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“I Pen My Experiences of Joy and Pain, Victory and Defeat, for Inspiration in My Lowest Moments” – Chat with 16-Year-Old Divinia from Shillong

Introducing Divinia Mercy Tynsong from Meghalaya, our latest muse. At just sixteen years old, this ‘young student with an old soul‘ captured our attention with her pure and evocative poems. Her words have the power to connect us with our own innocence while simultaneously opening our minds to timeless wisdom. We had to find out more about this young writer, and more so to understand where she is getting these inspirations from. Divinia’s journey as a poet is just beginning, and yet her poems have already left a lasting impact. Her message is clear: treasure even the smallest victories, as they can serve as a wellspring of inspiration during challenging times. As she beautifully expressed, “In everything I experience, whether it’s obstacles or happiness, challenges or joy, failures or accomplishments, I make a habit of jotting them down. These words later inspire me when I am at my lowest.“ Chat with 16-year-old Divinia from Shillong, whose wisdom surpasses her years, which is evident in her poems that are a refreshing blend of young innocence and …

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Samuel Duia – Adventurer and Founder of ‘Duia Trailblazers’ Talks about Their Exciting Canyon Discovery in Meghalaya!

Interview by Deno Dolie Exploring the mystical Northeast of India is on the top of the bucket list for many, and with the region becoming increasingly accessible, a growing number of local and foreign tourists have been visiting the region in recent years. That said, I personally believe that the real joy of traveling to the Northeast lies in exploring the local gems – in the unknowns. This is where I would like to introduce Samuel Duia from Shillong, a passionate traveler, and founder of ‘Duia Trailblazers‘ – a Govt. recognized tour operator based in Meghalaya whose unique offerings include expert local tours, village stays, local food & culture exploration –  and more. Most notably, Samuel and a team from Bangalore Adventure School (BASCOOL) recently discovered an unexplored canyon in Syntung village – now named (by Samuel’s ‘first descend’ team!) as ‘Upper Shonghang Canyon.’  I chat with Samuel about his venture, responsible tourism, canyoning, and of course, their recent canyon discovery – in detail! Samuel Duia – Founder of ‘Duia Trailblazers‘ Meghalaya posing in front of …

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These Hilarious Folks from North East India are Bringing Comedy to Social Media

People who crack you up are the best kind of people, it turns any gloomy day bright and adds a dose of happiness to our otherwise dull day. Humor is something that needs appreciation and acknowledgment today more than ever. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making these videos and all for laughs. Be it dropping truth bombs in the 5-second reel or taking relatable situations to a whole new level of fun, local comic artists across the country are making the best of the social media platforms to find their own audience – and vice versa. Today, we chat with some super talented and hilarious folks from North East India whose unique humor isn’t just funny but also gives a very refreshing glimpse into their local ways of life. Meet the very talented Millo Sunka from Arunachal Pradesh – a genius comic who can bring out the hilarity of regular people from her hometown folks to Bangaloreans.Millo Sunka, Actor from Arunachal Pradesh   For all those who have watched the movie …


“Music is my Coping Mechanism” — Soul Singer Claudia Lyngdoh from Shillong, Meghalaya

Claudia Lyngdoh is a music star waiting to be found! We discovered this budding female soul singer on Instagram and spent a good amount of time simply admiring her voice and the immense potential she has. She is a singer/songwriter who is juggling college life while moonlighting the career of her dreams — music. Currently living in Shillong, she’s gearing up to play at NH7 Weekender for the 2nd time!  Claudia sat down with R&L, on her very first interview ever, to share about life and an exclusive preview from her upcoming EP.  Hi Claudia, please introduce yourself to the R&L community! Hey there, I’m Claudia Lyngdoh, which is my stage name too. I’m 20 years ‘young’, born and brought up in Shillong. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s at St. Mary’s College, Shillong and making music on the side. I feel I’m a soulful person with a similar soulful taste in music! Claudia at 93.5 Big Fm Radio You sing beautifully! Tell us how you got started. Aw, thank you. Funny story! I started my …


Unwind With Nature in the Hills of Sohra, Meghalaya

Summer is almost ending and most of the monsoon rain has ceased. This means that the perfect season for travel has begun and our readers are certainly giving us vacation feels with their social media posts! The great weather makes for the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle for a trip!  Khliehshnong Village located on the way to Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya. One of our readers, Angule Mero from Nagaland, recently went on a small trip to Sohra, a small town in Meghalaya, only a few kilometres away from Shillong. Also known as Cherrapunji, this is one of the wettest places on earth. It is truly a paradise with its scenic natural landscapes, clean and pristine surroundings, and warm people. From adventurous activities to quiet spots to relax, this place has got everything. The place is dotted with waterfalls and offers opportunities for trekking, zip-lining, and exploring caves. It has also got some beautiful resorts and homestays that will make your time there even better. Pack and hit the road!  Happy adventures!


