Month: July 2020

Rootsandleisure_Naga pork bamboo shoot

Authentic Recipe of The Popular Naga ‘Pork with Bamboo Shoot’ from Nagaland

Recipe submitted by Sentienla (profile at the bottom) from Nagaland. She has used pork belly to make this local favorite pork dish, where the fat adds to the taste 🙂 Let us start cooking! Ingredients:  Pork belly ( cut into cubes) – 500gm Dry red chilies 13-15 nos Garlic 12-15 cloves 1/2 cup of dry bamboo shoot Water 100-200ml Salt to taste Directions to cook:  Soak the dry red chilies in hot water for 6-10mins. Then take a mortar and pestle, and ground them. Soak the dried bamboo shoot in water (room temperature) for 3-5 mins. Coarsely ground the garlic in a mortar and pestle  Take a deep pot and put the pork belly – cut into pieces, and cook on low flame until the fat from the meat starts coming out. Stir occasionally Now, add the soaked dry bamboo shoot, crushed garlic, and red dry chili to the pork. Add salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients well, and add 1 to 2 cups of water or as much as required (depends on the …


Music Producer / Mix Engineer VI-LO from Nagaland Chats about his First Single “Remember When”

Today we chat up with Vizo Solo aka VI-LO from Nagaland as he gets candid about his journey as a band member (drummer) to becoming his own person as a music producer /Mix engineer. He is super excited about the launch of his first single as a music producer. Stay on for the full conversation below . . “Remember When” is my first solo production. It had that distinct 80ʼs synth-wave, so I thought of making the song talk about the good old days of the yesteryears, of friendship.. and make the listeners and viewers get nostalgic about their youthful fun – and remind them to cherish their present moments spent in the company of good friends.”~ Music producer and mix engineer Vilo Solo from Nagaland (producer name VI-LO) talks about his newly released single. Hi Vilo, congrats on releasing your first solo production! We’ve been checking out your work, and we are super interested to know more about you. So please introduce yourself to the R&L fam Hi, I am Vizovolie Solo, and I …