Month: May 2023

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Recipe of ‘Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl’ by Keny Metha

Hey there! We’ve got something special for you todayโ€”a simple recipe from our friend Keny Mehta, who’s based in Kohima. Keny is a true food lover and an amazing cook, and she’s sharing her signature dish with usโ€”a tasty rice bowl with tuna. By the way, we had a fun chat with Keny about her love for food and cooking earlier. You can catch up on it here: [link to interview]. So, let’s jump right into the recipe and learn how to whip up this delicious dish together! “About the dish: Rice is our staple food in Nagaland, and tuna (tinned fish) is easily accessible in any neighborhood local shop. So it is super easy to make. I recommend adding green leafy vegetables as toppings; you can also some creative and healthy ways to garnish this simple dish with local seasonal greens. Do try it, and hope it makes your day a โ€˜lil better with this simple dish ๐Ÿ™‚” ~ Keny Metha Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl by Keny Metha Ingredients: 1 canned tuna 4 cloves …


Candid Chat with Jay from Mizoram : 19-Year-Old Whose Rockstar Style and K-Pop Charisma Have Fans Swooning on Social Media

Small-town superstars from the northeast are a force to be reckoned with. Their individuality takes shape through various outlets – be it their fashion sense, art, music, or other forms of expression. It is truly remarkable to witness the interesting remixes that emerge out of limitations and boundaries found in smaller towns and villages, untouched by mainstream influences. While media exposure is now accessible to even the remotest parts of the world, it is refreshing to see how these young generations use this inspiration to create something that is uniquely their own. One such individual is Jay, a 19-year-old college student from Dinthar, a small town in Aizawl. With tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and thousands of fans eagerly anticipating his every post, he is a superstar in his own right. Jay’s charm lies in his boyish yet 80s rockstar look coupled with K-Pop idol cuteness. We first discovered him through a viral reel where he and his friends were filmed hanging out outside an unbothered institute in Aizawl. This feature on him …