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Two Sisters from Kohima are Reinventing Embroidery and Crochet Crafts under Their Brand ‘Ira Homespun’

The pandemic is taking a toll on humans around the world. So it is indeed encouraging to know that this downtime has given many the free time and will to pick up a hobby or start a home venture. Reading about, or talking to such enterprising folks, has given me ample reasons to see the silver lining during this time of gloom. I hope these stories will inspire you too. Very recently, I came across a hobby venture by two sisters Nulevino and Vitsino from Kohima called ‘Ira Homespun.’ These soft-spoken and talented siblings create all sorts of handmade goodies – from embroidered tote bags, to wall pieces to crochet dolls and pretty face masks – with their signature aesthetic of cute. I had a chat with them to know more about what they do full-time, how they picked up their talent (apparently they have a creative mom who has taught them most of their crafts), their future plans, and more. Scroll below to know more about the talented Iralu Sisters and their hobby venture …

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‘Greige Rose Chocolates’ from Nagaland Have the Most Delectable Collection of Quirky and Colorful

23-year old Rose from Nagaland had to quit her job as an air hostess during the COVID pandemic in 2020. But this young woman showed her resiliency and inner talent by taking the downtime to launch her own chocolate brand. It’s been less than a year since she started her venture, but her homemade chocolate brand ‘Greige Rose Chocolates‘ has been making waves among the locals in Nagaland. ‘Greige Rose Chocolates‘ is known for using perfectly tempered chocolates to create the most creative and imaginative designs. They come neatly packed in gorgeous packaging and each new item is a breath of fresh air just like the creator herself. I chat with its founder Rose, to delve deeper into her story and her chocolates! Read on. Rose, Owner of ‘Griege Rose Chocolates’  Menule: Hi, please tell us about yourself!  Rose: Hi, my name is Rose and I’m 23 years old. I am the owner of ‘Greige Rose Chocolates’ which I started back in June of 2020. I had just quit my job as an air hostess …

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This Interior Designer from Nagaland Transforms Her Old Childhood Home into an Inspiring ‘Tea and Plant’ Corner | Chat with Chumbeno Ezung

  How many of you here are thinking of doing up your space? Lockdowns and work-from-home situations have given many of us ample time and opportunity to indulge in such creative pursuits. And for our friend Chumbeno Ezung from Nagaland, these COVID times have given a much-needed chance to revisit her childhood home and transform their old run-down house into a ‘piece of haven’ – that now serves as an inspiration corner for her work – and a lovely tea and plant leisure space to entertain her friends. Chumbeno Ezung is a professionally trained and practicing interior designer, who is also a well-known wedding planner and decorator. She is a source of inspiration for many as she continues to reinvent her passions and creative skills by always learning and trying out new things. Today we chat at length about the super interesting renovation project that has left us super inspired!  Hi Chumbeno, welcome to the R&L chat. Please introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Chumbeno Ezung.  I am an Interior Designer. I am also a …

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21 Things to Do During Lockdown – by Ikaty Kinimi from Nagaland

Halfway through 2020, and we are still uncertain about how and when this pandemic situation is going to clear up. During this time, each new day brings a new surprise .. a new story.. a new challenge. And to think – most of us stayed in (inside our homes) as early as March this year, thinking things will go back to normal soon enough. Well, from where we stand today, that timeline looks blurry. That being said, how many of us here have some regret about the way we dwindled months (4 months and counting..) spent indoors to forgettable moments under the guise of chaos and uncertainties that will soon vanish as the situation gets better? If you have raised your hand, you are not alone. Because these are not ordinary times, and indeed chaotic outside. But if this is the new normal – at least for a little more time, can we take reign of how we spend the remainder of our days? How do you want to freeze this COVID period in your …

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“The Covid Pandemic Brought a Lot of Helplessness Initially, But Very Soon We Shifted to How We Can Help” ~ Artist Kenei Solo from Nagaland

  As we weather the COVID pandemic with fear, caution, and sometimes frustration, this post is to highlight how young people are doing their bit to help. We had an artist from Nagaland – Kenei Solo, reach out to us to inform about an initiative she had started with a bunch of artist friends to raise funds, with the aim to help individuals affected by the lockdown – and the pandemic at large. About the campaign: A doner needs to commission a portrait art from any of the eight participating artists for Rs. 500 and up. The doner gets the portrait and every rupee raised will go to ‘Green Team Kohima‘ – another small team of young people working hard to provide free ration and help to local people affected by the lockdowns. Commission a portrait to donate: A bunch of young artists from Nagaland started a fundraising initiative to donate to charities to aid them in their #COVID19 outreach helping families & individuals in need. Here’s what each artist has to say about why …


Lockdown Special Recipe by Kristi Kikon | Popular ‘Naga Chow’ Made with Maggi Noodles

Hello there! It’s been a while since we’ve shared anything on our online blog. Our last post was published on the 26th of Jan, and we have been on an intentional break as we got caught up with our busy life. But all that while, we have been thinking hard about ‘de-stressing’, ‘taking it easy’, ‘time to chill’ and so many such ideas. And then COVID happens. Look at us! All locked inside our homes as we coalesce into this virtual community sharing our fears and thoughts – while trying hard to stay positive amidst all the chaos that is happening around us. These trying times have highlighted the importance of staying connected with like-minded individuals, sharing information, encouraging and supporting each other, and extending a helping hand to our neighbors and communities. Today’s ‘Instant Noodles’ recipe is a perfect demonstration of how the community can come together and make things happen! Here’s what happened: One of our readers, currently residing in Delhi during this lockdown, reached out to us expressing his desperate craving for …