or 4th grade if I’m not mistaken when our school hosted a writing competition (we were given a short duration to prepare for the competition). I gave it a shot and won. And that became a source of motivation and inspiration for me to pursue writing.

  • R&L: We noticed a recurring theme of nostalgia for simpler times combined with a message of hope and finding joy in the little things. Are you inspired by your own experiences or something else that resonates deeply with you?

Divinia: I usually write about nature and I try to connect nature with our soul because I believe nature often feeds our soul with joy, light, comfort, Hope, and love despite the sorrows, challenges, and difficulties we face in our day-to-day lives.

For me, inspiration comes from within. When I observe my surroundings and when emotions ( joyful or painful) penetrate deep into my soul, that’s when I feel the need to pour out my writings into paper. It might not make sense at times but they can be absolutely bold and beautiful. And when I write, the heavy burdens weighing in my heart feel much lighter.


Poem and photo by Divinia Mercy, Shillong

  • R&L: What do you hope to accomplish through your writing?

Divinia: Writing is currently a hobby for me but I hope to accomplish my dream of publishing a book someday. This with the hope that my words and writings can provide inspiration to anyone who is in need…

  • R&L: Your profile says you are also a sportsperson. We see snippets of your basketball games. How would you describe the similarities or differences between the person we see on the basketball court and the writer in you?

Divinia: In everything that I do, whenever I face obstacles or happiness, challenges or joyfulness, failures or accomplishments, I always like to jot them down so that when I read them later, they somehow inspire me when I am at my lowest stage.


Poem and photo by Divinia Mercy, Shillong

  • R&L: As a student, what type of learner are you? If we were to glimpse your daily life, what are the three main things that occupy your thoughts and time?

Divinia: As a student, I am an average learner. If you were to get a glimpse into my daily life, the three main things that occupy my thoughts and time is searching for joy, spending time with the people I love, and celebrating small accomplishments.


Poem and photo by Divinia Mercy, Shillong

  • R&L: You sound so mature for your age, where does this come from? Can you share a bit about your family dynamic and environment, like your siblings and your relationship with your parents?

Divinia: aww, thank you so much. So, I get this from my mom. She has never failed to teach me how to deal with the realities of the world. The struggles that she faces in a way become a lesson for me to be more intellectually conscious. And I hope to make my family proud someday.

Being a single parent  (since my dad passed away), life has not been a piece of cake for her but she never gives up on us; even if she has to make sacrifices at times to keep us happy. And the moral values that she teaches me are so precious. In addition, my sister, grandma, and uncle are a source of strength for me..they have always been there for me through thick and thin…

  • R&L: Lastly, what advice would you offer to other young students who are interested in pursuing their passions, whether it’s writing, sports, or any other field?

Divinia: My message to all the young people is to keep on going and not give up the ship; do the things you love and celebrate small accomplishments. If your dreams didn’t work out for you, there’s always another arrow, try anything but don’t give up. Failure is not a full stop but just a comma. Take hope as your mantra, for hope is always unconquerable…


Divinia in traditional Khasi dress

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