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In Conversation with the Creative Founders of Fashion Brand ‘House of Psy’

‘House of Psy’ is a fashion brand that was launched in the year 2015. We recently got a chance to have a chat with the founders, and learn more about their venture. House of Psy deals in bags, accessories and art where every product is handcrafted, ensuring quality and detail attention. They have online stores as well as walk-in-stores at several places across the country like – Mumbai, Assam and Nagaland. Let’s read to find out more! We had a chat with the founders of fashion brand, ‘House of Psy” to talk about their venture, the brand concept, its specialty and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. We are the creators of Psy – designer Anisha Chanda is from Guwahati and Danish, the Head of Production is from Mumbai. We have been busy crafting designs and looking for new inspiration every day since the start of Psy, in early 2015. Tell us more about your venture, “House of Psy” and its specialty. House of Psy is an anti-sweatshop fashion brand. It goes without …


Meet 26-Year-Old Sushmita Rao, a Doodler and a Comic Artist from Mumbai

Today, we have an artist Sushmita Rao, 26-year-old from Mumbai who doodles whenever she gets free time or off from work. Her illustrations are mostly based on her everyday life and experiences – which is what makes it relatable and fun for even her audience. For Sushmita, art plays an important role in cheering her up and motivating her when she’s having a rough day. Currently, she juggles between her full-time job and her art, and makes sure that her followers get a cheery artwork from her everyday!  We had a chat with Sushmita Rao, a doodler and a comic artist from Mumbai. She talks about her art, how she hopes to make people happy through her it and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Sushmita Rao, 26 years of age and I’m from Mumbai, India. You can call me a doodler or a comic artist, as I make comics based on my everyday life experiences. What got you started as a doodler and a comic artist? My life itself is a …


“I Innovate and Make Art with Utility” – a Chat with Kajal Vora, Mixed Media Artist Based in Mumbai

It’s rare to chance upon products that are as great an art piece as they are useful. Meet Kajal Vora, a mixed media artist based in Mumbai, who makes products that can be used in day-to-day life and also grace your home as decor pieces. She is an architecture, a mother and an entrepreneur. Having been gifted with a wonderful talent, she uses it to show the world her unique creations and makes art a utility!  “While all the experimentation to achieve unique textures and individuality in the projects that I have worked on, I have put in a lot of energy, time and money. Few things worked out and a lot of them did not. The point is to never give up,” says Kajal. From wall art to platters, trays, multipurpose boards, frames, etc – her work is fascinating.  We had a quick chat with Kajal Vora, an artist based in Mumbai to talk about her work, how it got started and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi! My name is Kajal …


R&L Editor Megumi D’Souza Takes Us Through Her Fun-Filled Life in Mumbai – Juggling Work, Gigs and R&L

Another exciting post as we introduce yet another team member today. Our friend Megumi – a “halfu” with an Indian dad and a Japanese mom, is currently helping our team as an editor – sitting out of Mumbai. A multi-talented creative personality, she juggles her time between a full-time job, gigs (she sings in a band) and R&L commitments. We are indeed one of the luckiest teams to be constantly surrounded by like-minded passionate individuals – each bringing in their unique set of contributions, making Roots and Leisure a true example of how diversity can be an engine of creativity. Having said all that, let’s go on to get to know her more 🙂 For this edition of R&L’s #FaceReveal, we introduce you to Megumi Dsouza – our editor from Mumbai. A powerhouse of energy, she breathes a fresh whiff of creativity to the R&L team, and today she gives us a glimpse into her life as she shares a slice from her fun-filled daily schedules. Hello Megumi, please introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us what you do, …


Amy Kim from Canada Talks About Her Trip To Pakistan and The Wonderful Places She Visited During Her Stay There

Traveling to a new place, meeting new people and learning about a new culture is one of the most thrilling things. Especially, when it’s full of little unexpected surprises like Amy Kim’s lovely visit to Pakistan. With the breathtaking views up in the north, green valleys, friendly and warm people, and so much more, she reminisces about her experience. She chats with R&L about her travel stories. Amy Kim from Canada (she is half Korean and half Taiwanese), who is currently working in Mumbai talks to R&L about her incredible visit to Pakistan, the unbelievable beauty of the landscape and the friendly hospitality of the locals. Hi Amy! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. My name is Amy Kim and I’m a 26-year-old Canadian working in Mumbai. I’m heading the marketing department of a travel social enterprise based in Dharavi called Reality Tours and Travel. I love what I do mainly because I know 80% of all our profits go back to the community through our charity Reality Gives. My team is …

