Month: May 2016


Women we love!!!

“If you work hard enough and use your imagination, you can shape the world and be able to create what you desire. I love going to work everyday (I’m a civil engineer) – it keeps me strong and independent. Plus, I love to travel. My next destination – hopefully Bhutan!”  


Introducing the Phenomenal Singer Songwriter from Nagaland – Virie!

The first time we heard her sing, chills ran down our spine. Then we checked out her other songs and we couldn’t stop talking about her! We are talking about Virie – the talented and sensational singer songwriter from Nagaland. Virie is from Kohima Village, and currently teaching music in a local music school . She started out doing cover songs on youtube, and with the overwhelming positive response from viewers, she released an original Down that road (scroll down for video) along with her two friends (Zaza and Temjen). Below is an excerpt from an interview we did with Virie. So Virie, tell us more about your single ‘Down that Road’. For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe this song? Is it an original composition? Well, the song is about one of life’s many phases that one goes through. It’s about taking a pause – forgetting all grudges and pains, and embracing solitude after you’ve been through hard times; that is when then you get reconnected to your soul and “Down That Road” is about that very moment. Yes it’s …


Naga Dish | Pork with Turmeric Flower

We are definite that most of our readers here at R&L (including us)  have not yet tried even a fraction of the food available in this world – that are actually edible. And so, it really excites us to explore and share our recipes because of the many possibilities – to cook something up using the same ingredients and oh! how differently right? For example ,we have Idli from the South, Sel Roti from the east and Ma-su-yem (Sticky rice roti in Ao, Naga) from further north east (Nagaland) and all of these are made of one common ingredient “Rice”. Isn’t it amazing? So the recipe for today has an adventure story from last week. After a long day at work, we went to this place in the outskirts of Kohima town , because one of our aunts wanted to pick a ‘flower that was edible’. She said ‘it has huge health benefits with a taste and texture like that of a mushroom’.  It took us about an hour’s ride to get to the place (hillside) and in 30 minutes, we filled about 3 medium sized …


I’m a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley| Tali Lkr

Say hello to Tali Lkr – born and brought up in the small town of Kohima in Nagaland, and currently working in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) California. He is a software engineer and works for a company that delivers SaaS (Software as a Service) services. Ain’t it pretty cool to be working in the valley where you have all the tech giants and the hottest startups of the world? It is very motivating and inspiring to see small town people going this far. Thumbs up! He has always been drawn to technology and how it’s enabled us to do amazing things. For the past few years he has been busy studying, experimenting and working on software development. Space technology is something that excites him. “I’m excited by advances in space technology and I’m looking forward to the day when we will land on mars making us a multi planetary species. ”   Apart from his ongoing work projects, he is also greatly interested in the IoT, electric transport and the FPV drone space. He signs off with his wish that …