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Rootsandleisure_Diddicoys Forest Home_Manali

Diddicoy’s Forest Home in Manali : A Home for Everyone who Loves Apples, Dogs, Sunshine, Seasonal Snow and an Unforgettable Vacation

With the country opening up one unlock at a time, two things come to mind: Vacation and Mountains. The universe seems to be in sync as we soon discover this beautiful homestay – Diddicoy’s Forest Home in the lap of nature in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This 3 bedroom cottage amidst Som Van forest in Batahar Village of Manali has the best of both worlds – the rustic charm of living in a forest, and with all the modern-day facilities to ensure guests have a comfortable stay – and it is just 5 min walk from the Beas river! Borne of love by two friends, and now co-hosts – Bhumika and Sumit, this vacation home is loved by guests for their pure offerings amidst the vast spread of an apple orchard. We are thrilled to have come across this beautiful abode – and of course, its wonderful hosts. We chat with Bhumika today to know more about their homestay, their journey, furry friends, and more. Bhumika with her friend and co-host Sumit and their pet at …

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Travellers Talk About the Last Trip Before COVID, and Their Next Travel Destination Once This Pandemic is Over

  Staying indoors catching up with yourself and dear ones, Zoom dinners, .. and maybe picnics in your backyard are some surprising activities we have come to enjoy during this pandemic. But raise your hands if you’re itching to pack your bags and get out of your house – and out of the city/ town! To find some solidarity, we reached out to some of our traveler friends to talk about their last trip before COVID, and their next travel destination on their list once this pandemic is over. Scroll down below to see if there are more people planning to travel to the same destination as you!  Riddhi Debh | Entrepreneur, Published Photographer, Award-winning marketer, Bangalore/Kolkata Just before COVID pandemic: Nilgiris mountains in Tamil Nadu. Post-pandemic travel list: “Hampi in Karnataka or and Tanzania, when international travel opens up!” ~ Ridhi Sachin Miglani | 27, Interior Designer, New Delhi Just before COVID pandemic: Kufri in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Post-pandemic travel list: “Planning to travel Meghalaya or Kerela after COVID” ~ Sachin Miglani Thlengi Zote | …


“Rediscovering This Forest Has Brought Back Fond Memories from My Childhood Years” Akumla from Nagaland Takes Us for a Walk

Isn’t it a delight when you discover hidden gems that opens up a whole new world for you? One of our friends Akumla from Nagaland had such an experience, as she ventured out one cold Winter evening below her house in Kohima, Nagaland. We got talking about this experience as we were scrolling through her Instagram feed recently and got her to share them with our readers – along with some lovely inspiring thoughts from this walk she took 2 years ago. Scroll down for photos from her walk and her story . . . “I stay in Lower Forest Colony in Kohima Nagaland. These photos were taken by me one fine day in the winter of 2018. That day, I decided to take a solitary walk, driven by sheer joblessness during the holiday season. The air around was pretty chilly and cold, but once I took off into the beautiful landscape of the neighborhood forest area, my heart warmed up – and instantly – at that very moment – resolved to take more such …

Auroville - Pondicherry

#Faces | A Calm Afternoon in Auroville, Pondicherry

“It was a peaceful experience to visit Auroville. The walk amidst the forest to this calm and serene place was worth it. It represents humanity’s aspiration for peace and goodwill. It is also a unique symbol of unity. Auroville is a calm place, bordered with beaches and lush with green forests. You get a sense of life and happiness here as you spend time with locals, walk through the lanes laden with trees, and witness gorgeous sunsets at the beaches.”  – Shruti Hariharan, owner of Travelogue Matri Mandir, Auroville

Jonathan Marques, An Analyst and Traveller, Shares His Travel Tales From Cambodia

For Jonathan Marque, true joy resides in exploring new places, meeting new people, and embracing new views. An analyst by profession, he recently took a sabbatical to travel around the world. Taking on the road with his friend, he set out to explore Thailand and Cambodia this year.  He’s already covered Japan, Vietnam, and South Africa and hopes to travel to Northeast India and South American soon. We chatted with him to know his take on travel and more.  Hey Jonathan! Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’ve been up to. I’m Jonathan Marques, 33 and currently based out of Mumbai and Goa. I have been working as an analyst in the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors for about a decade, but am currently on a sabbatical since a few months to explore new avenues, specifically sustainable living and Permaculture design. What initially sparked your journey? I love the thrill, excitement and experience of a new place, its food, people, culture and natural beauty. Every trip has only helped …


#FACES | Photographer Captures The Love and Affection Between Siblings

On one of his photo-walks, photographer John Kapfo spotted a moment of pure love between siblings and couldn’t help but capture it in his camera. He says, “Your siblings are your first friends, and sometimes, your first enemies too! You fight, argue, play, and share an unmatched relationship with them. The affection and love showed between siblings, no matter what the age or gender, can truly be an inspiration. As seen here, a simple gesture can truly evoke a thousand emotions, a wordless story no doubt.” Picture clicked by John Kapfo. Follow him on Instagram for more.