Rootsandleisure_Andrea Kevichusa

This 17-Year-Old Model from Nagaland Might be India’s Next Supermodel – Meet Andrea Kevichusa

  All of 17, and at 5 feet 9 inches tall, Andrea Kevichusa from Nagaland is already making waves in the modeling industry. With a portfolio fast filling up with heavyweight assignments –  with the likes of  Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Piaf, and many international projects, she is definitely taking wings on the right path. Add to that her confidence and maturity at such a young age, we may soon have another supermodel from the Northeast of India. [Remember supermodel Leno Kense from Nagaland?] “I started modeling as a hobby when I was 15 and doors started opening up for me. I am still in school but I also work as a part-time model under an agency in Mumbai.” Sounds like a perfect teenage dream – especially for a small town girl strutting her way to the top in a big city. Exactly the kind of stories that warms and excites our heart – all at the same time. Here’s an exclusive interview with Andrea from Nagaland, as we talk modeling, career, school, family, roots and more. Hi Andrea. Please introduce yourself. …


“Travel Taught Me that We are all Explorers – Looking for our Life’s Purpose” Deepika from Mumbai Shares Her Travelling Stories

They say our real test comes when we’re exposed to new places, people, experiences and how we deal with it. Traveling is no cakewalk, and it does get overwhelming at times, but for an explorer, this challenge is an appetizer and some of the best moments are created when you travel. Today, we take you on a virtual journey of a travel fanatic Deepika Gumaste – a traveller, a Communications Consultant, and a Homemaker. She has voyaged over the globe, whilst juggling in between her home in Mumbai and weaving out stories of experiences. How has your roots/upbringing brought you to where you are today I am a trained classical dancer in Bharatanatyam and was also a part of my school singing group. I belong to a family of nerds, who in all capacity treasure activities such as traveling. I got my itchy feet from my mother. As a kid, I traveled high and low, visiting resorts and family destinations. It’s just now that I have taken to a different sort of lifestyle – one that …


A Vehement Lady Biker For Life – Sneha Suresh

How often do you see a biker lady? We can’t help but crush over women who break the norms of being confined to certain limitations but instead, aspire their dreams – The Pursuit Of Happiness! Meet Sneha Suresh (@motorider_sk) who hails from Navi Mumbai. A Freelance Makeup Artist, and an HR Professional, Sneha is dead passionate about traveling and bikes.  Tell us for how long have you been riding? I’ve been riding for 5 Years and whenever I want to have my “me time” I go for a bike ride. My husband is also a biker so usually it’s the two of us who would take our bikes and go for rides. And how often do you guys travel? Any memorable rides? It depends on our mood. And we have actually covered quite a few places. We go off the road sometimes. If we don’t have time, then we go for a breakfast ride. The best ride till now has been our ride from Mumbai to Goa. Since it was our anniversary we decided to do an …

Faces | Human of Shadows, Mumbai

“Shadows are inseparable from us. Doesn’t matter if we can see it or not depending on the light source, but we are never alone. And what happens if we become our own shadow? Mumbai is a dream city for many. When I saw this person who had made a big sewage tunnel his home, I wondered did he also land in this city with some dreams? What were those? Dif they get shattered? While I was silently taking this picture as my heart sank thinking about the life of this shadow human, he turned back and that was the moment that was captured. And he turned back with a big smile; literally posing for the picture! Making me realize: No matter what, keep smiling.”  @ banjara_musafir


Sisterhood of Soles | Chondamma Cariappa of ‘The Sole Sisters’

Footwear designer, Chondamma Cariappa’s creativity and ambition came together to take her on a journey from one city to another; one continent to another and in the middle of all the wanderings, she realised that soul/sole searching never really ends – it is life’s continuous journey.  Her army background allowed her to explore places and people from a very young age.  When and how did you realise that the sole was going to be your abyss of comfort? I was born in Coorg, Karnataka and the army background gave me the advantage of travelling and exploring places from a very young age. What I realised later was that the different places and the faces inspired me to turn my passion into an enterprise that was rewarding. I worked in the creative department of an advertising firm for eleven years, only and only for the love of shoes! Define ‘The Sole Sisters’ for us.  We were born with an innate love of soles. We started out in 2011 as an e-community of stylish women around the …