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A Chat About Art With Debi, the Owner of DPR Artlife

Debi, a post graduate from St. Xavier’s college, Kolkata, realised right after college that he wasn’t made for a desk job. A passionate sketch artist, he had always knows that his love lies in art. He decided to take the leap and launch his own venture where he sells customised art decor pieces and collectibles like coasters, mugs and more.  Going under the name of DPR Artlife, his venture also focuses on providing a creative space for young and budding artists like him. We get to know a little more about his vision behind DPR Artlife and his work through a candid chat.  Hey Debi, tell us about DPR Artlife. We thought of creating a brand for the people of India which justified our rich cultural heritage. Art is the soul of our country. We wanted to start a new trend through our brand where people value the importance of art. We make various artworks to light up your beautiful space. There a bunch of handmade items at our crafts store, created with love. What …

#RECIPE | Bhendi Ambil Khatta, a Dish from Western Odisha, by Local Expert Food Blogger, Priyanka Panda

Priyanka Panda, a successful 25-year-old food blogger, lives in Sambalpur, Odisha. ‘Treasure of Food’ is still fairly new but the photography, the personal stories, and the authenticity of each regional recipe define her blog. She helps spread her Odia culture through culinary experiences. With us today, she shares her favourite comfort food called Ambil. She has grown up eating this delicious bhindi (okra) and curd-based recipe. This dish does require a little bit of attention to get the taste and consistency right but since Priyanka’s grandmother has helped her perfect it, we have all the wise insider knowledge! This dish is particularly famous in Western Odisha. There are more than a hundred versions of ‘Ambil Khatta’! Today, we are going to cook Priyanka’s personal favourite version which is made with Bhindi or Bhendi (okra), ‘Bhendi Ambil Khatta’. INGREDIENTS (serves 4, prep time – 10 minutes) 8-10 pieces of Bhindis or okras 2-3 tomatoes – diced 1/2 a cup of curd 2-3 tbsp of besan or chickpea flour 1/2 tsp turmeric 1/4 tsp red chilli powder …