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Meet our ever-growing team of Roots and Leisure

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“Working With Roots & Leisure Has Taught Me About Different Cultures – Especially North Eastern Culture” – Meet Sukriti Dubey, Editor of R&L

One fine evening, we received an email from a stranger saying she came across Roots and Leisure and would like to explore working together. She sent across her  resume and profile that had a side note that read, “Not open to working remotely.” Well, next week, she completes her 4th month working with us – working remotely out of Delhi; we have never met in person, but she has been working diligently to ensure our daily stories are ready to go up every single day.  Meet 23-year-old Sukriti Dubey – our resident editor based out of Delhi. Born and brought in Allahabad (now Prayagraj) in Uttar Pradesh, we know her as this quiet and creative soul, who is also a very talented photographer apart from being the proficient writer/editor she is. Today we chat with her to know more about her personal life, friends and hobbies, professional pursuits, her engagement with the Roots and Leisure and more. 23-year-old Sukriti Dubey – our resident editor based out of Delhi has been a gem contributing to the …

Rootsandleisure_Year 2018 Roundup

A Trip Through Memory Lane with Roots and Leisure as 2018 Comes to an End – and a Personal Note from the Team!

2018 is coming to an end, and the year has been amazing. We have had a great time discovering and writing about talented people around the world. Today, we sit down and take a trip down memory lane as we go through our posts, thinking back to everyone and everything that made our journey so meaningful and fruitful. From the lovely chats to exploring delicious cuisines from across kitchens to covering the most happening events across the country and discovering the best local spots from across corners, we are indeed richer as a whole family. So take a seat and get comfortable as we go through our year in 2018. As a team and community, we have covered a lot during this year, and here are a few of those which has helped us grow as a family. People We Met Through our extended family of contributors, we met so many interesting talents – from artists to travelers to entrepreneurs to what not! Through them, we have expanded our circle of inspiration and we feel so blessed …


R&L Editor Megumi D’Souza Takes Us Through Her Fun-Filled Life in Mumbai – Juggling Work, Gigs and R&L

Another exciting post as we introduce yet another team member today. Our friend Megumi – a “halfu” with an Indian dad and a Japanese mom, is currently helping our team as an editor – sitting out of Mumbai. A multi-talented creative personality, she juggles her time between a full-time job, gigs (she sings in a band) and R&L commitments. We are indeed one of the luckiest teams to be constantly surrounded by like-minded passionate individuals – each bringing in their unique set of contributions, making Roots and Leisure a true example of how diversity can be an engine of creativity. Having said all that, let’s go on to get to know her more 🙂 For this edition of R&L’s #FaceReveal, we introduce you to Megumi Dsouza – our editor from Mumbai. A powerhouse of energy, she breathes a fresh whiff of creativity to the R&L team, and today she gives us a glimpse into her life as she shares a slice from her fun-filled daily schedules. Hello Megumi, please introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us what you do, …


“My Ultimate Goal is to Give Back to My Community” | Face Reveal : Meet Vilina, TERI University Student cum Content Manager, R&L

Another day, another rockstar – who have blessed Roots & Leisure with the gift of time, sweat, passion, and positivity. We met almost 5 months ago after she sent us an email introduction; and we were supposed to get on a call the next day – but it never happened. 2 months later, we came across that email with details of the call appointment that somehow got postponed indefinitely. Finally made the call and she was on-board within 24 hours as our content manager. We didn’t discuss much but knew instantly that we were meant to work together. Also, we haven’t met her in person yet – just like the many others who have worked and are working with us. Isn’t it wonderful when strangers help each other out, without ever meeting in person? Well, welcome to the world of Roots & Leisure! Today, as a part of our #FaceReveal series, we would like to introduce you to Vilina – our content manager based out of Delhi. Born and brought up in Nagaland, an engineering …


“This is How I Juggle Classes, Campus Fun and Working with R&L” | Face Reveal: Naro, Content Manager, R&L

It’s been more than two years since we launched Roots and Leisure, and today, our branches have grown wide and deep – with an ever-growing network of storytellers and inspirational figures. They are all bound tightly by our core team members, who work selflessly across locations – even time zones at times.Rushing against deadlines amidst their busy lives of their own, the sweat and passion of the team are what keeps the community alive. So this is the first of our series of “Face Reveals” to give our readers a glimpse into the life of our R&L members. Starting off, we have Naro Longkumer from Nagaland, who is one of the many content managers in our team. She recently moved to Hyderabad to pursue her masters in Applied Linguistics, minoring in Management, and is also taking up a language course in Korean. Good to see young people finally taking up courses they actually enjoy, and have a knack for. Look she already has a job too – working with us! 🙂  Here’s a chat with Naro, our content …


Meet the Roots and Leisure Team

Roots & Leisure was founded by Tiarenla, Sungdi and Amenla from Nagaland, located in the North East of India. HOW IT ALL BEGAN . . . Roots and Leisure was founded by three of us (Tiarenla, Amenla and Sungdi) from Nagaland, which is located in the North East region of India. Our story dates back to 1994 – the year Tiaren and Sungdi met at boarding school in Darjeeling and became good friends. Fast forward 10 years, Sungdi meets Amen in Ahmedabad, while attending engineering college, and they become inseparable – almost like family. Another 10 years later, when Amen moved to Bangalore (in 2014),  she finally got to meet Tiaren, after hearing so much about her from Sungdi. Over coffee, we discussed starting a passion project to try and help promote our Northeastern roots through stories of our local friends from the region. So (finally) in 2016, we decided to give it a shot, and start the project as a weekend activity. One fine Sunday, we pulled an all-nighter and launched a blog in less …