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Meet These Self-Taught Jewelry Makers from Nagaland
Remember Aben of "Aben Jewellery" - one of our ...
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Spotting Fashion at the Ziro Festival of Music 2017
The  Ziro Festival of Music that happens every ...
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Shoe Designer – Kaka Sumi, Tells us the Story Behind his New Collection
Artist discovery is indeed a self fulfilling journey ...
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Lady Behind ChanChalee’s Embroidered Crafts | Natchalee Kongcharoen from Thailand
Our foray into discovering Thai entrepreneurs never ceases ...
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How To Look Fashionable While Attending a Wedding in Nagaland.
Wondering what to wear to your Naga friend's ...
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Preciousmelove | Shipping Out Unique Fashion Items Made in Nagaland
Preciousmelove is an all girls team from Nagaland ...
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Being a Runway Success with Model Ketholeno Kense
Ketholeno Kense needs no introduction really. A year ...
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RootsandLeisure_Nagaland Fashion-12
Top Fashion Trends from the Streets of Nagaland
Staying in touch with the latest trends in fashion ...
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RootsandLeisure_theDaughters (1)
Introducing ‘The Daughters’ : Affordable Fashion Brand from Nagaland
Our discoveries of various creative minds from the ...
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Meet Ankita from Unees Bees | Textile Artist from Gujarat
We are super delighted to feature Ankita from ...
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Meet Asibu – Maker of Glamorous Jewellery
Lately, we have been witnessing some pretty awesome ...
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Na Lemtur – Nagaland’s Hottest Fashion Photographer Right Now
We chatted up Temsuna Lemtur (aka Na Lemtur) who ...
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Harajuku Inspired Fashion Designer | Chingngam
Meet Chingngam Awungshi Shimray, a Mumbai based fashion ...
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RootsandLeisure_Nagaland Street Art
Nagaland Street Art | Art Meets Fashion
We met up with the funky team at ...
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Remember Shinobi from a while ago? We wrote ...
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I make Handcrafted Jewellery – Abenla
Say hello to Abenla - A beautiful talented ...
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Fashion Model | Carol Humtsoe
Talent means nothing if you have no ambition ...
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People in Fashion | Meet the Sister Duo behind J&Sasha Clothing Line
With new fashion brands being created everyday, personalization ...
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Fashion Blogger | Aien Jamir
Growing up in a small town has its ...
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roots and Leisure_Victoria Grace
I’m a Model | Victoria Roughton
A daughter to an American father and a ...
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