Month: January 2023

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Preserving Memories | Snapshots from Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2022

Some of our friends were lucky enough to attend the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland in December 2022. The festival week was a vivid display of the state’s rich culture and heritage, and the chilly weather in Kohima only added to the overall experience. As they walked around the traditional huts, or “morungs,” of each tribe, they had the opportunity to taste local cuisine, interact with the residents, and marvel at the musical, dance, and fashion talent on display. Every night was capped off with a lively and entertaining performance, making the festival an unforgettable celebration of the unique culture of Nagaland. Here are some stunning snapshots we captured at the Hornbill Festival 2022 in Nagaland. See you next Year! “I feel shy”: A Naga girl in traditional attire smiles for the camera A Hornbill Moment: A Naga girl helping a tourist take a picture among the colorful menfolks. Foreigners enjoying Naga food An elderly couple takes a walk at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisamaย  Truck full of Happiness: Local crafts on display for sale. Lenen …