Julie Kagti, Owner of Curtain Call Adventures, Is Helping People Explore Northeast

Julie Kagti of ‘Curtain Call Adventures’, has come a long way since starting her business in 2016. Her venture focuses on creating localised travel experiences for people in the Northeast region. She promotes a more wholesome way of travelling by including local art, culture, and guides in your travel experience. She spent two decades in various roles of a designer, teacher, entrepreneur, and social worker, gracing her way in Lakme Fashion Week and Fabindia stores. Her childhood spent in Assam inspired her to start the venture and also bring the honest yet unseen side of Northeast to the world. Today we chat with her to know the exciting story behind Curtain Call Adventures and more.  Hey Julie! Tell us a bit about yourself.  Hi, I’m Julie, the owner of Curtain Call Adventures. I grew up in Assam, which exposed me to both the anglicised tea life and local culture of weaving. My exposure to the world of design in Bombay inspired me to pursue an education in textile design, after which I spent two decades …


Unwind With Nature in the Hills of Sohra, Meghalaya

Summer is almost ending and most of the monsoon rain has ceased. This means that the perfect season for travel has begun and our readers are certainly giving us vacation feels with their social media posts! The great weather makes for the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle for a trip!  Khliehshnong Village located on the way to Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya. One of our readers, Angule Mero from Nagaland, recently went on a small trip to Sohra, a small town in Meghalaya, only a few kilometres away from Shillong. Also known as Cherrapunji, this is one of the wettest places on earth. It is truly a paradise with its scenic natural landscapes, clean and pristine surroundings, and warm people. From adventurous activities to quiet spots to relax, this place has got everything. The place is dotted with waterfalls and offers opportunities for trekking, zip-lining, and exploring caves. It has also got some beautiful resorts and homestays that will make your time there even better. Pack and hit the road!  Happy adventures!

Rootsandleisure_Sungratsu village nagaland

A Summer Getaway in the Hills — Sungratsu Village, Mokokchung, Nagaland

Hello folks! We found an interesting getaway for folks looking for some rustic adventure – in some faraway village in the mountains! Today we are at Sungratsu village in Mokokchung district, Nagaland. Nestled in the hills of Mokokchung, this place is known for its beautiful landscapes, warm people, and traditional handicrafts.  Blue sky and the distant mountains of Sungratsu Village Nagaland. Sungratsu village is located in the Asetkong Range of Mokokchung* district, Nagaland. It is famous for making anishi/moyasu (dried yam leaf cakes) — a stable spice used in Ao Naga cuisines {*Mokochung is the home district of the Ao Naga tribe}. It is about 20 to 30-minute drive from Mokokchung town. Make sure you don’t doze off on the way as the ride to the village offers some breathtaking views adorned by scenic landscapes and lovely seasonal flowers. Flowers in full bloom in Sungratsu Village, Nagaland More flowers from Sungratsu, Nagaland Red beans fresh from Sungratsu’s farms What makes the place even more special are the warm and welcoming locals. Once you take the …

R&L Folks From Across The Country Share Top 5 Travel Locations in India

First of all, a very happy Independence Day! To celebrate this day, Roots & Leisure has curated a very special list of places that you must visit in India. Not just that – this list has been curated by the R&L community. We got responses from Kochi to Spiti and were amazed to learn about the places from locals.  Scroll down to find out what our friends have to say about their hometowns, and why you should plan your next holiday to these places! (Stand a chance to be featured by submitting your own Top 5 on any subject that you love and are passionate about. Heading over to this link; Fill it out and hit submit!) Fort Kochi, Kerala Hello, my name is Nijil and I’m from Kannur, Kerala. Although I’m not from Kochi, I’ve visited it more times than I can count. It is a place that has my heart and is a must travel spot for anyone visiting Kerala! Fort Kochi is a beautiful island a few kilometers away from Ernakulam. It is …