Month: May 2019


Meet The Lady Who Makes Crochet Amigurumi Dolls – Nutsulu Rhakho from Nagaland

Nutsulu Rhakho grew up as a child witnessing her mother weave, knit, crochet and engaging in many more handiwork. She picked up this art herself pretty well at a very young age, and made doll clothes and even earned customers by selling them. Nutsulu, right after her graduation, started her own venture that deals in adorable crochet dolls and key-chains, and sells it online on her Instagram account. Let’s read on to find out more! We had a chat with Nutsulu Rhakho from Nagaland to talk about her venture, “Nutsulu’s Collection” that deals mainly with Crochet Dolls and Key holders. Hi! Please tell us a little about yourself. My name is Nutsulu Rhakho from Nagaland and I belong to Chakhesang community. I’m a 22-year-old graduate student from St. Joseph College, Jakhama. I’m currently based in Kohima. Tell us about your venture ‘Nutsulu’s collection’. What’s so special about it? I started it only last year in 2018, right after my graduation. I feel that not just my crochet dolls, but all kinds of handmade products are …


Anjita Nath and Her Classmates Visit Deopani River in Arunachal Pradesh

“We are the students of Masters of Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Science. We barely get any holidays and as we are in our 2nd semester, we need to go for rural practicum where we stay in villages to learn about the community and the culture. There are 13 of us, out of which 4-5 belong to the northeast region and remaining are from different places like Delhi, Goa and Bihar. These photographs are taken at Deopani river aka Eze river which is located 3-4km away from the Riong town of lower Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh. We visited this place in the monsoon season, so the weather was quite pleasant.  It was refreshing and calming to see pure water running through,  just before we started with our work. A very beautiful sight indeed! The place radiates happy vibes with the fresh air and lush greenery. We enjoyed every moment. This trip was even more special because we got to spend more time with each other.” ~ Anjita Nath from Arunachal Pradesh A …


The Inspiring Journey of Mixpick Enterprise With Rongsenmongla Jamir From Nagaland

“Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human and accessories are an easy way to do it” ~ Marc Jacobs We belong to a generation where technology, like most people say, has exploited the lot of us. In some way, technology and modernization is a bad influence (as the old proverb goes ‘excess of anything is harmful) and yet here we are today proving that statement wrong! Meet Rongsenmongla Jamir, founder of Mixpick Enterprise, an online store selling accessories and crafts. The young girls balance the trends and the traditions in creating their pieces. Read on to know more about them and their venture.  Mixpick Enterprise is an online store started up on: May 2018 Founder – Rongsenmongla Jamir (24) Co-founder – Limakum Jamir (21) We had a chat with Rongsenmongla Jamir, founder of Mixpick Enterprise about the venture and more Hello there, to start things off it would be great if you take us back to how it all started! The groundwork for our venture was laid in 2016, when young talents were given an opportunity …


‘I Want My Art To Help People Appreciate The Beauty In The Smallest Things In Life’, A Chat With Thokchom Sony, Artist From Manipur

Thokchom Sony is a passionate artist from Manipur, who has done his bachelor’s in fine arts from Jamia Millia Islamia, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Animation and VFX from AJKMCRC, Jamia. He started out as a freelance artist during his college days by illustrating children books, academic books and graphic novels. Ever since he has been living his dreams, painting his thoughts and holding an art exhibition at the capital. Sony is inspired by ethnicity, cultural diversity and mother nature. One could see in every artwork of Sony’s, there is a story to tell. Let’s find out everything about him and his work!   We had a chat with Thokchom Sony, artist from Manipur to talk about his work, his inspiration, his latest project and more! Hello Sony! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Thokchom Sony, originally from Imphal, Manipur, but currently living in New Delhi. I still carry the curiosity and imaginations of my childhood mind deep within my heart. I love exploring different cultures, meeting people from all around …


In Conversation with the Creative Founders of Fashion Brand ‘House of Psy’

‘House of Psy’ is a fashion brand that was launched in the year 2015. We recently got a chance to have a chat with the founders, and learn more about their venture. House of Psy deals in bags, accessories and art where every product is handcrafted, ensuring quality and detail attention. They have online stores as well as walk-in-stores at several places across the country like – Mumbai, Assam and Nagaland. Let’s read to find out more! We had a chat with the founders of fashion brand, ‘House of Psy” to talk about their venture, the brand concept, its specialty and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. We are the creators of Psy – designer Anisha Chanda is from Guwahati and Danish, the Head of Production is from Mumbai. We have been busy crafting designs and looking for new inspiration every day since the start of Psy, in early 2015. Tell us more about your venture, “House of Psy” and its specialty. House of Psy is an anti-sweatshop fashion brand. It goes without …


Visit Momobar at Dimapur, Nagaland – Serving Some of The Best Momos in Town!

