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#RECIPE | Traditional Naga Delicacy, Pork Innards, by Lilia Jimomi

Pork innards is a favourite among the Nagas. There are many ways of preparing it with different spices or cooking methods. This dish is popular not only in Nagaland but all across Northeast. Today we have Lilia Jimomi from Dimapur who shares with us her traditional family recipe of pork innards. It’s simple, easy and perfect for those fancy weekend dinners! Lilia says, “As kids, my siblings and I would always look forward to special occasions at home because that was the time we would get fresh home reared pork. It was almost like a ritual for us to cook the pork innards or pork blood for the family before the main feast. It was truly special because that was the only time we got to eat our favourite part of the pig, the innards; which was never bought from the market. Now we have all grown up, are married, and have our own families. So many things have changed except our love for pork innards— the special family meal before the main feast at …

‘Books Are Our Favorite Companions’ – Malvika and Mallika, Founders Of ‘The Reading Twins’ From Mumbai

Hailing from Mumbai, twins Malvika and Mallika Mahidhar, share a great passion for reading and writing. Malvika is a teacher, while Mallika is pursuing law and the two also run their passion project called ‘The Reading Twins’. Their blog is a personal journal of everything they read and also a heaven for book lovers. Growing up in a house full of books, they’ve been reading books all their lives. Reading is their primary place of comfort. Grab a cup of coffee as we have an intriguing conversation with these two fascinating women! Hello, Malvika and Mallika! We are excited to have you. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Malvika: I am Malvika. I’m currently a faculty member at a design college in Mumbai. I’m also a writer and am currently working on my first manuscript! Apart from that, I am a self-taught watercolor and acrylic artist.   Mallika: I am Mallika, a reader and a lawyer who loves postcards, clouds and cats. What inspired you two to start your own book blog? We always wanted …


#RECIPE | Desi-Manipuri Fusion Chicken Curry ‘Yen Thongba’ by Robinson Ningombam

Yen thongba is a chicken curry dish from Manipur brought to us by one of our readers, Robinson Ningombam, who has put his own spin on the traditional Meitei recipe. He says, “It is one of my favourite recipes as it involves a fusion of both desi spices and traditional Manipuri ingredients. Whenever I am in Delhi, I cook this chicken curry. It isn’t as tasty as the one I make in Manipur because the ingredients I get in the city is different from the organic ingredients I get back at home. Nevertheless, I am always reminded of home whenever I cook it, even though I am miles away. All my friends, including my non-north east friends, really like this particular style of chicken. “ It’s a great story of how food-cultures from different parts of India are blended into one and we are able to come together to share something yummy. Enjoy!  Cooking Yen Thongba, with potatoes and spring onions.   Ingredients— 700 g country chicken. Washed and Chopped (young organic chicken is highly …

Meet Karuna Mira Sah, A Glaciologist In Training and A Rock Climber, From Nainital

Karuna Mira Sah, a 23-year-old from Nainital, has chosen a rare yet exciting path in life. She’s training to be a glaciologist, and is also a rock and ice climber and a passionate photographer. It was her love and deep-rooted connection with the mountains that led her to this path in life. Her college allowed her to study and discover remote areas across the world, and all exposes her to some breathtakingly picturesque views! She recently graduated in Earth Sciences from the US and plans to do her Masters and research in Glaciology. Her expeditions have taught her much about life and further inspired her to work for environment issues. We chatted with this charming young woman in detail. Tap on the link in bio and below to give it a read!    Hello Karuna, thank you for chatting with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers.  Hey! I’m Karuna, an aspiring glaciologist, a mountain climber and most of all, a nature lover. I grew up in Nainital, Uttarakhand. I have been hiking with my …

Introducing ‘MY TOP 5’ – An All New Segment Where You Share Your Favorites!

Hello there! The Roots & Leisure community is growing every day, thanks to our amazing readers. We receive a ton of interesting DMs and emails from our followers about stories and people they would like to feature on the platform. So, to further grow our community, connect with more people and share engaging stories, we’re launching all-new segments on R&L. Exciting, right? We think so too!    Introducing our first segment MYTOP5, where we share a list of 5 things that our readers are loving. We all have favourites – brands we like, movies we can’t stop watching or even local musicians we are loving. MYTOP5 is where you get to share these top 5 favourites of yours with the world! It could be anything from your top 5 books to your top 5 coffee brands that deliver pan-India. On the 15th of every month, we’ll share our favourite MYTOP5 lists from our contributors – which means more interesting features and topics to explore! To start contributing, visit our My Top 5 submissions page. Let’s …


FACES | “My Name is Sendu Lepcha and I am Flying Back Home Like a Bird” – By Ekzella Bista

I’m a 24 year-old German-Indian, residing in Sikkim. Currently, I work for the government but I’m very passionate about taking photographs of things that happen around me. Most of the pictures I take are not about me but about the people around me. I love to chat with people after I take their photographs, and listen to their stories. This inspires me in many ways. Here’s a photograph of a young boy who I came across one fine day. As I was talking to him, he said, “My name is Sendu Lepcha and I am flying back home after my school like a bird. I’m 9-years-old and my mom has a shop where she sells momo. My mama said I lost my dad when I was 6-years-old. My dad lost his life when he was working with the woods in the village. When I grow up, I want to become a footballer like Messi”. ~ Ekzella Bista A young boy happily running home after school to his mother | Photographed by Ekzella Bista


Prakrithi Pradhan Goes For a Picnic With Her Friend to Make the Most of Spring Season at Saramsa Garden, Sikkim

“It was the festival of Holi and we were grateful to get time-off from work. My friends and I haven’t seen each other for long ever since we started working, so we planned a picnic in the Saramsa Garden. The best thing about spring is the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which was just perfect to chill outdoor. It is the prettiest season with colorful flowers in full bloom! That day, the place was pretty crowded comparing to other days since it was a national holiday. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch people dancing and playing with colors! The most memorable moment about the day was the conversations we had about what was new in our lives, over some snacks. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t get to see each other often. So, there was a lot to talk about, a lot to catch up on!” ~ Prakrithi Pradhan from Sikkim Prakriti Pradhan and her friend making the most of Spring season in Saramsa Garden, Sikkim