“I Always Knew That I’d Work in The Fashion Industry”— Stylist Rishan Shabong from Shillong, Meghalaya

Many of us have different childhood fantasies and dreams that slowly fade as we grow older. We pick up more practical dreams along the way. However, for Rishan Shabong—a stylist and fashion enthusiast from Shillong—working in the fashion industry has always been the dream. And now, he is setting new standards for men’s style and breaking traditional barriers!  Join us as we discuss how he is making waves in the fashion industry as a stylist, dabbling in various other areas of fashion including design, modelling and is also an influencer. Hello Rishan, lovely to have you here. Tell us about yourself! Hey there! My name is Rishan Skhem Shabong, I’m 25-years-old and I am currently based in Bengaluru. I was born and raised in a beautiful town called Shillong! Since I was a young boy, I have always been the black sheep in the family. I guess my affinity to the creative arts distinguished me from the rest. I have always been an avid follower of fashion and always wanted to be in the fashion …


“My Poetry is a Protest” — Vancouver Shullai from Shillong, On His First Book ‘How To Love A Broken Man’

At 23, Vancouver Shullai has published his book of poetry, won a national prize for his poetry and is already breaking out of the mold of traditional poetry-writing. Based in Shillong, he recently completed his masters in English from Bengaluru.  Talking to Vancouver Shullai is like taking a walk through his mind. Our conversation with him left us inspired, and wanting to indulge in his poetry. He says, ‘I really think that’s how art works, any form of art, be it music or paintings or films – the liberty to interpret that we as artists give our readers and spectators is in abundance’. Join us for a conversation with the winner of the 2017 Wingword Poetry Prize, on the publication of his first book of poetry, “How To Love A Broken Man”. Vancouver Shullai calls himself an artist, on a journey of constant change and improvement. To start off, we’d like to congratulate you for the release of your book! Please share a bit about yourself with our readers.  Thank you! I’m Vancouver Shullai, 23 …


#FACES | A Young Boy Performs a Backflip Cliff Jump at Wah Rymben Falls, Meghalaya.

On a trip to Wah Rymben Falls in Meghalaya, Monzoi Medhi spotted a young boy doing back flips and diving into the water. It was a moment worth capturing and he certainly couldn’t resist taking out his camera! He says, “I made a request to the boy who had been doing repeated flips down the edge of the fall, diving into the green river below. Consent is very important, especially if one is trying to photograph people. Although my knowledge of the Khasi language is limited, I asked him and he was more than happy to be the subject of these photographs!” Sometimes fighting your fear leads to adventure! “This picture in my perspective, represents the human capability of overcoming fears, and enjoying the thrill and the adrenaline that comes with it. It’s by winning over our fears that we make life adventurous. The boy in orange shorts emerges from the water victorious after his back flip into the pool It is that ‘good kind’ of fear that pushes us to grow and learn. Sure, …


Enboklang Chyne and His Friends Visit the Laitlum Canyons in Meghalaya

Recently in May, me and my friends took a trip to one of the most famous tourist spots in Meghalaya, Laitlum. We headed up to the Laitlum Canyons – Rasong viewpoint, and took these photos. My friends were visiting and staying in Shillong for 3 weeks – one of them comes all the way from France, one from Kerala and the other from Kashmir.  It was actually raining when we reached the place, so we had to sit inside the car for about 20 minutes and wait for it to stop. We got out when downpour ended and were happy to see the sun out and clear sky. The view was breathtaking and just too beautiful to be expressed in words! We took a lot of pictures and it was fun to see my friends enjoying the place too. What a wonderful day! ~ Enboklang Chyne from Shillong, Meghalaya


Experience The Ultimate Summer Escapade At ‘Weiing – The Lakefront Camp’ In Meghalaya

Are you planning to take an adventure trip this summer? Well, we’ve got the perfect place for you tucked in nature. Weiing – The Lakefront Camp is located at Meghalaya, very close to Mawsynram – the wettest place on Earth. They host a range of adventure camps for all ages, with various activities such as trekking, swimmimg, fishing, etc. We had a chat with Aaron Russell Laloo to know better about the place, the services and how it all started.  Weiing opened in June 2018 with 3 cottage tents and a campsite that can accommodate a group of 30 people. The idea for starting Weiing came about after the Secretary of the local village cooperative society, Mr. Iasohlang Malngiang and the proprietor of Campfire Trails – Travel & Adventure, Mr. Aaron Laloo met coincidentally and discussed the possibilities and viability of such a venture. Hence, Campfire Trails – Travel & Adventure partnered with The Phlangmawsyrpat Integrated Village Cooperative Society to develop the area locally known as ‘Weiing’ into a destination for eco-rural tourism with a …