Can we ever get enough of Momos? Guess not! We are always on the hunt to find the best momo places. Recently, we chanced up one such amazing restaurant serving the best momos we’ve had in a long time! The next time you’re out on a hunt to satiate your momo-cravings, try out the quaint cafe ‘Momobar’ at Nagarjan in Dimapur, Nagaland. How do we know that this is the place to be? Because it is tried, tested, or more so, TASTED by the team. Hop on to this cafe with your friends and family or even a date, to relish some amazing authentic momos and thukpas! Sharing the story of how Momobar came into being, one of the owners Nubuzo Nienu said, “We are four cousins who have always been passionate about pocket-friendly street fast-food, which doesn’t compromise with the food quality. Hence, we decided to open one. Momobar caters everyone, from any age group. So far, we have received a lot of encouragement from the local people. It’s heartwarming to see our own …


A Trip to Riha Village, Manipur with Vimim and Her Friends

“These photographs are taken in Riha Village, which lies in the Ukhrul District of Manipur. The village is only an hour long drive from Imphal. My friends and I hadn’t met for about a year and decided it was time to hang out. So, we drove down to this picturesque location to chill and catch up! It was simply the most beautiful day with a pleasant weather. The pine trees on the way to Riha was a beautiful sight and even more beautiful scenery unrolled as we reached the village. The breeze and the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains around the village served a perfect place for some amazing pictures. The cherry on the pie was the gorgeous sunset we witnessed. Definitely a memorable day” ~ Vimim Ragui from Manipur Vimim Ragui and the beautiful sunset behind her at Riha Village, Manipur


Meet 26-Year-Old Sushmita Rao, a Doodler and a Comic Artist from Mumbai

Today, we have an artist Sushmita Rao, 26-year-old from Mumbai who doodles whenever she gets free time or off from work. Her illustrations are mostly based on her everyday life and experiences – which is what makes it relatable and fun for even her audience. For Sushmita, art plays an important role in cheering her up and motivating her when she’s having a rough day. Currently, she juggles between her full-time job and her art, and makes sure that her followers get a cheery artwork from her everyday!  We had a chat with Sushmita Rao, a doodler and a comic artist from Mumbai. She talks about her art, how she hopes to make people happy through her it and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Sushmita Rao, 26 years of age and I’m from Mumbai, India. You can call me a doodler or a comic artist, as I make comics based on my everyday life experiences. What got you started as a doodler and a comic artist? My life itself is a …

Introducing a Rising Singer, Temsukala Lemtur from Nagaland

They say, ‘a dream is a wish your heart makes’. And indeed, our dreams are often the voices of our hearts. Today, we have a really inspiring young lady, Temsukala, who followed the voices in her head to create music. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that her music truly comes from her heart! Temsukala Lemtur, with her new single “Confessions of a bipolar mind”, is here with us today. Scroll down to know more about this enigmatic woman!  We had a chat with Temsukala Lemtur, artist from Nagaland. She sings, writes songs and shares details about her recent release, “Confessions of a Bipolar Mind” Hello there Temsu, please give us a little introduction of yourself! My name is Temsukala Lemtur from Nagaland. I usually introduce myself to people as Temsu. Unless they are like “Hey Clover!” Then I am like “Hey what’s up?”. That’s a reference to my IG handle, @clovertemsu. I recently graduated with a degree in agriculture from Dehradun and I plan to study further while focusing on my music as well. …


Chat with Zaza, One of Nagaland’s Hottest Singer-Songwriters

A singer-songwriter from Dimapur, Nagaland, Zaza’s voice is nothing short of a gift. She grew up performing in churches and weddings and kept practicing to hone her music skills. Zaza’s musical journey began when she started sharing cover songs on social media, which later inspired her to write her own music. Read on to know more about Zaza and her music.  Chat with Zaza – singer-songwriter from Nagaland R&L: Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Zaza: Hi, I’m Zaza. I’m a singer and songwriter from Kohima, Nagaland but I’m currently residing in Dimapur. R&L: What initially sparked your interest in singing and making music? Zaza: The time I released my first original “A Lil’ Taste” in 2015, I decided to take music as a career. R&L: How has your upbringing influenced your music and your working style – in general? Zaza: When I was younger, I would listen to my dad sing and play the guitar, and listen to Loggins and Messina (my family jam 😊). I use to sing in churches, weddings, etc. Maybe …