Month: April 2023

Rootsandleisure-Millo Sunka-arunachal

An Exclusive Interview with Millo Sunka from Arunachal on Winning ‘Best Leading Actress’ at The Rome Prisma Film Awards for ‘Nocturnal Burger’

Join us in celebrating the global recognition of a talented actor from Arunachal Pradesh, who has achieved great success through her passion for acting and staying true to her authentic self. Meet Millo Sunka from Arunachal Pradesh who recently won ‘Best Leading Actress’ at the 2023 Rome Prisma Film Awards, for her outstanding performance in ‘Nocturnal Burger.’  In this exclusive interview, Millo shares her emotions about the big win, discusses her work philosophy, and reveals her plans for the future. Hi Millo, Congratulations on winning the Best Actress award at the Prisma Rome International Film Awards for your performance at  ‘Nocturnal Burger.’ What kind of emotions are you feeling right now? Millo Sunka: Thank you. When I initially received the news, I was obviously very happy about it. But now, as the news spreads, the outpouring of support, love, and congratulatory messages has overwhelmed me. I don’t know how to process all of this, but I am grateful. “I am thankful to my director Reema Maya, who saw me as Simi. I am grateful to my parents …

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“Weekdays for International Brands, and Weekends for Building My Own Brand” Fashion Designer Mhiesi Meyase from Nagaland Talk Fashion Dreams

Meet Mhiesi, a talented fashion designer from Dimapur whose passion for fashion has led him to turn his childhood dreams into a reality. With a degree in fashion design under his belt, Mhiesi now freelances as a fashion designer during the week, working with various export houses to develop new collections for international brands. On the weekends, he channels his creativity into building his own brand, ‘pfe.’ Growing up, Mhiesi was surrounded by garment-making and fashion inspiration. His earliest memory of fashion was watching his mother sew clothes and weave intricate patterns on her loin loom. “Fashion has always been an important part of my family; almost everyone knows how to sew clothes. I used to wake up early in the morning just to catch the FTV specials and get a backstage glimpse of the designers and models,” he recalls We chat with Mhiesi to talk about his journey – from early fashion memories to challenges he has faced as a young designer, and his most current passion of building his own brand ‘pfe’ R&L: …

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“Painting Has Become My Confessional” An Interview with Self-Taught Artist Sarah from Nagaland

We recently connected with a budding artist from Nagaland, who was just starting her journey into the art world. We were intrigued to gain insight into an artist’s early experiences and thoughts, to explore their creative process in its nascent stages and discover their aspirations for the future of their art. Meet Sarah, a self-taught artist from Dimapur, Nagaland, whose earnest work caught our attention. Over a chat, we talk about her creative theme and process, the challenges that artists encounter when starting out, and her plan to explore socio-political narratives in her future artwork. She also shares how painting has become her confessional. For Sarah, every stroke on the canvas is a humble attempt to learn, accept and grow from every mistake made. R&L: To start off, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, your hobbies etc. Sarah: My Ao (Naga) name is Temjen, but online, I often go by Sarah – a nickname lovingly given to me by my Aba. I pursued both my graduate and post-graduate studies …